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Hello and welcome to the newest series of articles on – Fan Reaction. Each week, we will collate people’s reactions to the week’s TV show from our forum and put them together to form Fan Reaction. If you missed this week’s TV show, you can read our report here:

187_Joeism: “This week was fine, three solid matches and they explained the Blind Destiny concept well. Good promos hyping Showdown In The Sun and maybe a kick-off of a break in the House of Truth. I really have no complaints this week.”

dougiefresh605: “I thought all three matches were good. Hopefully new matches get announced next week for Showdown In The Sun.”

ROHWorld_Steven: “Am I the only that noticed Kevin Kelly calling ANX, the Midnight Express?!”

classic-cabana: “Solid show with three decent bouts. Lethal winning was obvious seeing as ANX are facing Young Bucks both nights. Also thought they could have had Steen beating someone else as him beating Cole takes away a bit of momentum Cole had since the 10th Anniversary Show. Elgin and O’Reilly was great fun, I’d love to see them really go at it in a longer match (Survival Of The Fittest was one of my matches of 2011 just for their battle at the end).

There was a mini tease in dissension in the House of Truth, they’ve been doing that for a while in their promos where Strong is cocky and Elgin gives him a look. Here’s hoping for a Batista-Evolution type angle in the future.”

DanielBryanson: “Loved this week’s show, no nonsense. Three great great wrestling matches. Total Nonstop Action, if you will.”

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