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We are joined by Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness on commentary.

ROH World Title Match
ROH World Champion Davey Richards w/Team Richards defeated Eddie Edwards w/Dan “The Beast” Severn

Despite the recent bad blood between these two men, they still shook hands before the match – showing their respect for each other. The early stages of the match were heavily based around strikes and submission attempts as people expected. With about 20 minutes gone, things started to go through the gears. Davey hit two top rope stomps for a near fall as the champion gained the upper hand. The American Wolf superplexed Edwards from the top rope but the challenger rolled through and suplexed Davey to the outside!

The two men then exchanged a flurry of strikes yet again as the war of attrition continued. Chops, forearms, kicks and elbows were thrown and neither man could gain an advantage over the other. From nowhere, Roderick Strong came to ringside and took out Team Richards before Dan Severn approached him. The House of Truth came out to back Strong as Severn carried Truth to the back. Edwards asks what Davey has left and the men slug it out once again.

Eddie hit a top rope hurricanrana followed by a powerbomb and a sit-out powerbomb but Davey kicked out at 2! Eddie locked in the Dragon Sleeper but Davey managed to escape twice before a tombstone piledriver followed by the Die Hard only gets him 2. They struggled on the top rope again and Davey then somehow managed to hit a Half Nelson suplex off the top rope for only 2! Davey then suplexed Eddie off the apron to the outside but he managed to get back in the ring.

Just as he got back, Davey cut him off and hit a half nelson suplex on the ring apron as he waited for a countout victory. Davey hit two big kicks but Eddie refused to stay down and even got out of an Ankle Lock predicament. After another two kicks, Davey finally managed to keep Eddie down for the three to retain his title.

Davey out over Eddie after the match saying he’s the toughest guy he’s ever faced. Out of nowhere, Kevin Steen shows up and tells Davey that in 2012, he’s going to take the World Title from him as he’s the anti-christ of professional wrestling.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match
The Briscoes defeated Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team

Before the match actually started, both teams brawled on the outside and WGTT attacked the Briscoes several times with steel chairs. Jay Briscoe was busted open after several chair shots to the head. Things got so out of control, referee Paul turner couldn’t even ring the bell to officially start the match. With Jay on the outside, turner managed to start the match at last with Mark getting double teamed. The match returned to some sort of normality with the Briscoes getting cheered by the whole crowd while WGTT got a chorus of boos. Shelton had his ribs taped up and during the match took some damage to that area and had to leave the ring and was helped to the back by referees.

That left Haas alone against both of the Briscoes. Paul turner was accidentally taken out by Haas and Benjamin managed to come back out and got a piece of wood from under the ring. He hit Mark with it and then Jay got a piece of the action too. WGTT went for the doomsday device but Mark came back and took out Benjamin which allowed the Briscoes to hit the doomsday to become seven time Tag Team champions!

Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini defeated Chris Hero

With Roderick Strong claiming nobody had accepted his open challenge, Truth Martini counted down to 10 so he could award his man the victory. Just before he could raise Strong’s hand, former ROH World Tag Team champion Chris Hero came out! Despite being out of ROH for a while, Hero looked right at home and gave as good as he got from the former ROH World Champion. A lot of heavy strikes in this one from both men and Hero almost got the win with a rolling big boot and then a Death Blow but Truth Martini broke up the pin. With Hero still distracted by Martini, Strong hit the Sick Kick on ‘That Young Knockout Kid’ to pick up the win.

The Young Bucks defeated The All Night Express, Future Shock, The Bravados & Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander

The Bravados and C&C started off the gauntlet match. Both teams went at it straight away with action going to the outside and all four men getting in offense. The Bravados were first to go though when Cedric Alexander pinned Harlem Bravado. Future Shock took the Bravados’ place in the match. C&C produced lots of impressive high-flying moves but it was the ‘Ride The Lightning’ move that eliminated Cedric and Caprice. The Young Bucks then entered the match to take on Future Shock. The Bucks went straight after Future Shock but Kyle O’Reilly managed to fight back for his team.

After missing the dropkick off the apron, O’Reilly was out of action and Cole was taken out with the More Bang For Your Buck as they were eliminated. That left it between the Bucks and the All Night Express. With Rhett Titus still feeling the affects of the Bucks’ attack on his knee at ‘Southern Defiance’ it was always going to be a tough task for them to win. With King taken out on the outside, Matt Jackson caught Titus in a spinning toehold whilst Nick Jackson hit the 450 splash, forcing the referee to stop the contest. Nick hit another 450 splash after the match as the Bucks  earn a shot at the ROH World Tag Team Titles.

Kevin Steen defeated Steve Corino

Jimmy Jacobs was special referee in this one with Jim Cornette and Cary Silkin watching on from ringside. The match quickly spilled to the outside and chairs were brought into action from the get-go. Other weapons such as trash cans and even the ringside barriers came into play. Corino superplexed Steen onto one of the barricades for two. A table was set up on the outside and Steen was pushed through three chairs and through the prone table! Steen got his own back with a fisherman suplex onto a chair for a near fall. The end came when four chairs were set up in the ring and Steen used them to his advantage by hitting the package piledriver on Corino through the chairs for the win and he is now reinstated to Ring of Honor.

After the match, Steen hit Jacobs with the piledriver and then tried to attack Cornette before El Generico saved him. Unfortunately for the ‘Generic Luchador’, Steen managed to hit the package piledriver on him too through the table. Medical personnel checked on Generico as the event went to intermission.

ROH World TV Championship
 Jay Lethal defeated El Generico and “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett  w/ Brutal Bob & Maria Kanellis

Bennett cut a promo before the match with Bob Evans and Maria by his side. He said he wanted to get the match over and done with so he could go partying. To begin with, he was reluctant to get in the ring and was soon on the end of a double team attack. It took a while for all three men to battle it out in the ring but when they did, it made for some entertaining spots. Generico then hit two amazing moves on the outside to Lethal and Bennett before getting a near fall. Generico was the first to be eliminated after being rolled up by Bennett who had a handfull of tights. Lethal then hit the handspring Ace Crusher on Bennett to retain his title.

Tommaso Ciampa w/The Embassy defeated Jimmy Rave

The returning Jimmy Rave got a good reaction from the crowd –  he hadn’t been seen in ROH for over two years. The action spilled to the outside at various moments throughout the match with Ciampa getting the upper hand. Rave managed to hit the Rave Clash for a near fall and then went for the Greetings from Ghana but was distracted by Prince Nana and then the rest of the Embassy got in the ring which allowed Ciampa to hit the Project Ciampa for the win.

Michael Elgin w/ Truth Martini defeated TJ Perkins

TJP starts well but Elgin’s power game soon kicked in. TJP uses his speed and athleticism to get back into it and got a couple of near falls. Reverse hurricanrana by TJP almost gets him the win after reversing the spinning powerbomb. Elgin fought back again though and after hitting a back fist, he hit a Buckle Bomb followed by the spinning sit-out powerbomb for the winner. Great opening match with some innovated moves thrown in.

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