Final Battle 2012 Results

Quick Results:

  1. Roderick Strong def Michael Elgin via suplex into a backbreaker
  2. Jay Lethal def Rhino via the Lethal Injection
  3. RD Evans def. Prince Nana via an inverted clash
  4. WGTT def. BJ Whitmer & Rhett Titus via belly-to-belly suplex through a table
  5. Mike Bennett def. Jerry Lynn via Box Office Smash
  6. American Wolves def. Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish via referee stoppage
  7. Matt Hardy def. Adam Cole via small package
  8. ROH World Tag Team Titles: The Briscoes def. SCUM and Coleman & Alexander via Doomsday Device
  9. Ladder War IV – ROH World Title: Kevin Steen def. El Generico


Before the show started, Joe Koff came down to the ring as the building observed a moment of silence for the Connecticut shooting victims. Grizzly Redwood then defeated QT Marshall in the dark match after reversing a powerbomb attempt into a sunset flip.

Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer welcome us to the show. Kelly says his permanent commentary partner couldn’t make it due to personal issues. They run down tonight’s card before the opening contest.

Roderick Strong defeated Michael Elgin

No Truth Martini to start with. Strong spits at Elgin to begin the match. Strong tries to chop Elgin on the outside but he ducks and Strong chops the steel ring post instead. Action back in the ring as Martini finally comes down to the ring. Elgin hits a belly-to-belly suplex that sends Strong over the top rope and he then hits a flying shoulder tackle off the apron. Elgin then hits a running powerslam on Strong on the outside as Martini celebrates. They battle on the ring apron and Strong gets the advantage and drops Elgin back first on the apron. Martini then celebrates and he seems to be happy for either man to win. They continue to slug it out on the outside before the action gets back in the ring. Both men reverse each other’s moves but then Strong walks straight into a spinning black hole slam before Elgin hits a death valley driver into the corner that gets him two.

Elgin goes up top but he’s cut off and Strong hits an enziguri before hitting a backbreaker that sees Elgin dropped on the top turnbuckle. Both hit a number of strikes before Strong hits a jumping knee for two. Elgin blocks an attempted Strong Hold and then Elgin goes to the top with Strong on the apron. Elgin then somehow hits an insane deadlift superplex for two! Buckle bomb from Elgin but Strong hits a jumping knee and hits a gutbuster but Elgin gets back up and turns Roddy inside out with a clothesline! Martini on the apron and he slides the book of truth into the ring with the referee distracted. Strong goes to use it but Elgin stops him and goes for a powerbomb. Strong manages to pick up the book and hits Elgin over the head with it. He then hits the suplex backbreaker for the win.

Martini tries to convince Strong to join him again but he flips him off. Truth then tries his luck with Elgin and tells him he loves him! Elgin goes to hit a powerbomb but Truth begs him to hear him out. Truth says how dare Elgin and Strong treat him like this. He made Roddy a World champion and made people aware of who Elgin was. He says he has one last lesson for Elgin and then slaps him in the face before he hits a buckle bomb and a spinning back fist that knocks him to the outside. Could that be the last we see of Truth Martini in ROH?

Jay Lethal defeated Rhino

Before the match can start, Steve Corino comes down to join the commentary team. Springboard crossbody from Lethal, he then sends Rhino to the outside and knocks him off the apron with a clothesline. To the outside and he hits Rhino with a superkick before nailing him with a suicide dive. Lethal whips Rhino into the barricades as Corino reveals he used to date Lethal’s mom! Rhino evades a Lethal Injection attempt and then hits a spinebuster for two. Corino says SCUM has paid Rhino to stop Lethal from getting involved in the main event. Rhino locks in a body scissors but Lethal eventually fights out of it. Rhino then locks in a bearhug to wear Lethal down. Lethal reverses an irish whip and hits a springboard back elbow before a spinning clothesline for two.

Rhino comes straight back with a spear into the corner before a belly-to-belly suplex and he then sets up for the Gore. Lethal sees it and hits a superkick before driving him down to the match and locks in a koji clutch. Rhino shows his power by picking Lethal up and hitting a belly-to-back suplex for two. Seemingly out of nowhere, Lethal hits the Lethal Injection and picks up the victory. After the match, Corino gets on the mic and says Lethal is a hypocrite and tells him he dated his mother. Out of nowhere, Jimmy Jacobs hits the ring and attacks Lethal from behind. Corino and Jacobs drag Lethal to his feet as Rhino hits him with the Gore!

RD Evans defeated Prince Nana

Evans comes to the ring with his client QT Marshall. Evans slaps Nana as the match starts and Nana comes back with a spear and then hits a big forearm in the corner. Evans comes back and throws Nana out of the ring, he goes for a slingshot diving move but Nana moves. Nana then hits a big suicide dive to take out both Evans and QT! Back in the ring, Evans begs for mercy and the n throws Nana into the turnbuckle to gain control. Evans hits some forearms to the back of Nana that get him two. Nana tries to fight back but Evans hits a belly-to-back suplex.

Evans goes for a jumping fist drop off the second rope but Nana gets his boot up and then hits a sidewalk slam before hitting a senton for two. Evans goes for a springboard move but Nana then hits a cutter! Nana goes for the pin but QT pulls Todd Sinclair out of the ring. Ernie Osiris comes down but QT easily disposes of him. Back in the ring, Evans hits a suplex and then goes to the top rope. Nana hits the ropes and Evans loses his balance. Nana joins Evans at the top and hits a big superplex for two. Nana tells Evans he made him and then slaps him before Evans kicks him in the gut and hits an inverted clash for the win. Tommaso Ciampa then comes out from the crowd as Evans and QT escape to the back.

WGTT defeated BJ Whitmer & Rhett Titus

WGTT come out first but are quickly attacked by Whitmer and Titus from behind. Titus gets a Christmas stocking from under the ring as he and Whitmer use giant candy canes on Haas & Benjamin. Haas goes to work on Whitmer on the outside as Titus grabs a Christmas tree and throws it into the ring. Shelton gets to it first and Titus walks straight into a shot from the tree. Shelton then smacks a crutch over the back of Titus. Haas manages to rip one of the barricades free and as Whitmer tries to drop him on it, Shelton comes out of nowhere and kicks him in the face. That leaves Haas to hit the ring and he begins to hit Titus with his belt before Shelton does the same. Shelton cuts off Whitmer on the outside and uses his belt on him as Haas chokes Titus with a crutch before breaking it over his back. Chants of “Use the tree!” but Shelton picks it up and throws it out of the ring.

WGTT go for the double powerbomb on Titus but Whitmer finally gets back in the ring and he takes out both Benjamin and Haas with a singapore cane. Snap suplex followed by a northern lights suplex get Whitmer two on Haas. Haas then comes back and hits the Olympic slam on Whitmer for a two count of his own. Shelton goes back to the entrance way to get one of the barricades and brings it into the ring. WGTT drive Whitmer back first onto the top of the barricade but Titus fights back. He hits a clothesline to Haas that takes both men to the outside. Shelton gets a chair and drives it into the gut of Whitmer. Shelton sets the chair up but Titus comes in and drives him down on it head first with a leg lariat.

Titus sets the barricade up in the corner and after blocking an irish whip attempt, he hip tosses Haas into it for two. Paul Turner pushes the barricade out of the ring so Shelton then goes for a table and sets it up on the outside. Shelton and Titus battle near the table on the ring apron before Shelton hits the paydirt on Rhett through the table! That leaves Whitmer and Haas in the ring as they slug it out with strikes. Haas off the ropes but he walks into an exploder suplex for two. BJ grabs another table from under the ring and sets it up in the middle of the squared circle. BJ goes to the top rope but Haas cuts him off and eventually hits a belly-to-belly suplex as Whitmer goes head first through the table! Haas covers him for the win as Whitmer receives attention.

Mike Bennett defeated Jerry Lynn

Bennett is accompanied to the ring by Maria and Brutal Bob as he takes on Jerry Lynn in his final ROH appearance. Lynn takes control early on with some nice mat work that frustrates Bennett. Lynn goes for the cradle piledriver but Bennett quickly escapes. Bennett whips Lynn into the ropes but he hits a head scissors and then dives on top of him to the outside. Bennett tries to run away and that leads Lynn straight into Brutal Bob who clotheslines him with the ref distracted by Maria. Lynn hits a small package for two but Bennett hits a nice backbreaker to regain control. Lynn throws Bennett to the mat via the hair three times before a poke to the eye and a back rake. Lynn follows up with ten punches in the corner before a DDT gets him a near fall. He drags Bennett to the ring apron and hits a cutter to the floor before getting a two count back in the ring.

Bennett blocks an attempted piledrvier with a spinebuster for two. Maria on the apron to distract Todd Sinclair. Brutal Bob puts a chair in the ring but Lynn takes advantage and hits an STO onto the chair for only two. Maria then distracts Lynn and when he turns around he walks into the Box Office Smash as Bennett wins. Bennett tried to attack Lynn post match but he sends him into Bob and then hits Maria with a DDT! Bennett turns around and is welcomed by the cradle piledriver as the crowd chant “Jerry!”. Jerry gets on the mic after the match and thanks the fans before saying Cary Silkin is the most honorable promoter he has ever worked for. He says the boys and fans are lucky that Cary saved the company. Lynn then thanks the boys in the back before Nigel McGuinness comes to the ring along with some of the ROH roster. Nigel says ROH and life is about moments and most of his favourite ones have included Lynn. He tells a couple of stories from his battles with Lynn and then presents him with a plaque from ROH.

With Nigel still in the ring, Jay Lethal comes down and says he has no choice but to listen to what he has to say. He says he was attacked earlier by SCUM and Nigel has done nothing. He tells SCUM that he will still fight the World champion tonight. He says the main event spot is his and he deserves it. He tells Nigel that he’s putting himself into the match instead of El Generico. Nigel says he won’t do that and suggests Lethal goes backstage and watches the show. He says if Generico wins, Lethal will be first in line for a title shot. Lethal tells Nigel to make the match for him tonight or he’ll take it himself. He says he’s sick of ROH doing nothing and then spits at Nigel. Nigel reacts and backs Lethal into the corner before security and referees break them up. Nigel then tells security to throw him out of the building as we go to intermission.

Before our next match, Mike Mondo comes down to the ring with crutches for an interview with Kevin Kelly. He throws his crutches away and says he doesn’t need them. He also announces he’ll be back in just four weeks! He is then cut off by Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. Fish says he’s heard there will be no Wolves reunion tonight and says Mondo could tag with Davey tonight. O’Reilly then attacks Mondo before Davey makes the save. He is up against the numbers game before Eddie hits the ring. He takes a while before deciding to team with Davey.

American Wolves defeated Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish

Eddie and Davey hit stereo suicide dives to begin the match. Davey takes out Fish with a missile dropkick before both Wolves go after O’Reilly in the corner with a number of strikes. The Wolves dominate the early part of the match before O’Reilly hits a big kick to Eddie and Fish throws him into the barricades. O’Reilly hits the running dropkick to Eddie outside as Fish gets a two back in the ring. Fish hits a backbreaker on Eddie and keeps him in place as O’Reilly hits a diving legdrop from the second rope. Belly-to-back suplex from Fish gets him two as Eddie continues to receive damage. Fish and O’Reilly continue to pick Eddie apart with strikes and a number of big kicks. Davey gets involved and hits the alarm clock on O’Reilly before a big German suplex. Fish hits a falcon arrow on Davey but Eddie hits Fish with a superkick and then gives one to O’Reilly too.

Both Wolves then suplex Fish and O’Reilly to the outside. O’Reilly and Richards end up in the ring together and they slug it out. Kyle then locks in a gullitone choke as Davey then counters it into an ankle lock! Eddie comes from nowhere and hits Kyle with an enziguri. Davey picks O’Reilly up and Eddie kicks him in the back as Davey drives him down to the mat for two. O’Reilly comes back with a tornado DDT on Edwards followed by a brainbuster. He then locks in a guillotine choke that Eddie then reverses into a roll up but Fish breaks the pin with a moonsault! Davey takes O’Reilly out with a huge clothesline as Eddie picks him up and he hits a powerbomb as Davey hits a backcracker! Eddie puts Kyle in the Achilles Lock and Davey goes to the top to hit a stomp on O’Reilly as he’s in the hold. Eddie then hits a number of kicks to the head as Todd Sinclair stops the match with Kyle out of it.

Matt Hardy defeated Adam Cole

Hardy receives quite a negative reaction from the crowd as he comes to the ring. This is a non-title match. Cole hits a nice dropkick early on and goes for a superkick but Hardy escapes to the outside. That does him no good though as Cole hits a dive that takes him out! They battle it out on the ring apron but Hardy gets the best of it and hits the side effect right on the apron. Back in the ring and Hardy hits a big clothesline for two. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Cole blocks it and then uses the Figure 4 Leg lock; Hardy escapes though. Hardy comes back once again and hits a side effect, this time in the ring, for a two count. Hardy then hits a third one before smirking, grabbing Cole and hitting a fourth. He goes for a pin but Cole kicks out. He then hits a fifth side effect but Cole once again kicks out to Hardy’s dismay.

Cole blocks the Twist of Fate once more before being kicked in the gut and receiving an elbow from the second rope. Hardy then walks into a big superkick for two as both men try to gain the advantage. Cole reverses the Twist of Fate into a backslide for two and then he steals Hardy’s move by hitting the Twist of Fate for a near fall. Hardy uses his experience to drop Cole on the top rope but Cole comes back with an enziguri followed by a shining wizard. Cole goes to the top but Hardy cuts him off and hits a powerbomb for two. Cole goes for the Florida Key but Hardy gets to the ropes and they spill to the outside. Cole keeps the hold locked in and hits the Florida Key on the outside! Back in the ring and Hardy out of nowhere hits the Twist of Fate but Cole kicks out!

Hardy goes to the second rope but Cole takes his legs from under him before putting him in the Figure 4 again. Hardy manages to get to the ropes to break the hold. Cole goes for the Florida Key again but Hardy holds onto the referee and with him distracted, hits Cole with a kick to the groin before a small package gets him the win.

ROH World Tag Team Titles
The Briscoes defeated SCUM and Coleman & Alexander

This is sudden death rules so unsurprisingly, C&C and the Briscoes go straight after Corino and Jacobs. It doesn’t take long for C&C and the Briscoes to argue over who is getting the pin and they begin to go after each other. SCUM attempt to escape and keep their titles but the Briscoes drag them back to the ring. Alexander hits a big dive over the top rope to take out all four men before Mark Briscoe gets back in the ring to take out Coleman. Jacobs in and he hits a jumping cutter off the second rope to Mark. Alexander now in but he walks into a big boot from Jay Briscoe. The match is carnage at this point and Jacobs hits a spear on Coleman before the backdrop driver from Corino but the pin is broken up.

Corino hits the Eternal Dream on Coleman but he manages to kick out at two. Corino then gets a roll of quarters but is taken out by Cedric as Caprice hits a top rope hurricanrana to Jacobs. Corino back into the ring and hits Cedric over the head with the roll of quarters but he manages to kick out! The Briscoes back in and Jay takes out Corino with a big boot and then they hit the Doomsday Device on Jacobs and they manage to pick up the victory to become eight-time tag team champions! Jay gets on the mic and says they’ve done their part to get rid of SCUM from ROH. He says honor is alive in ROH and then invites any team in the world to come and challenge them. He then says C&C will get the first shot at them as they earned it.

Ladder War IV – ROH World Title 
Kevin Steen defeated El Generico

Generico starts the match well, hitting a tornado DDT followed by the Yakuza Kick. Steen rolls to the outside by Generico hits a tope over the top rope! Generico brings a ladder into the ring and throws it at Steen in the corner. The ladder gets rested against the top rope, Generico off the ropes but Steen hits a back body drop as Generico goes through the ladder, breaking it in half! Steen has Generico down in the corner, he puts half of the ladder in front of his face and then hits the cannonball. Steen goes to get another ladder and hits Generico with it as he mocks the crowd. The action spills to the outside and Steen whips Generico into a barricade that gives away with the force. Steen sets up a ladder in the corner of the ring and launches Generico into it as the demolition continues. Steen then brings the giant ladder into the ring as Generico tries to get up but collapses. Steen climbs the ladder but Generico manages to just cut him off and grabs his leg and pulls him down. Generico ducks a clothesline and hits an exploder suplex into a ladder in the corner of the ring!

Generico tries to climb the giant ladder but Steen pulls him down and then hits a half nelson suplex right onto a ladder! Steen somehow gets to his feet and with Generico climbing, pushes the ladder which sends Generico down onto the top turnbuckle. Generico goes for the tornado DDT but Steen reverses it into a backbreaker at the last second. Fans help Generico to his feet and he’s able to stop Steen from getting the title. Steen throws Generico outside again and attempts to climb but is cut off once more as Steen this time sends Generico to the outside and launches him into the barricades. Steen sets up a ladder between the ring apron and the barricades and then gets a table from under the ring. Steen then sets up the table on top of the ladder he earlier set up and goes to powerbomb Generico through it. Generico reverses it and back body drops Steen through the table! Generico signals for another ladder and the biggest one yet is brought to the ring.

Generico sets up the huge ladder, Steen to the top rope but Generico blocks him off. Steen manages to get the advantage and hits the F-5 off the top rope through a table on the outside! With Generico down, Steen starts to climb the ladder but Generico gets back in the ring and hits Steen with one of the other ladders to knock him down. Steen grabs yet another ladder and drops it over the back of Generico. With two ladders set up in the ring, Steen rests another across the two and powerbombs Generico right on top of it. Steen tries to climb but Generico stops him yet again. Steen goes for the Package Piledriver but Generico reverses it and hits Steen with the piledriver! Generico now tries to climb but is cut off by Steen who sends him crashing to the mat with a big right hand. Steen gets another ladder and we now have four in the ring! He then rests this one between the two main ladders slightly higher than the last.

Steen climbs one of the big ladders but Generico then climbs the other and the two men meet in the middle on one of the ladders rested between the two. The crowd chant “please don’t die” as Steen kicks Generico in the groin and then hits a Package Piledriver on top of the two rested ladder! With Generico motionless, Steen reclimbs the ladder and manages to grab the belt to retain the title! What a match!

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