*Spoilers* Several Matches set for Final Battle

Last night in Pittsburgh, ROH had the last set of TV Tapings for 2012. Five weeks of the show were taped, leading into the biggest iPPV of the year, “Final Battle 2012.” Full results from the tapings can be found here.

At the tapings, Nigel McGuinness was announced as ROH’s new authority figure/matchmaker. Throughout the five weeks that were taped, he announced six matches for the show:

The hatred between these two men has been brewing for nearly four years, and stems back to “Final Battle 2009” when Kevin Steen betrayed his long-time tag partner in El Generico. A long and bloody feud ensued, and ultimately culminated in a Mask vs Career match at “Final Battle 2012.” After almost a half-hour of violence, Generico came out on top, ending Steen’s Ring of Honor career. But Steen wouldn’t stay away long as he tormented Ring of Honor throughout the second-half of 2011, before winning his way back into the company at “Final Battle 2011.” It didn’t take him and his S.C.U.M. allies long to take out Generico, who hasn’t been seen in Ring of Honor since “Showdown in the Sun” in March, and many people thought this feud had finally come to an end.

Generico may have been gone, but he wanted to make sure he was not forgotten. After a successful title defense against Michael Elgin at “Glory by Honor XI” in October, Steen opened a box given to him by Nigel McGuinness. Steen looked shocked as the crowd chanted “Ole!” before pulling out a Generico mask. The match has now been set: Generico will challenge Steen for the ROH World Title at “Final Battle 2012” … in a Ladder War! Generico and Steen are the masters of the Ladder War, as they have competed in two of the three such matches in company history. It’s also the only match that is capable of handling both men’s hatred toward each other. This match is four years in the making, and at “Final Battle 2012” it finally comes to an end.

Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino are evil. They’ll even admit it themselves. Since winning the belts in the finals of a tournament at “Death Before Dishonor X,” Jacobs and Corino have used almost every dirty trick in the book to make sure they keep the belts around their wastes. Two teams they’ve been able to beat using such tactics are the Briscoes and Coleman and Alexander. The two teams will be able to get a chance at revenge – and the titles – at “Final Battle 2012” in a triple threat tag team match. Can S.C.U.M. find another way to keep the belts around their wastes? Or will the Briscoes become eight-time Ring of Honor tag team champions? It’s impossible to count out Coleman and Alexander, too, as they’ve been on fire throughout the year. One thing is for sure, whoever walks out with the belts will have had to earn it.

The dissension in the House of Truth between Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong has been building for months, despite what Truth Martini wants everyone to think. It is finally boiling over at “Final Battle 2012” when Elgin goes one-on-one with Strong. Elgin has had an amazing year, racking up numerous Match of the Year candidates and coming within seconds of capturing the ROH World Title on two occasions. He will look to finally break free of Martini and show Strong that he is the better man. Strong, however, will look to put Elgin in his place and prove to Elgin why Strong is the best in the House of Truth. Martini is just hoping the House he has built doesn’t crumble to the ground.

Jerry Lynn has had an illustrious career that has spanned about two decades. However, it will soon come to an end as he has been on a retirement tour. The former ROH World Champion will make one more appearance in Ring of Honor at “Final Battle 2012,” but it is unknown who his opponent is. Let the speculation begin, but Lynn will do everything he can to make sure that he will retire on top no matter who is opponent is.

Jay Lethal has found his killer instinct in recent months, unveiling a ruthless side nobody realized he had in him. It earned him a chance at Steen’s title, but the match was ultimately rules a no contest. Lethal has been livid about the events of that night ever since, using that aggression to further inch himself closer to another title match. Nobody will be able to bring out that killer instinct more than his opponent at “Final Battle 2012:” Rhino. The Man Beast is as vicious as they come, as he using his strength and power to overwhelm opponents. Lethal is going to have to dig deep and unleash that aggression if he wants to win this one.

For the longest time, Prince Nana and Barrister RD Evans worked together in the Embassy. Nana was the leader, while Evans handles the legal work. Slowly Evans began to gain more and more power, and eventually kicked Nana out of the Embassy Nana created many years before. Nana has tried getting his revenged on Evans numerous times by jumping him at ringside, but security has always been there to break it up. Nana doesn’t have to worry about security any longer, as Nana vs Evans has been announced for “Final Battle 2012.”

In addition to the confirmed matches above, three other matches seem very likely based on the direction of the tapings. These include WGTT vs. Whitmer & Titus, the American Wolves vs. Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish, and Adam Cole defending the TV Title against Matt Hardy. We will post any updates on these potential matches once they are announced.

Harry Turner

Harry is the co-owner and web designer of ROHWorld. He founded the website back in February 2011 with Steven. Harry was the host of ROHCast from Episodes #1 - #111.