Flip Gordon Discusses Time in ROH, Bullet Club, Being The Elite, & More

Flip Gordon talked recently with SoloWrestling.com about his time in ROH, being on the Being The Elite show, where he wants to be in a few years, and more. We encourage all of you to check out the full interview. Here are some interesting excerpts.

As a high-flyer, what fighter do you consider to be the main source of inspiration?

“My biggest inspiration is Eddie Guerrero, and besides him, I’ve always liked fighters like Rey Mysterio, Super Crazy, Warrior Youth, Paul London … There are so many high level fighters that I could be all day naming them.”

You are an active militant of the National Army. Is it difficult to maintain your service while you work as a professional fighter?

“At the beginning it was very difficult, but now I have made it much more bearable, I do not see myself doing both my whole life, once I finish my contract with the military services, I will leave the body to devote myself completely to professional wrestling”.

You started your career at the New England Wrestling Academy. ROH has always been famous for hiring wrestlers from that area and the Northeast. Since your inception, has ROH always been in your mind as a goal?

“It was not my biggest goal, but it was always a goal, everyone’s goal, I think, is to be part of WrestleMania someday, I’ve been in this for two years and I’m not in a hurry. Now I’m part of ROH and I think what They’re doing it right now, it’s spectacular, I’m looking forward to the future, they have people like Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Marty Scurll, Jay Lethal … People with a lot of talent, we’re in the middle of a boom in professional wrestling. There has never been a better time to be a fan. ”

ROH goes through one of its best moments thanks, in large part, to the Bullet Club, how would you describe the experience of a young wrestler traveling and trying to backstage with them?

“I’ve had a very different experience from the other wrestlers with the Bullet Club, they call me when they want, they beat me up, they attack my ribs … (laughs) They’re creating a new business model in wrestling and laying the bases for the future of the industry.

They are proving that you can make a living out of WWE. This is something incredible. With so little time in the business, during the last six months I have lived with professional wrestling as the only source of income, going bi-monthly to the army. They are pioneers and are creating the way for the next generation. ”

What kind of impact has “Being The Elite” had on your career?

“It has helped me to expand my fanbase Before I was in Being The Elite, few people knew me because I was just starting out in the business, on the other hand, when you are on YouTube and you have more than 100,000 visits a week, your name is growing .

I remember going to England and seeing how people came to greet me, when I had never worked for that company or in that country. They knew who it was thanks to Being The Elite.

It has helped me grow and show my work as a character. Sometimes they only give you 15 minutes on the ring and it is not the best position to show this aspect. Being The Elite allows me to show myself as a character “.

You mentioned that now fighters can live from the independent scene, what is your biggest goal in professional wrestling? Have a “WrestleMania Moment”? Be a star in Japan? Work in the indies?

“I would like to continue doing what I do today, I want to continue learning, and my great goal is to be remembered as one of the best fighters in history, I have only had two years in this and I have a long way to go.

There is a lot to learn in this business. As I said before, I’m not in a hurry. I have many goals. In the short term, my next goal is to reach New Japan. I just want to give my best. Train, practice, learn and fight as much as possible. The sky is the limit”.

Do you see yourself working for ROH in two years or do you think you’ll be somewhere else?

“I do not know what can happen between now and two years, the last two years have been a real madness for me, so I do not know what to expect for the next two.”

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