Future Shock Explodes‏

It’s a familiar scenario to pro wrestling fans: a tag team destined for greatness ultimately imploding due to personal turmoil.  As recently as two months ago, however, nobody would’ve expected that out of Future Shock.  Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly took the ROH tag division by storm last year, with many expecting them to eventually reach the top.  With O’Reilly’s recent change in attitude as it pertains to his former partner, however, it seemed as though all bets were off on the two continuing on that path.

Those thoughts were confirmed this past weekend on ROH TV, as O’Reilly challenged Cole to a one-on-one match, a match that has been made official for Showdown in the Sun – Day 2.  Both men have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain, as they try to prove to themselves, and each other, who is the better man.  In Ft. Lauderdale on March 31st, it would appear that Future Shock will indeed explode.

Landon Sands

Landon is the former news writer of ROHWorld.

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