Glory by Honor XI Results

Quick Results:


  1. Coleman and Alexander def. The Bravado Brothers via pin (frog splash)
  2. Mike Bennett /Maria def. Mike Mondo via pin (TKO)
  3. WGTT def. Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer via pin (double powerbomb)
  4. Jay Lethal def. Davey Richards via submission (Koji Clutch)
  5. Tadarius Thomas def. Rhino w/ Truth Martini via pin (roll up)
  6. ROH World TV Title: Adam Cole def. Eddie Edwards via pin (Florida Key)
  7. ROH World Tag Team Titles: S.C.U.M. def. The Briscoes via pin (victory roll)
  8. ROH World Title: Kevin Steen def. Michael Elgin via pin (Super Package Piledriver)


The “Glory by Honor XI” pre-show kicks off with Kevin Kelly welcoming us to the show at ringside. Kelly says Kevin Steen’s demands have been met, so he will defend the belt against Michael Elgin tonight. That means, in addition to other things, that the Package Piledriver is once again legal. Kelly runs down the card hyping up each match. He throws it to a video package that recaps the feud between Elgin and Steen. Kelly reveals the Rhino is backstage despite not having a match.

“Glory by Honor XI” begins with Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcoming us to the show and hyping the main event as the Bravado Brothers make their way to the ring.

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander defeated The Bravado Brothers

The match starts with the Bravados immediately jumping Cedric Alexander and use other underhanded tactics to get the advantage¬† in the match. Alexander fights out a Bravado double team attempt and tags in a fresh Caprice Coleman, who enters the match with a frenzy. Coleman strings together three Northern Lights suplexes, with the third being on both Bravados. Coleman and Alexander connect with huge dives to the outside onto the Bravados! Lancelot connects with a big lariat, but Coleman answers back with a springboard crossbody. Coleman and Alexander hits a fireman’s carry into a backbreaker combination, but Lancelot kicks out! Alexander kicks out of a bridging German suplex by Lancelot. Coleman and Alexander hit the jumping hurricarana into the frog splash to pick up the win in the opening contest!

Up next is Mike Mondo taking on Mike Bennett. We get to see last week’s Inside ROH where Mondo creeps on Maria.

Mike Bennett defeated Mike Mondo

Bennett is getting mostly cheers, while Mondo is getting mostly boos. Mondo lands a right hand before the bell. Maria tries to slap Mondo, but he stops her and gyrates in front of her. Mondo crawls under the ring and Bennett can’t find him. Bennett gets control of the match by slinging Mondo into the barricade. Bennett drives Mondo spine-first in the corner of the ring apron. They collide in midair as they both go for crossbodies at the same time. They slug it out on the floor, and Mondo back drops Bennett on the concrete. Mondo crotches Bennett on a barricade and the barricades falls over. Mondo climbs to the top of the entrance set and dives off on to Bennett! Maria once again jumps on the apron to distract Mondo and she begins dancing like she’s riding a pole. Maria slaps Mondo, which allows Bennett to hit a TKO for the three count!

We see a recap of last week’s match between Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team and BJ Whitmer and Rhett Titus.

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team defeated Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer

Haas and Benjamin attack Whitmer and Titus from behind as Whitmer and Titus are making their entrance. Titus fights off both Haas and Benjamin and Whitmer hits a suicide dive onto Haas as the bell finally rings to officially start the match. Benjamin superkicks Titus from the apron to the floor. In the ring, Haas and Benjamin work over Titus. Titus almost makes the tag to Whitmer, but Haas catches him and slam him to the mat with a spinebuster. Titus and Benjamin slug it out in the middle of the ring. Both men are down as they both connect with clotheslines. Haas and Whitmer both get tagged in, and Whitmer gets the best of Haas and Benjamin. Whitmer gets a two count on Haas following an exploder suplex. Haas and Whitmer exchange kicks to the face before Haas connects with multiple German suplexes and an Olympic Slam. Titus hits a dropkick on Benjamin as Whitmer ducks out of a German suplex attempt. Haas and Benjamin hit a double powerbomb on Whitmer as Titus is crotched on the top rope to pick up the pin.

We now get to see what happened between Jay Lethal and Kevin Steen at the end of their match at “Killer Instinct.” Lethal snaps after Steen spits on Lethal’s mother. Backstage, Lethal launches Jim Cornette across a table taking him out.

Jay Lethal gets on the microphone and says Joe Koff told him not to talk about what he is about to talk about. Lethal tells Steen to kiss his ass. The fans cheer when Lethal says he put Cornette in the hospital. Lethal says Ring of Honor told him he needed a “killer instinct” and that Ring of Honor can kiss his ass. Lethal says he has a lot of respect for Davey Richards. Lethal says he has a lot of anger built up inside of him and Richards is just the wrong person at the wrong time.

Jay Lethal defeated Davey Richards

Neither wrestler can get the advantage early in the match as they have counters for everything the other man does. Lethal briefly gains control of the match after a cartwheel dropkick, but Richards quickly fights back. Richards locks in an Indian Death Lock variation. A dropkick sends Lethal to the floor. Richards runs along the apron and blasts Lethal across the chest with a kick. Richards connects with a missile dropkick for a two count. Lethal lands a springboard dropkick sending Richards to the outside. He follows it up with a suicide dive. Richards misses the running kick this time, and Lethal answers back with an ace crusher on the apron. The two slug it out in the middle of the ring. Lethal locks in a Koji Clutch after hitting the Lethal Combination, but Richards reaches the ropes. Richards connects with a German suplex, but Lethal kicks out. They jockey for position on the top and Richards connects with a series of headbutts. Richards hits a superplex, but Lethal reverses it into a small a package. Richards hits a brainbuster but Lethal kicks out. Lethal kicks out at one after a kick to the head. Richards kicks out following two superkicks. Lethal kicks Richards off the top and Richards falls through a ringside table. Lethal hits Hail to the King but Richards kicks out. Richards once again kicks out after a dragon suplex. Richards avoids the Lethal Injection and locks in an ankle lock. Lethal fights out and sends Richards into the middle turnbuckle. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection, but Richards kicks out. He locks in the Koji Clutch and Richards passes out in the hold to give Lethal the victory.

After the match. Eddie Edwards checks on Richards. Richards raises Lethal’s hand.


Back from intermission and Kevin Kelly says Mike Mondo has been taken to the hospital with a potentially fractured ankle.

Roderick Strong comes to the ring in street clothes for his match against Tadarius Thomas. He tells Thomas he doesn’t belong in the ring with Strong. Strong tells Martini he quits the House of Truth. He tells he’s going to watch Michael Elgin fail at becoming ROH World Champion. Martini chases Strong to the back. If Strong doesn’t return to the ring by a 10-count, the match is forfeited. Martini says everything is fine in the House of Truth, and Rhino is replacing Strong in the match.

Tadarius Thomas defeated Rhino

Thomas’ unique offense is throwing Rhino off his game as Martini returns to ringside with a bag of some kid. Rhino wasn’t ready for the match and Martini throws him his wrist tape. Rhino sends Thomas to the outside and Martini stomps away on Thomas. Thomas fights out of a bear hug and hits some innovative kicks. Rhino answers back with a belly-to-belly. Rhino sets up for the Gore, but Martini trips Thomas before Rhino can hit it. Rhino yells at Martini, and when he tries for the Gore again Thomas evades. Thomas rolls up Rhino to pick up the upset victory!

After the match, Rhino launches Martini from the ring and into the barricade, ripping Martini’s pants and laving a nasty bruise.

Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole’s World TV Title match now has a 30-minute time limit.

Adam Cole defeated Eddie Edwards

There is a feeling out process in the early stages of the match. The two exchange a series of pinfalls in the test of strength. They continue to exchange pinfall attempts after countering the other wrestler’s finishing hold. Edwards sends Cole to the outside, but Cole blocks a suicide dive attempt with an enziguri. Edwards knocks Cole off the apron and this time is able to hit the suicide dive. Cole hits a basement dropkick to Edwards’ left knee, and Edwards also begins to work over Cole’s legs. Edwards blasts Cole with a series of chops, and they trade shots in the middle of the ring. Cole hits a jumping DDT on the apron, and follows it up with a top rope splash. The suplex into a neckbreaker gets a two count for Cole. Edwards hits the backpack chinbreaker for a near fall. Edwards wrenches Cole’s knee in the ropes with a dragon screw leg whip. Edwards locks in the Achilles Lock, but Cole is able to kick his way out of it. Cole locks in the Figure Four, but Edwards is eventually able to reach the ropes. Edwards has Cole on his shoulders on the top and Cole fights his way off, sending both men crashing to the floor. Cole hits the neckbreaker again and follows it up with a superkick to the back of the head. Cole connects with the Florida Key to retain the ROH World TV Title.

Following the match Cole and Edwards shake hands.

We see the ending to the match between S.C.U.M. and the Briscoes from “Boiling Point,” which saw the Briscoes pick up the win with the Doomsday Device.

S.C.U.M. defeated The Briscoes

The Briscoes immediately take the fight to Jacobs and Corino and the two teams brawl around the ringside area. Back in the ring and the Briscoes are in control over Corino. Corino fights back with the Colby Shock on Mark Briscoe. Jay Briscoe gets tagged in and takes out both Corino and Jacobs. Mark Briscoe goes for the middle rope splash move, but Corino blasts him with a roll of coin, sending Mark to the outside and giving S.C.U.M. the advantage. Jay drives Corino face-first into the middle turnbuckle and makes the tag to Mark. He enters the match with a flurry of Redneck Kung Fu. Jay and Corino slug it out in the ring, with Jay getting the better of the exchange. Mark hits a springboard dropkick on Jacobs and all four men are down. Jacobs sends Jay to the floor, and an assisted sliced bread and lariat combination gets a two count on Mark. Jay hits a Death Valley Driver on Corino onto an overturned barricade. He hits Jacobs with one of his own, and Mark follows it up with a Froggy ‘Bow but Jacobs finds a way to kick out. Corino pushes the referee into the rope and low blows Mark Briscoe, allowing Jacobs to victory roll him to pick up the pin fall and retain the titles.

We see a recap of last week’s segment between Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin.

Kevin Steen comes out first and grabs the microphone. Steen says his demands have been met. He says Lethal’s parents will never see an ROH show in person again, and that he and Lethal will never wrestle each other again. Steen says they are making him a new Ring of Honor World Title. Tonight, Steen says, the unbreakable gets broken.

Kevin Steen defeated Michael Elgin

Roderick Strong is sitting in the front row. Neither man can take the other down with a shoulder block, and Elgin overpowers Steen with a slam. Steen rolls out to the floor, and he and Elgin fight around ringside. Steen uses a Canadian flag a fan has to choke Elgin. Elgin returns the favor choking Steen with the flag. A powerslam gets a one-count for Elgin. Elgin lifts Steen up into a delayed vertical suplex, and he holds Steen up for about 20 seconds! Elgin is freakishly strong! Steen connects with an elevated DDT and follows it up with a powerbomb onto the apron. Steen lays Elgin on the floor and hits a frog splash from the apron. Elgin blocks a suplex attempt so Steen just rakes the eyes. A belly-to-back suplex gets a two count for the reigning World Champion. An enziguri connects for Elgin and both men are down as referee Todd Sinclair begins his count. Elgin fights off a sharpshooter attempt and Elgin drives Steen into the corner. Elgin hits a blockbuster for a two count. Elgin counters a package piledriver into a kryptonite crunch. Steen drives the back of Elgin’s head into his knee and then hits the cannonball for a near fall. Elgin fights Steen off the top rope and attempts a corkscrew, but Steen gets his knees up. Elgin ducks out of the way to send Steen to the floor and quickly dives over the top onto the champion right in front of Strong. Elgin blasts Strong and launches him into a guardrail before throwing him to the back. Elgin hits a running powerbomb on Steen into the ringpost on the outside.

Back in the ring, Elgin successfully hits the corkscrew, but Steen kicks out at two! Steen counters a powerbomb attempts into a sharpshooter but Elgin fights his way out of it and locks in a crossface. Steen is able to break the hold by getting to the bottom rope. Both men are fighting on the apron and Steen applies a sleeper, but Elgin jumps off the apron sending both of them crashing through a table! They make it back in the ring at the count of 19. Steen hits a pop-up powerbomb on Elgin! He kicks out! Elgin counters the F-Cinq into a crossface. Elgin hits a dead lift German suplex! Elgin hits the bucklebomb but Steen responds with a lariat and both men are down! Steen catches a knee strike and turns it into an F-Cinq, but Elgin kicks out at two. Elgin locks in the crossface for the third time and once again Steen reaches the rope to break the hold. Steen hits the sleeper suplex and the package piledriver, but Elgin kicks out! Steen pushed Sinclair, and Sincalir pushes him back right into a roll up attempt. Steen kicks out. Elgin catches another cannonball attempt and lifts Steen up into a powerbomb. Bucklebomb! Spinning powerbomb! Steen kicks out! Elgin and Steen fight on the top rope. Steen hits a package piledriver off the top rope! That’s enough to put Elgin way for Steen to retain the ROH World Title!

After the match, Roderick Strong hits the ring and blasts Michael Elgin with a Sick Kick! Paul Turner hands Nigel McGuinness a box. McGuinness gets in the ring and he has to personally deliver the box to Steen. Steen opens the box and he looks shocked when he sees what’s in it. He pulls out an El Generico mask!

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