Glory by Honor XII (10/26/13) Results


  • Dark Matches
    1. The Romantic Touch def. Will Ferarra via Fisherman Brainbuster
    2. MsChif def. Kasie Rae. After the match she was presented a rose by ‘The Romantic Touch.’ Who is rumoured to be Rhett Titus
  1. Silas Young def. Mark Briscoe via roll-up & feet on the ropes
  2. Jimmy Jacobs def. Adam Page via Contra Code
  3. Michael Bennett def. Kevin Steen via a Maria distraction that led to a Piledriver from Bennett. After the match, Lisa Maria (a.k.a Victoria/Tara) hit the Widow’s Peak on Maria
  4. Tommaso Ciampa def. Jesse Sorensen via Submission
  5. Outlaw Inc. def. Adrenaline RUSH via Doomsday Bulldog on TaDarius. Kingston & Homicide cut a promo after the match on reDRagon
  6. Paul London def. Roderick Strong via Shooting Star Press
  7. Champions vs. All-Stars
    Michael Elgin, Jay Lethal, Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander
    def. Adam Cole, Matt Taven, Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish

    1. Adam Cole eliminated Cedric Alexander
    2. Adam Cole eliminated Caprice Coleman
    3. Michael Elgin eliminated Kyle O’Reilly via Short-Arm Clothesline
    4. Adam Cole eliminated Jay Lethal via Brainbuster onto Knee
    5. Michael Elgin eliminated Matt Taven via Crossface
    6. Michael Elgin eliminated Bobby Fish via Buckle-Bomb / Elgin Bomb combo. This is the first time Bobby Fish has been pinned in ROH.
    7. Michael Elgin eliminated Adam Cole via Diving Powerbomb. By pinning Cole he has earned a future ROH World Title shot.
  8. After the main event, Jay Briscoe appeared with a sack, and argued with Elgin over who gets the next World Title shot. He then decked Cole & Elgin with the sack, only to reveal a customised ROH World Title belt. A picture of the customised title can be seen below:

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  • The entire show will be aired across 3 episodes of ROH TV as ‘Road Rage’ editions. It will also be available on VOD and DVD.
  • Corino was brought out for commentary as a ‘settlement’ had been reached.
  • ROH will return to Chicago March 8th 2014.

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Jay Briscoe’s customised title:


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