Glory by Honor X Preview

“Glory by Honor” is one of Ring of Honor’s premiere events since the inaugural event took place in October 2002. Since then, the show has been home to some of Ring of Honor’s most historic moments that include debuts and farewells, classic matches and ROH World Title changes. The “Glory by Honor” tradition is scheduled to continue Saturday November 19 in Chicago Ridge, IL with “Glory by Honor X.” The event features a stacked card filled with big-time matches. Let’s take a closer look at each match.

ROH World Title
ROH World Champion Davey Richards defends vs El Generico

2011 has been a roller coaster year for El Generico. He has reached some of the highest highs by winning the World TV Title at “Best in the World” in June, but he has also seen the lowest lows by losing the belt to Jay Lethal in his first defense. Generico is looking to reach another high and can do so by defeating Davey Richards for the ROH World Title and become the second Triple Crown winner in company history. Richards, however, is the same person that defeated the first Triple Crown winner Eddie Edwards for the ROH World Title at the same show Generico won the World TV Title. Richards has defended the title successfully three times since winning the belt and is looking to continue his reign by defeating “The Generic Luchador” Saturday. There is no doubt this is going to be a great match, but will Generico’s heart be able to propel him to the championship, or will Richards prove too tough to stay down?

ROH World Tag Team Titles
ROH World Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin
defend vs The All Night Express (Rhett Titus and Kenny King)

King and Titus have been having a breakout year in 2011. They have gone from two guys who were regarded as goofs to one of the top tag teams in Ring of Honor who could win the titles at any time. They are getting their opportunity at those titles Saturday when they take on Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. Haas and Benjamin have been dominant in their ROH run, especially since capturing the titles in April. They have defeated all the challengers that have stepped up, but they have yet to meet a team with the momentum of The All Night Express. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team has their eyes set on “Final Battle” where they will finally get their hands on the Briscoes, but they can’t sleep on their opponents at “Glory by Honor X” because The All Night Express are more than capable of winning the belts even with a fully focused Haas and Benjamin.

Proving Ground Match
ROH World TV Champion Jay Lethal vs Roderick Strong with Truth Martini

The Proving Ground matches were designed to find challengers for the champions in Ring of Honor. If a wrestler is able to defeat the champion or last to a 15-minute time limit draw, they will receive a title match within the next 90 days. Lethal is undefeated since his return to Ring of Honor and has already defeated Mark Briscoe in a Proving Ground match. Strong, a former World and Tag Team champion, is looking to become a Triple Crown winner and the first step to doing so is by beating Lethal in the Proving Ground match. With Martini in Strong’s corner, Lethal is going to not only going to have to overcome one of the best wrestlers in the world, but he will have to deal with distractions caused by Martini. Martini may just give Strong the advantage he needs in the match to beat Lethal and guarantee himself a future ROH World TV Title match.

Jay and Mark Briscoe vs The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson)

The Briscoes have been obsessed with one thing over the past few months and that is become seven-time ROH World Tag Team titles. They get that opportunity at “Final Battle” when they challenge Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team for the belts. In the mean time, though, they have a tough challenge against the Young Bucks at “Glory by Honor X.” The Young Bucks have changed quite a bit since their initial run in the company several years ago. Now the Jackson brothers are brash, cocky and view themselves as bigger than professional wrestling. They have the talent to back up all of their claims as well. A win against the Briscoes would put them right in the thick of the tag team title hunt, but the Briscoes may be too focused on their goal of becoming tag team champions once again to let that happen.

Eddie Edwards vs Kyle O’Reilly

The tension between these two wrestlers has been building since “No Escape” in July when Edwards unintentionally injured O’Reilly with the Achilles Lock. O’Reilly may have been the person to reveal that Edwards has been training with MMA legend Dan Severn in preparation for his title match against Davey Richards at “Final Battle.” This match pits two of the hardest strikers on the roster and it is going to be an extremely physical match. Will Edwards be able to use what he has learned from Severn to beat O’Reilly? Or has the bad blood that has been brewing in O’Reilly towards Edwards going to be enough for him to defeat the former World Champion? We will find out the answer at “Glory by Honor X.”

Jimmy Jacobs with Steve Corino
vs “The Dominant Male” Tommaso Ciampa with the Embassy

Ciampa has been exactly what his nickname describes him as, and that’s dominant. He looks to continue his dominating ways at “Glory by Honor X” when he takes on Jacobs, who has been underwhelming since his return to Ring of Honor. Jacobs has had a rough go of things since his return and is paying for the sins he committed in his previous run with the company. Ciampa is more than likely going to make him pay even more Saturday and continue his undefeated streak.

Adam Cole vs Michael Elgin vs Mike Bennett vs Grizzly Redwood

Three of the four wrestlers in this match have the opportunity to enter “Glory by Honor X” as Survival of the Fittest winners. Cole, Elgin and Bennett could either have a future World Title shot entering this match, or they will have the need to unleash some frustration for not winning the tournament. Redwood will be fighting for his pride in this match. All four of these men are hungry to make a name for themselves in Ring of Honor and if they are unsuccessful at “Survival of the Fittest,” this match is the perfect way for them to get noticed.

“Glory by Honor X” takes place at the Frontier Fieldhouse Saturday in Chicago Ridge, IL with a bell time of 7:30 p.m.

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