‘Glory By Honor XI’ Fallout And News

There has been plenty of positive buzz surrounding Ring of Honor after last Satruday’s ‘Glory By Honor XI’ iPPV.

The show included a match of the year candidate as Kevin Steen successfully defended his ROH World title against Michael Elgin in what can only be described as a fantastic match. After the match, Steen was delivered a box by Nigel McGuinness that had El Generico’s mask in. Generico has not signed a contract with ROH and it is not known if it will happen any time in the near future. However, it seems nailed on that the two will meet once again and this time for the World title. This also throws into doubt Jay Lethal’s ongoing feud with Steen. Steen demanded that he would not face Lethal again in ROH and officials agreed to it. It’s clear that Steen and Lethal is a story that is not yet over but when we will get the pay off is anybody’s guess.

Lethal had a great match against Davey Richards on Saturday and after defeating ‘The American Wolf’, Eddie Edwards hit the ring to check on his former partner. Could a reunion be on the cards? We certainly think so…

There are also a lot of unanswered questions regarding the House of Truth. Roderick Strong quit the HoT before his scheduled match against Tadarius Thomas. This prompted Truth Martini to replace him with Rhino. However, ‘The Man Beast’ was far from ready to compete and ended up losing the match. Afterwards, Rhino threw Martini over the top rope and into the ringside barricades. Martini took a nasty fall and ended up with a deep and long cut down his right leg. Is the HoT over? We’ll have to wait and see.

That injury wasn’t the only one sustained in Canada either. Harlem Bravado suffered a broken nose during the opening match between the Bravados and Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander. He isn’t expected to miss any ring time. One man who will miss some time, though, is Mike Mondo. Mondo lost in an entertaining bout against Mike Bennett and broke his ankle early in the match. Despite that, he finished the match and at one point even jumped off the top of the entrance way. Early reports suggest Mondo could be out for around a year and we would like to wish Mike a very speedy recovery and we hope to see him back in an ROH ring as soon as possible.

ROH have had a lot of well publicised problems with iPPV recently but they hit the right notes on Saturday and it went off without a hitch. As of Monday morning, there were just under 1500 live and replay viewers, with 350 of those ordering an ROH iPPV for the very first time. That is very encouraging news after a spate of iPPV errors threatened to drive fans away. The live attendance was just over 900 and the show has received a lot of praise from ROH fans as you can see from the official ‘Glory By Honor XI’ thread on our forum.

With ROH putting on one of its best shows in a very long time, and with plenty of questions left to answer, it’s a good time to be a Ring of Honor fan.

Steven Coney

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