The Guardians Of Truth : Who Are They?

Two weeks ago on the ROH TV show while commentating on a match between Michael Elgin and Matt Taven, Truth Martini challenged The Briscoes to a match at ‘Best In The World: Hostage Crisis’.

Martini added that The Briscoes, if they were to accept, would be facing off against the Guardians of Truth. He went on to say that their identities would not be revealed but that they had been thrown out of everywhere they had been. On this week’s TV show, he said that the sheer mention of their names would make people flee.

A lot of speculation has been surrounding who the Guardians of Truth really are but in a recent ROH newswire, it gave us a good clue as to what to expect. It said that Martini claimed their identities would be hidden “for now and forever”. That would lead us to believe that we will not get to see who these two men are. The only way for that to work is for them to wear masks.

After thinking about it, it would be a smart move from ROH. They could put literally anybody under the masks and really build up an interesting storyline. Martini claims these two men will do anything for him and Tag Team gold is certainly something he is interested in.

Names have been thrown around on our Forum with the likes of former ROH wrestlers Teddy Hart, Jimmy Rave, Alex Shelley, Petey Williams and Alex Koslov being mentioned.

Shelley is a possibility although it looks as if he is heading to the WWE. A Motor City Machine Guns return to ROH seems out of the question, at least for now, as Chris Sabin is still contracted to TNA and recently injured his knee.

Another possibility is the return of the former House of Truth tag team of Josh Raymond and Christin Able. The pair were part of the HoT during much of 2010 but failed to really make a mark. They were, however, trained at Truth Martini’s HoT wrestling school (like Shelley) which gives them an advantage.

With it looking likely that the pair will don masks, a storyline involving the big reveal could work well. The tag team ranks need a bit of spicing up with Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team set to do battle with the All Night Express over the summer, The Briscoes will need something to do. Add that to the fact that the division is low on teams after the break up of Future Shock, the Guardians of Truth seems like a good idea.

This will also signal the beginning of the end of Michael Elgin’s involvement in the HoT. I can see Roderick Strong, Martini and the Guardians kicking Elgin out soon enough. With just Roderick, that would be tough to do but with this new tag team to back him up, as well as Rhino, it leads to many possibilities down the line. Elgin could look for his own reinforcements or try and take on the HoT alone, whichever he chooses, it looks as if Elgin is set for the top of the card. This could set up a good six month feud with the masks eventually being removed and the identities of the Guardians being revealed, maybe even at ‘Final Battle 2012’.

So, while the exact identities of the Guardians of Truth is yet unknown, it looks as if we will not know who they are, at least for the time being. That will keep people guessing and that, after all, is what makes Pro Wrestling must-watch.

Steven Coney

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