Hangman Page discusses BITW match w Kazarian, US IWGP Title, and more

Ring of Honor star and Bullet Club standout Hangman Page was the recent guest on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show. Page discussed his upcoming match against Frankie Kazarian at Best in the World on 6/23, how the “Hangman” gimmick originated, facing Jay Lethal in the first round of the NJPW US title tourney, and more. Here are some of the excerpts:

On how the feud with Frankie Kazarian began:

“We gave Frankie what I would say the opportunity of a lifetime to be in Bullet Club,” said Page. “Look what it’s done for me here in just over a year. We gave that to Frankie and he threw it away. So, we don’t take that very lightly and at Best in the World, hopefully this is our final matchup. I’ve beat him once before. This time, the beating is going to be bad enough that he won’t come back.”

On the origin of the “Hangman” gimmick and how Cole was involved:

“I knew Adam Cole was [joining Bullet Club] as well. Especially, when the Japanese fans, we didn’t want two Adams that looked fairly similar. Two American guys who both were in Bullet Club at the same time with the same first name. So, we wanted to change things up a bit, and in order to do that, it was an opportunity for me to start something new for myself.”

On his future:

“I think, within the next year, [I want to have] championship gold of some sort. Not just there in Ring of Honor, but also New Japan. On the first of July, I’m in the tournament to crown the first-ever IWGP US Champion. So that’s something in my immediate future I’m looking forward to as well.”

What he has planned for Best in the World against Kazarian

“I’ll be wrestling Frankie Kazarian hopefully for the last time. And this time, it’s a strap match. We’re not doing one of those four corners where you touch the four corners either. To me, [that’s] stupid. I just really want to wear him out with the belt. So, that’s what it’s coming down to. Each of us will have a belt strapped to our hands, and we’re just gonna go at it. I’m gonna whoop him to death. It will be disgusting, it will be vile. It will be uncomfortable. I will guarantee you that.”