Honor Takes Center Stage : Night Two Results

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team defeated The American Wolves

Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas won the ROH Tag Team Titles last night after defeating The Kings of Wrestling. ROH World Champion Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards were teaming up again for one more hunt. The newly crowned Champions started the match on top but The Wolves must have watched WGTT last night as they used their tactic of focusing on a specific body part. Edwards and Richards were frequently tagging in and out as they went to work on the arm and shoulder of Haas which was slightly injured last night. Haas and Benjamin then came back and focused on the left leg of Edwards as they kept him away from Richards. With Edwards still feeling the effects of the continuous attacks on his leg, Richards was left to fend for himself for a while. Rules soon went out of the window as all four men battled it out in the ring and both teams exchanged several German Suplexes. This was a brilliant back and forth match that had the fans chanting “this is wrestling!” and “this is awesome!”. The Wolves had both Benjamin and Haas in submissions but Benjamin kicked off Edwards who flew into Edwards and Benjamin was able to hit a jump up slam for the win in a match that went just over 30 minutes. After the bout, all four men shook hands as Richards and Edwards argued to end the show.

El Generico defeated Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini

After a few minutes of neither man being able to gain an advantage with wrestling holds, Strong connects with a boot to get the upper hand.  Generico goes to the apron, but Martini pulls him off.  On the outside, Strong uses martini as a battering ram.  Generico was able to regain control with a Blue Thunder powerbomb for two.  An enzaguiri gives control back to Strong.  They exchange shots with Generico eventually landing a swinging DDT.  He goes for a dive, but is once again tripped by Martini.  Martini goes for a dive onto Generico, but Strong accidently pulls the ropes down and sends Martini to the outside.  Generico lands a huge dive to the outside on both Strong and Martini!  Back in the ring, Martini distracts the referee while Elgin tries to interfere, but it backfires.  Generico takes the opportunity to hit Strong with a Brainbuster for the victory!

Elgin beats Generico down after the match and Cabana tries to make the save.  Daniels comes to the ring with the Book of Truth in his hand.  He stands in the ring for a moment before nailing Generico with it!  Daniels is now a member of the House of Truth!  They beat down Cabana and Generico before leaving.

All Night Express defeated The Briscoes

Titus and King were attacked from behind as the Briscoes came through the crowd to attack them.  The brawl continued to ringside as the two teams fought around the ring.  Another referee came down to establish some order and the match finally got underway.  Titus was sent outside the ring and was double teamed by the Briscoes while King inadvertently distracted the refs.  He was sent into the ring post and was busted open.  Titus continues to get pounded on and desperately needs a tag.  Titus finally gets the tag into King who comes in to clean house.  Titus lands a Super Sex Factor from the apron through a table on the floor to Jay Briscoe, and he is busted open as well.  In the ring Jay and Titus exchange shots.  Titus gets shoved off the top rope and King gets hit by the Jay Driller!  The Briscoes picked up the elusive win over the All Night Express.

Jay tells the crowd that the Briscoes do not care if the crowd likes them or not.

Shimmer Tag Team Title Match
Daizee Haze and Tomoka Nakagawa defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto and Ayumi Kurihara

Kurihara had the early advantage in this match over Nakagawa, until Haze entered and took her out.  Haze gets locked into a top rope armbreaker by Kurihara.  Nakagawa sprays water in her eyes as she’s on the apron.  Haze and Nakagawa control a majority of the match, until an awesome maneuver by Matsumoto puts them in control.  Matsumoto appeared to have Haze pinned, but Nakagawa pulls the referee out before he can make the three count.  This allows Haze to hit a Tiger Suplex to retain the Shimmer Tag Team Titles.

Jim Cornette is in the ring with Davey Richards and Cornette asked him if he wanted a match against Edwards for the ROH World Title.  Richards says no and that he does not want to kill Edwards’ dream.  This causes Edwards to come out and question what Richards meant.  Richards says tonight it is all about tag team.

Christopher Daniels defeated Michael Elgin w/ Truth Martini

Daniels lost his World Title match at Night One, and afterwards refused to shake hands with Eddie Edwards.  Daniels was able to use his speed to get the early advantage in the match, but Elgin’s power eventually caught up to him.  Elgin threw Daniels into the ring post and then turned that into a Boston Crab in the top rope.  That was pretty cool.  Truth Martini was unusually calm at ringside and did not interfere one time during the match.  Elgin hit several big power moves on Daniels, but could never get the pinfall.  Daniels hit a low blow on Elgin when the ref could not see it and hit the Best Moonsault Ever to get the win!  This is a different Daniels than the one Ring of Honor fans are use to seeing over the past year.  Maybe the Book of Truth has changed him.

Tomasso Ciampa defeated Homicide

Both of these men had impressive showings at the previous night’s Four Corner Survival match, with Homicide getting the win.  The fight immediately goes to the floor and they brawl around ringside.  Homicide climbs onto the stage, which is probably the same height as the top turnbuckle, and gets a running start before diving off onto Ciampa on the floor.  Ciampa was able to regain control in the ring and went for what appeared to be a powerbomb, but Homicde countered out of it and landed an Ace Crusher.  Homicide went for the Cop Killer, but Mia Yim got on the apron and distracted him.  The distraction was enough for Ciampa to land a Northern Lights suplex for the upset win!
Homicide is upset after the match and nails RD Evans with a chair shot, knocking him out.

Colt Cabana defeated Dave Taylor w/ The Embassy

Cabana immediately goes out after the Embassy to keep them at bay.  He gets back in the ring and he and Taylor put on a technical wrestling clinic.  They exchange holds and forearms and neither man can gain the definite advantage for any extended period of time.  Cabana was eventually able to roll Taylor up to get the three count! It was a very solid match between two great wrestlers.
Prince Nana is unhappy about the outcome of the match, but RD Evans tells him the Embassy has another chance up next.

Kings of Wrestling defeated Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly

The Kings are back in action less than 24 hours removed from losing their titles to Wrestling’s Geratest Tag Team in Night One of “Honor Takes Center Stage.”  Their first match without the belt is going to be a tough one because they face off with Cole and O’Reilly.  Throughout the match, Hagadorn says he is doing whatever it takes to get the Kings another title shot.  It was all Kings early, until O’Reilly landed a drop kick to the outside on Castagnoli and Cole landed a cross body on Hero for a two-count.  O’Reilly put Castagnoli in a guillotine and was met with several super kicks from Hero, but he did not let go of the hold.  Hero went for a rolling elbow, but was met by a drop kick from Cole, which sent him to the floor.  Castagnoli was able to muscle his way out of the guillotine and nail O’Reilly with an European uppercut.  Hero re-entered the ring and the Kings landed dual bicycle kicks on O’Reilly to pick up the victory.  Both teams got a standing ovation following the match.


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