Honor Takes Center Stage : Night One Results

Eddie Edwards defeated Christopher Daniels

ROH World TV Champion Christopher Daniels hasn’t lost to Eddie Edwards in three matches between the two. The third was a thirty-minute time limit draw and Daniels was unable to continue due to an injury. Edwards became the first Triple Crown winner in ROH after becoming World Champion at ‘Manhattan Mayhem IV’. The fans’ support seemed to be split between the two and so did the action as both men got in lots of offence. The pair started to fight on the ring apron and Daniels managed to deliver a ura-nege slam to Edwards through a vacant table at ringside. Edwards started to fight back and after knocking Daniels to the outside, hit a big suicide dive which left both men on the floor. Daniels then  tested Edwards’ resolve with the Koji Clutch but the new champ managed to scramble to the ropes to break the hold. After seeing his attempt at the Super Angel’s Wings revered, Daniels settled for the normal Angel’s Wings and Edwards just about managed to kick out before three. “The Fallen Angel” then went for his patented Best Moonsault Ever but Edwards proved what a fighting champion he is by kicking out. Edwards then got a second wind and hit Daniels with a top rope 2K1 bomb but this wasn’t enough, he then delivered another 2K1 bomb and Daniels was unable to kick out. Edwards offered Daniels a handshake after the match but the challenger refused as Edwards thanked the fans for coming.

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas)  defeated The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli)

Ring of Honor once again proves their tag team division is the best in the world with a mouth watering Tag Team title match. Haas and Benjamin took control of the match early on and went to work on the knee of Castagnoli as they tried to prevent The Kings celebrating a year with the belts. The Kings started to creep back into the match with some help from “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey. Hero & Castagnoli took this opportunity to corner Benjamin and prevent him from tagging Haas in. Haas finally got tagged in and cleaned house with a couple of suplexes and a powerslam for a near fall. Both teams then exchanged brief periods of dominance but it was Benjamin and Haas who would come out on top. Benjamin showed great athletic ability to jump to the top rope and throw Chris Hero off as Haas locked in the Haas of Pain on Castagnoli. Castagnoli had an injured knee due to the attacks by WGTT and gave up making Haas & Benjamin NEW ROH Tag Team Champions.

Davey Richards defeated Roderick Strong

This was Strong’s first match since he lost the ROH World Title against Richards’ fellow American Wolf – Eddie Edwards. Richards is on the hunt for the title and continues to sharpen his skills before he challenges for the title again. Strong started off better and bloodied Richards’ mouth after a few vicious forearms. Truth Martini tried to get involved but Richards brushed him off and started to dominate the match with an array of kicks followed by a suicide dive. Strong again came back into the match and hit Richards with a backbreaker onto the turnbuckle and then one to the ring apron. Strong almost got the win with a sick kick and gut buster and even tried to end it with the Gibson driver and the Strong hold. Richards wouldn’t be denied though and after a superplex and Falcon Arrow, he locked in the ankle lock and Strong had no option but to tap. “That was awesome” chants ring around the arena following the match.

The Briscoes defeated Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly

The Briscoes had an altercation with The All Night Express earlier on which led to Rhett Titus & Kenny King being thrown out of the arena. Cole & O’Reilly began the biggest weekend of their careers but came up against the new attitude of The Briscoes which seemed very effective. The Briscoes were controlling most of the match but Cole & O’Reilly quickly got into the match with a mix of high flying moves and double team manoeuvres. The Briscoes took out Cole with a German Suplex and then hit the Springboard Doomsday Device on O’Reilly for the win in a brilliant tag team match. After the match, The All night Express came down to the ring and brawled with The Briscoes as security tried and failed to break it up. The Briscoes eventually escaped as tomorrow’s match looks to be a very heated one.

Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ayumi Kurihara defeated Sara Del Rey & Serena Deeb  

Matsumoto & Kurihara have come over from the S-Ovation promotion in Japan after Del Rey demanded more women’s competition in Ring of Honor. The Japanese pair – who have never teamed before – looked impressive and Kurihara highlighted this with a big crossbody to Deeb and Del Rey who were on the outside. Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa came to inspect the action  and this sparked life into the contest. The end came after Matsumoto hit Deeb with a German Suplex and Kurihara followed up with a backdrop driver for the win.

Homicide defeated Colt Cabana, Tommaso Ciampa & Caleb Konley

This was an important match for Konley as this was his ‘trial’ match with the House of Truth. Ciampa was accompanied by all the members of The Embassy and the first fall of this one wins it. The Embassy were a factor in this one and at one point they attacked Homicide who had been thrown out of the ring. Cabana and Homicide formed an alliance in the early goings but eventually it was every man for himself. Homicide started to take control of the match with three Topé con Hilos to his opponents. He then dragged in Konley who was the legal man and hit him with Da Cop Killa for the victory. After the match, Truth Martini and Michael Elgin came to the ring an announced Konley had failed his trial and went on to attack him.

Michael Elgin defeated El Generico

The House of Truth were banned from ringside for this one. Elgin used his strength advantage to good effect but “The Generic Luchadore” countered with his speed and unique offence. Generico failed to get in any of his high risk moves but did hit Elgin with a very impressive looking tornado DDT on the outside. Elgin was supposed to be alone in this one but with the referee’s back turned, a masked man distracted Generico and this allowed Elgin to hit the 360 Powerbomb for the very important victory.


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