Hybrid Rising

Kyle O’Reilly has long been touted as one of Ring of Honor’s brightest prospects. He wrestles the stiff, realistic style the company is known for and is clearly dedicated to pro wrestling and constantly improving himself. These are attributes the promotion’s demanding group of fans look for in headline wrestlers.

O’Reilly is one of the handful of men on the roster who has plenty of options storyline-wise over the next few months. That should ensure he continues climbing the ranks and earns a prominent spot.

First of all his rivalry with former Future Shock tag team partner Adam Cole is likely to continue. They’ve produced some great bouts against one another already and will almost certainly clash again before the year is out. Their pairing was split prematurely but at least both men have remained with the company an look to be going forward.

At this point O’Reilly has to be one of the favourites to beat Adam Cole for the TV championship. It may not happen anytime soon but their history together and the fact that they started in the company at the same time means they will likely remain rivals throughout their ROH careers.

The MMA enthusiast also has a big singles match due with his former mentor Davey Richards. O’Reilly has gradually turned heel over the last several months, officially leaving Team Richards and denouncing the former world champ as his mentor. Richards had voiced his concern over the younger wrestler’s decisions and a singles battle between the two is inevitable. Final Battle would seem a poignant place for it to happen.

Davey’s former (and apparently future) tag team partner Eddie Edwards seems like a likely opponent for young O’Reilly too. The two have faced off before but they’ve not had a big outing against one another for a while now. They’re long overdue a meaningful encounter.

There’s also a fair chance O’Reilly will be picked to challenge Kevin Steen for the ROH world championship at some point. In his desperation to see ‘Mr Wrestling’ lose the world championship Jim Cornette has been keen to award to title bouts to members of the roster with a mean streak. O’Reilly certainly has the right attitude there and I think he and Steen could give fans an exciting brawl.

Recent signing Tadarius Thomas would be a good match for O’Reilly too, considering the MMA backgrounds of both men. That’s a feud we could see in the near future.

With so many options available to the booking team Kyle O’Reilly should be in a feature position on ROH cards well into the New Year. For once, good news for fans.

Dave Hatton

Dave is one of the columnists here at ROHWorld, with a brand new column being published regularly. Check back as Dave discusses a variety of ROH related topics.