Joe Koff: Women of Honor to Appear on PPV

Joe Koff: Women of Honor to Appear on PPV

This past week of Ring of Honor television was a Women of Special, highlighting the women’s division that is normally seen on ROH’s Youtube channel. ROH’s COO, Joe Koff joined Ian Riccaboni on commentary to call the action, the first time he has done so.

Koff immediately made waves, as he announced that the Women of Honor will begin to make appearances on ROH PPVs moving forward. Although no timetable was given for when this will occur, this is huge news for the division that was restarted two years ago. Since that time, WOH content has been kept to weekly Youtube content on Wednesdays, as well as the occasional television special, as well as WOH VOD that was released last summer.

Ian Riccaboni, the lead commentator for ROH had the following to say about working with Koff in the booth for the first time:

“Our COO Joe Koff is very in tune with our product and has a great attention to detail in everything he does. Mr. Koff not only has an extensive history of having success in television but also has a history in radio broadcasting and was able to provide a great perspective to our Women of Honor special on the headset! He was the first to step up when the opportunity presented itself to provide commentary and I think it is was a real treat for our fans. I hope he joins me sometime soon in the booth!”

Koff’s inclusion was unprecedented and his commentary gave fans some different takes on Cody’s claims that Sinclair, ROH’s parent company, dislikes a free agent such as himself being the company’s flag bearer. That, coupled with his WOH announcement, definitely made his appearance a special one, in that WOH specials often seem to be removed from the canon of other programming, however this edition was much more streamlined and comprehensive in terms of the product as a larger whole.

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