Killer Instinct Results

Quick Results:

  1. Michael Elgin def. Mike Bennett via Spinning Powerbomb
  2. The Bravados def. 3.0
  3. Bobby Fish def. QT Marshall via spinning kick to the head
  4. Tag Titles: SCUM def. WGTT and Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer via backdrop driver on Rhett
  5. Roderick Strong def. Kyle O’Reilly via suplex backbreaker
  6. Davey Richards def. Mike Mondo via cloverleaf
  7. The Briscoes def. Adam Cole & Eddie Edwards via Doomsday Device on Cole
  8. Jay Lethal & Kevin Steen fought to a no contest


Attendance was estimated at around 350-400.

Michael Elgin def. Mike Bennett

The match was said to be very good for an opening contest. Bennett had Maria at ringside and Elgin seemed to be very over with the crowd. Elgin set up for a suicide dive at one point but Truth Martini got in the way and started to attack Bennett on the outside. Maria tried to get involved but Elgin still managed to pick up the win with the Buckle Bomb/Spinning Powerbomb combination.

The Bravados def. 3.0

A very good back and forth tag team match between two teams who have had their differences in CHIKARA. Harlem Bravado is still getting the ‘Justin Bieber’ chants. Crowd seemed to get into 3.0 as the match went on before the Bravados picked up the victory. After the match, the Bravados offered 3.0 handshakes but instead kicked both guys in the gut. We might not have seen the end of this.

Bobby Fish def. QT Marshall

The crowd seemed to be really into Fish who is trying to earn himself a regular spot on the Ring of Honor roster. The match itself wasn’t particularly memorable and Fish managed to pick up the win with a spinning kick to the head of Marshall. We might just see more of Fish, who was said to be very impressive, in the future.

ROH World Tag Team Championship
SCUM def. WGTT and Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer 

WGTT got tons of heat as usual as Charlie Haas angered the fans at ringside by flipping them off. Steve Corino argued with Jay Lethal’s father, who was ringside, for most of the match. WGTT were the first to be eliminated but Haas got his revenge by hitting Rhett Titus in the back with a steel chair. Corino then hit a Backdrop Driver to retain the belts.

Roderick Strong def. Kyle O’Reilly

Roddy seemed to be extremely over with the crowd and got lots of cheers. At one point, a new ROH referee counted three as O’Reilly rolled up Strong even though Roddy had visibly kicked out at two. The crowd let him know he had messed up and the match continued. Strong eventually picked up the win in a good contest with a big Backbreaker.

Davey Richards def. Mike Mondo

Davey looked very crisp in the ring as usual and the fans were behind him. Lots of good submission based wrestling in this one. Davey picked up the win with a Cloverleaf. After the match, he got on the mic and ripped into Sinclair and put over honor and how great the wrestling inside the ring is. He went on to tell Mondo that he now respects him and welcomed him to Ring of Honor. Mondo then got a big pop from the crowd.

The Briscoes def. Adam Cole & Eddie Edwards

This was said to be one of the matches of the night as both teams gave it their all and put on an entertaining bout. Mark Briscoe was insanely over with the crowd and his wackiness got them cheering very loudly. “This is awesome” chants broke out towards the end of the match which was long enough to allow both teams to do their stuff but not too long that fans got bored. The Briscoes picked up the win with the Doomsday Device on Adam Cole.

ROH World Championship
Jay Lethal & Kevin Steen fought to a no contest

The crowd was totally behind the home town boy Jay Lethal in this one. The match itself was said to be incredible and went around 35 minutes. The crowd was said to be totally into it for the entire time. Lethal hit two Lethal Injections on Steen but the first time he kicked out and the second, he managed to roll out of the ring. The match then gets out of control as Steen goes to the barricades and starts talking trash before Lethal’s mother throws a soda at Steen. He retaliates by spitting at her as Lethal goes crazy and pounds on Steen. Jim Cornette, who was at ringside, goes nuts and Corino & Jacobs, as well as security, try to break things up. Steen manages to escape up the ramp, rips the curtain and then goes backstage with the rest of SCUM. Lethal continues to go crazy, throwing chairs and officials around. Lethal yells at Cornette before escorting his parents out of the building. He comes back down to the ring and Bobby Cruise announces that the match has been ruled a no contest as the show ends.

Thanks to @BGrencio for the detailed results.

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