The Best of The Kings’ Twitter Q&A

Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli were involved in a Twitter Q&A last night which gave fans the chance to quiz them on the social networking site.  We have gone through and picked out the best from both men’s answers.

Chris Hero (@theChrisHero)

@Jabotism: Who makes your elbow pads and do you have a favorite one?

I have a guy in Japan that makes almost all of my gear including my amazing elbow pads.

@NJDude94: Have you ever contemplated leaving pro wrestling?

I’ve never, for 1 second, considered quitting wrestling. Even after my in-ring days have ceased I’ll be involved in some way.

@Dylanaw1991: Which tag team would you most like to face, past or present?

Teams that KoW would like to face: Past- Bulldogs, Horsemen, Steiners. Present- Kidd/DH, Bad Intentions, Ibushi/Omega.

@AndrewC316: Were you a good athlete before getting into wrestling?

Prior to wrestling I was a bit clumsy. Played football basketball & volleyball but I found wrestling was my true calling

@HonorHammer26: Which wrestler or wrestlers most inspire the style you wrestle?

Years ago my main wrestling inspirations were Toshiaki Kawada, Johnny Saint, Skayde, Tracy Smothers & Dean Malenko. I’m also inspired by Chris Candido, Eddie Guerrero & Chris Jericho. @ccastagnoli also inspires me w/ his work ethic.

@NathanTubbs: You guys put your bodies on the line and I thank you; has there ever been a “scary” moment for you in the ring?

As far as scary moments go, I’ve pinched some nerves, been knocked out & torn my MCL. I’ve stayed pretty healthy though!

@petermelnick: Now regardless of personal issues, what are your thoughts on your ROH matches with Eddie Kingston?

I’m able to separate personal from professional & therefore have enjoyed all my matches with Eddie Kingston.

@IbringItViaTwit: If you could wrestle any deceased wrestler who would it be?

Would love to have been able to wrestle Eddie Guerrero. I was on a few shows with him in 02 & he was a class act.

Claudio Castagnoli (@ccastagnoli)

@ciaranod1991: In your year reign as tag champions do you have a particular favourite match in that time?

6-man tag with the Briscoes and their dad.

@BD_Ashby: Wrestling heroes growing up ?

Steiners, Crush, Macho, Owen and more!

@TheHarrison101: Do you have a ROH performance, either solo, or with Chris, that stands out and is special?

Probably every title defense of me and @thechrishero, my matches with Nigel, Danielson and Morishima.

@TiltonWarrior: Toughest ever opponent?

Takeshi Morishima.

@Robj23:Would you like to see ROH go on an international (European) tour again? Chances of it happening?

Of course I would! I hope so. We’ll have to wait and see what all the new owners will do.

@HonorHammer26: Which wrestler or wrestlers most inspire the style you wrestle?

Oh, many! @thechrishero and @realkingregal are real inspirations.

@TransparentBoy: Who are the tag teams you look up to to influence the Kings?

We try to watch every tag team in order to learn! I like the Steiners a lot!

@JRDaDeuce: How was the CZW vs ROH feud in your point of view?

It was awesome! the fans loved it and they were really invested in the feud! All the shows were packed. I had a blast!!

@William_Russell: What is the craziest or weirdest place you’ve ever had to perform as a wrestler?

Oh man there’ve been a lot! I wrestled in a German bar in front of 16 people once.

@Drunkenski: Who is a wrestler you see as a possible new breakout talent in ROH?

Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly.

@CurbsideHero: Besides winning the tag titles twice with @theChrisHero, what was your best moment in ROH so far?

There’s been so many. Wrestling Nigel for the ROH Title at the first ROH Hammerstein Show in the Main Event.

@MatthewPucci: Where’s your favorite crowd to wrestle in front of?

There are many awesome crowds out there. NYC, Boston, Tokyo, Philly, Chicago, etc.

A big thanks to both Chris and Claudio for taking time to answer fans’ questions. I’m sure you’ll all agree that Kings Tweet Supreme!

You can follow Chris Hero at: @theChrisHero, Claudio Castagnoli at: @ccastagnoli and ROH World at: @ROH_World.

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