Ladder of Honor : 11th March 2011

Hello and welcome to this week’s Ladder of Honor. You know the drill, this is where I assess who looks good and who looks bad coming off the recent episode of ROH on HDNet. If you haven’t seen it yet then there’s a detailed recap here.

“The Prodigy” Mike Bennett

Bennett just can’t do any wrong. The self proclaimed Top Prospect in Ring of Honor advanced through to the finals of the Top Prospects Tournament after a hard fought victory over Andy “Right Leg” Ridge. As expected, Bennett had to withstand lots of kicks from Ridge and he eventually managed to keep Ridge down for the three count.

After the match, Bennett celebrated with his trainer “Brutal” Bob Evans but was cut off by Steve Corino. Corino thinks Kyle O’Reilly will win the tournament but Bennett disagreed and then showed a complete lack of respect by calling Corino an old man. Bennett certainly has it all but his disrespectful attitude will surely catch up with him at some stage.

Kyle O’Reilly

O’Reilly, like Ridge, uses his array of kicks to his advantage. O’Reilly had the tough task of taking on House of Truth member Michael Elgin. Elgin has been very impressive since his arrival in Ring of Honor and had a huge strength advantage.

O’Reilly didn’t let that faze him though and used his speed and kicks to good effect as he slowly wore down the bigger man. At times, he was also evading attacks from Elgin’s manager Truth Martini but kept focused and managed to get the win with a roll-up. O’Reilly was congratulated by Corino who then announced that O’Reilly will be the Top Prospect of 2011.

El Generico

Even though he didn’t win the match, “The Generic Luchadore” definitely came out of the match looking good. Generico, who has already had one shot at Roderick Strong, took a while to get into the match but when he did, he controlled it. If it wasn’t for the crafty World Champion, he would have won the match but Strong again out-thought Generico.

Generico did everything he could to win the match; a brainbuster, two Ole Kicks and a diving somersault onto the other three men in the match but in the end, it wasn’t enough. What Generico did show, however, was that he is still one of ROH’s main players and that he deserves another title shot in the near future.

Michael Elgin

The newest House of Truth member went into his Top Prospects Semi Final match against Kyle O’Reilly as the clear favourite. It looked nailed on that we would see a Mike Bennett vs. Elgin final but that wasn’t to be.

Elgin yet again showed impressive strength but lacks the killer instinct to win matches on a regular basis. He has impressed his fellow House of Truth members in recent weeks but if he doesn’t start getting more wins, they might just start to question him.


“The Notorious 187” once again battled it out with Roderick Strong, this time though, the match also involved two other men. Strong teased Homicide early in the match which obviously frustrated him. When he eventually got his hands on him, Strong quickly tagged out again and Homicide couldn’t get in any kind of groove.

The other three men must have scouted him well as they all reversed an Ace Crusher and he also failed on a couple of occasions to hit the Cop Killa. It looks as if Homicide is deciding to withdraw from the World Title picture for now but he will have to improve if he wants another title shot in the future.

Steven Coney

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