Ladder of Honor : 16th March 2011

Hello and welcome to this week’s Ladder of Honor. This is the part of the site where I assess who looks good and who looks bad coming off the recent episode of ROH on HDNet. If you haven’t seen it yet then there’s a detailed recap here.

“The Prodigy” Mike Bennett

Bennett is arrogant, disrespectful and brash but he can definitely back all of that up in the ring. The man who is yet to taste defeat in an ROH ring beat Kyle O’Reilly to be officially named the Top Prospect in Ring of Honor. Bennett said he would win the tournament before it had even started and he did just that. Bennett has made the most appearances  in the Ladder of Honor, and they have all been positive.

The only downside to Bennett’s week was his confrontation with Steve Corino. Bennett yet again provoked Corino and this time he got a reaction. Corino entered the ring after Bennett’s win and tried to give some words of advice but instead got a barrage of abuse off “The Prodigy” and his manager – Brutal Bob. Corino cracked and hit both men before succumbing to the numbers game. Bennett and Brutal Bob left Corino laying on the mat ahead of their match-up this weekend at Manhattan Mayhem IV.

The Embassy

The Embassy made their return to ROH on HDNet after a long break and Prince Nana made it clear that he didn’t miss the fans in attendance. Nana was there with his trusty sidekick Ernesto Osiris, lawyer Mr Evans and Princess Mia. Nana then introduced The Embassy’s newest acquisition – “The Project” Tommaso Ciampa.

Ciampa faced off against Mike Sydal and made light work of him in just over two minutes. Princess Mia also got in on the action and superkicked Sydal while the referee wasn’t looking. Ciampa then hit Sydal with a powerbomb onto his knees for the victory. The Embassy have finally returned to ROH and look in very good shape going forward.

Bobby Dempsey & Grizzly Redwood

Both men have featured on the Ladder of Honor before and can’t seem to get a win under their belts. They both got knocked out of the Top Prospects tournament in the first round and even though they have the backing of the fans, ROH management must surely be looking for these men to prove they are up to the challenge, and quick. They faced off against The Bravado Brothers this week but lost after some foul play from their opponents.

There’s no doubt that these two men have lots of heart but they have to start picking up wins. Redwood has a chance to do that when he faces off against The Embassy’s Tommaso Ciampa in New York at Manhattan Mayhem IV this Saturday. He’s definitely the underdog but the littlest lumberjack in the world will have to start chopping some opponents down if he wants to prolong his ROH career.

Steve Corino

Corino has turned a corner in his career; he finally put his ‘evil’ ways behind him and oversaw the Top Prospects Tournament. He watched and gave advice to the competitors but one man he didn’t get along with was Mike Bennett. From word go, Bennett made a point of telling Corino that he was old, washed-up and had no right to give him advice.

As expected, Corino didn’t take this well and tempers eventually frayed this week when Corino attacked Bennett and his trainer Brutal Bob. Eventually, he was laid out, but he will have the chance to avenge this beat down when he faces off against Bennett in New York on Saturday. Corino wants to teach him some respect but will “The Prodigy” prove that the ROH legend is indeed washed-up?

Steven Coney

"Stuff Pants" Steven is the co-owner and editor of He founded the website in February 2011 with Harry. Last spotted trying to take down ROHCast with his SCUM faction.