Lethal vs. Steen set for 11th Anniversary

Jay Lethal’s demands of a rematch for Kevin Steen’s Ring of Honor World Title have finally been answered, as Lethal will challenge Steen for the belt March 2 at the “11th Anniversary Show.”

Lethal’s first title shot in front of his home town crowd in Rahway at “Killer Instinct” last October ended in controversy. After hitting the Lethal Injection, the action spilled to the outside of the ring where Steen spat on Lethal’s mother, causing Lethal to snap. Lethal attacked everyone he could get his hands on, including then-executive producer Jim Cornette, before the match was ruled a No Contest.

Lethal’s aggressive streak has continued since that incident and included him spitting at ROH matchmaker Nigel McGuinness after he refused to include him in the World Title match at “Final Battle 2012”. McGuinness then got Lethal thrown out of the building before the pair clashed again on ROH TV last week.

Nigel once again pointed out that Steen made a list of demands after the Rahway incident and one of those was that Lethal could not challenge for the title while he was still champion. The only man who could give Lethal his match was Steen himself. On this week’s edition of ROH TV, Lethal came face to face with Steen and said that Steen was scared and until the World champion has beaten him, he isn’t anything. Steen simply responded “I accept.”

Steen doesn’t seem the same after that crazy Ladder War against his old foe El Generico at “Final Battle 2012”. Lethal will be aiming to take advantage of that and win the ROH World title when he gets his much anticipated rematch. It all goes down at the “11th Anniversary Show” iPPV in Chicago Ridge, IL on March 2.

Steven Coney

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