Making A Case For The Return of Colt Cabana

Welcome to the Art of Wrestling, Its Colt Ca…Ban…A!!!!!

Everytime I click on the Art of Wrestling Podcast I know that I am going to listen to an insightful, funny, and compelling interview, and it is usually with someone that was or is important in the world of professional wrestling. This week when I clicked on it, however, I heard something different.

This week’s guest on the Art of Wrestling was Kevin Steen. It was the same insightful, funny, and compelling interview I was used to on the AOW, but halfway through the interview I caught something, as did most of you on ROHWorld, that completely blew me away.

While talking about Ring of Honor, Kevin Steen said that following Jim Cornette’s departure from the company, ROH did indeed reach out to Cabana. Colt clarified this, and the two continued to banter about ROH, PWG, and if pro wrestling was subjective.

Now to why that blew me away. Cabana basically said that he refuses to work under a contract. He hates contracts, and he hates that this massive company bought ROH. I guess those are all understandable reasons why Colt doesn’t want to come back, but this isn’t an article that is going to judge Colt Cabana’s opinions.

This is an article that is making a case for Colt Cabana to come back to the company we love.

Cabana, a pro wrestler usually known for being a fun-loving, comedy babyface, is arguably one of the biggest draws on the independent scene. Since CM Punk mentioned him on Monday Night RAW his stock has certainly gone up. Now, I’ve been vocal in the past about not being a big fan of Cabana’s work in the ring.

I don’t think Cabana is great, and I do think that at this point his act would fail in Ring of Honor. That is why I am imploring a different Colt Cabana in ROH. A Colt Cabana that is coming back to side with Steve Corino, and a Colt Cabana that is going to join SCUM, and fight ROH to the very end.

Why? Well it makes perfect sense. Cabana obviously has well documented disagreements with ROH, even going as far to bury his OWN DVD that they created about him. Not to mention constantly refusing to return to the company.

The point I am making here is this: Colt Cabana as a heel siding with SCUM would be compelling television. It would give an otherwise stale character a breath of fresh air, and it would give the SCUM angle another wrinkle of awesomeness.

Kevin Steen vs. Colt Cabana at Final Battle 2013. I can already smell the iPPV buys rolling in.

Logan Randall

Logan is a big ROH fan who has used his passion for the company as the basis to write articles on a variety of ROH related topics. He regularly writes for, and has now brought his fandom to ROHWorld.