*Spoilers* May 5th 2013 ROH TV Tapings

Episode 1 (May 18th 2013)

– Steve Corino officially joins Kevin Kelly on commentary after SCUM’s victory at Border Wars.

– Jimmy Jacobs def. Jay Lethal. Jacobs picks up the win with a diving Ace Crusher followed by the Contra Code. Lethal was selling his knee injury from Border Wars, and after a failed Lethal Injection attempt due to the knee, Jacobs was able to capitalise.

– Nigel McGuinness does a promo in the ring, re-iterates that Michael Elgin has a future world title shot, and says he wants to rid ROH of SCUM. Jay Briscoe comes out and says he can defeat everyone in ROH. However, he gets interrupted by Mark Briscoe, who wants a title shot at Best in the World. Nigel says he will consider Mark’s request.

– Rhett Titus & Cliff Compton def. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander.

– Adam Cole def. Kevin Steen with the Florida Key. Cliff Compton interfered and Jimmy Jacobs hit Steen with brass knucks, allowing Cole to take advantage. Compton then gave Cole a thumbs up after the match. Could there be collusion between Cole and SCUM!?

Episode 2 (May 25th 2013)

– Mark Briscoe def. Colin Delaney with a Froggy ‘Bow.

– Nigel McGuinness announces that Jay Briscoe will defend the ROH World Title against Mark Briscoe at Best in the World 2013. American Wolves interrupt and say one of them will be champion by then. Corino then interrupts and says it doesn’t matter what happens, as Matt Hardy will defeat the winner and become ROH World Champion. Jay goes to attack Corino, but accidentally hits Davey. This leads to a brawl between the Wolves and the Briscoes, which leads to them being separated. Michael Elgin watched on from the entrance way.

– MsChif def. Cherry Bomb with a Death Valley Driver after Veda Scott interferes.

– Taiji Ishimori def. Roderick Strong via 450 Splash.

Episode 3 (June 1st 2013)

– C&C def. TaDarius Thomas/ACH and QT Marshall/RD Evans. They picked up the win with Overtime on Thomas. They will now face reDRagon for the ROH Tag Titles at Best in the World 2013.

– Nigel McGuinness comes out with Paul London and Michael Elgin. Unfortunately, Paul London suffered a concussion at Border Wars and is unable to wrestle, however a future match is promised.

RD Evans and QT Marshall then interrupt, and demand a shot at the tag team titles. Elgin takes out Evans with a backfist, and QT heads up the ramp. However, he’s stopped by Tommaso Ciampa who gives him a Air Raid Crash on the ramp. Ciampa heads into the ring and gives RD the Project Ciampa. Then there’s an intense staredown between Ciampa and Elgin.

– Jay Lethal def. BJ Whitmer and Mike Bennett. Lethal will now face Matt Taven for the TV title at Best in the World 2013. Lethal won with the Lethal Injection on Whitmer. Bennett and Whitmer started brawling after the match and had to be separated, could this lead to a match between the two at Best in the World?

Episode 4 (June 8th 2013)

– Proving Ground: Matt Taven def. Pepper Parks with the Headlock Driver.

– Tommaso Ciampa def. Rip Impact. Michael Elgin came out and stared down Ciampa during a delayed vertical suplex. A match between these two at Best in the World 2013 seems likely.

– Steve Corino does a promo saying Matt Hardy will be the next ROH World Champion. He then calls out Nigel and demands title shots for the rest of SCUM. He points out that SCUM have already beat C&C and Jay Lethal, so they should be receiving the Tag/TV Title shots. Lethal and C&C come out and make SCUM flee. There was a confrontation teased between McGuinness and Corino

– Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards def. The Briscoes. Mark was pinned after the Tombstone / Kick to the Head combo by the Wolves. This happened after Mark accidentally hit his brother Jay.

Credit to cgstong on our forum for the results

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