All Night Express vs Briscoes set for TV Tapings

The Briscoes and the All Night Express have been involved in Ring of Honor’s most hated rivalry for the first half of 2011, and now that hatred has been scheduled to continue August 13 at the first Sinclair Broadcast Group television tapings in Chicago Ridge.

The rivalry between the two teams started at “Manhattan Mayhem IV” when Kenny King and Rhett Titus picked up what many people consider an upset victory over the Briscoes. The Briscoes did not take the loss easily and brawl ensued following the match. The two teams have been at each other’s throats ever since.

The two teams fought at “Honor Takes Center Stage: Chapter Two” after a wild brawl the day previously. The Briscoes picked up the victory in one of the bloodiest matches of the year as both Titus and Jay Briscoe both donned the proverbial crimson masks. Even though both teams inflicted a lot of damage on the other, their hatred for each other was far from over.

They fought in a First Blood match at “Revolution: USA” in May. The All Night Express should have won the match as they busted Mark Briscoe open first, but the referee did not see it. The referee saw Titus bleeding first and awarded the match to the Briscoes.

The All Night Express may have lost the match, but they got the last laugh that weekend by causing the Briscoes to lose in a ROH World Tag Team Title match at “Revolution: Canada.”
The two teams faced off in a Chicago Street Fight at “Supercard of Honor VI” later that same month. The Briscoes won a crazy match with a ton of bloodshed. The teams took their hatred out on each other that night, and although the Briscoes came out on top, the All Night Express gained the crowd’s respect.

Both teams were involved in the Elimination Fourway Tag Team Title match at “Best in the World 2011.” The All Night Express beat the Briscoes and made them the first team eliminated from the match. The Briscoes returned post-match to beat down Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, but the All Night Express made the save while carrying weapons.

The teams faced off in a pair of singles matches at “No Escape” July in Charlotte, North Carolina. King and Mark Briscoe were in the first match, while Titus and Jay Briscoe were handcuffed to the post at ringside. King picked up the win over Mark Briscoe. Titus and Jay Briscoe went to a No Contest because Mark Briscoe broke free of the handcuffs and the Briscoes beat down the All Night Express until Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team made the save.

All of that leads us to the match at the first Sinclair Broadcast Group television tapings. These two teams absolutely hate each other and that should be evident with their match. Either team would be right in the middle of the title scene with a win in the match, but I doubt that’s their biggest concerns. This match could be the one to finally end the feud between the Briscoes and the All Night Express.

The match is a part of a loaded card scheduled to take place August 13 at the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge, Illinois.

Steven Coney

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