Northern Aggression Results

Eddie Edwards, El Generico & Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team defeated Roderick Strong, Michael Elgin & The Briscoes

What better way to main event a new town than to make history? Ring of Honor’s first ever two hour time limit match headlined Northern Aggression and although it had its doubters, proved that if done well, lengthy matches work. With 30 minutes gone, total mayhem started with all eight men battling on the outside. The first elimination occurred after 47 minutes when Jay Briscoe pinned Shelton Benjamin. Mark Briscoe was next to go – eliminated by Charlie Haas just  a minute later. Roderick Strong then caught Haas with a rollup who, on his way out, hit Jay Briscoe with a chair.

El Generico took advantage and eliminated Jay Briscoe with a brainbuster and the crowd were still hot for this one despite it reaching the hour mark. Michael Elgin levelled the teams once more with a spinning powerbomb on Generico but was then eliminated by Eddie Edwards 74 minutes in. This left Strong and Edwards left and after 80 minutes of war, Edwards picked up the win for his team after Strong tapped out to the Dragon Sleeper. The crowd loved it and it was said to have been a magnificent match.

Andy “Right Leg” Ridge defeated SAMPSON

After the intermission, it was Ridge’s chance to shine as he battles to try and win a permanent spot on the Ring of Honor roster. Despite being busted open, ‘Right Leg’ picked up the victory with a sunset flip.

The Young Bucks defeated C&C Wrestle Factory

The newest team in Ring of Honor, Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander, are looking to stake a claim to be included in talk about the ROH World Tag Team Titles. One thing standing in their way is competition. They faced the Young Bucks at ‘Northern Aggression’ who are on a roll after a victory over the All Night Express. C&C battled hard but fell to a double team spike piledriver on Coleman.

Jay Lethal defeated Adam Cole

Lethal was yet again competing in a Proving Ground match, a concept that is hardly alien to him. Cole had a great chance to earn himself an ROH World TV title shot for sometime in the future but faced arguably the most in-form man in ROH. This was a hard-hitting, fast paced match that Lethal managed to win after hitting a handspring Ace Crusher.

The All Night Express defeated The Bravados

This was supposed to be a tag team match but it didn’t quite turn out that way. On their way to the ring, ANX were attacked by the Young Bucks and Rhett Titus received a chair shot to the same leg that the Bucks injured the previous night in Spartanburg, SC. King started the match on his own but Titus eventually came out, received the hot tag and they then hit the Doomsday Blockbuster for the win.

Mike Bennett defeated TJ Perkins

Bennett swore he would win a championship in ROH before the end of 2011 and has the chance to do that at ‘Final Battle’. On the lookout for some much needed momentum, he faced off against the newest ROH roster member, TJ Perkins. Perkins put up a great fight but it would be ‘The Prodigy’ who picked up the win with a rollup while holding the ropes for leverage.

There was another 10 bell salute for Bison Smith, the former Embassy member, who passed away recently

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