One is Never Enough

When it comes to TV shows, wrestling lends itself perfectly to a two hour runtime. The number of matches and interviews that ideally showcase a promotion’s roster cannot be adequately squeezed into a single hour. If they can then the company is probably operating with a roster that’s too small to warrant a television presence anyway.

Right now Ring of Honor has a one hour weekly TV show which they time manage very well. All the important feuds and rivalries are covered and matches are given substantial amounts of time, with the company’s top names being cleverly rotated so they appear on the show in one form or another. If they’re not utilised in a match they’ll tend to appear in a recap or interview. With a sixty minute show that’s an approach that works.

ROH have been very good making use of the time they have, and I understand that a one hour show is easier to fit into television schedules (both in the States and elsewhere) than a two hour one. As Ring of Honor is currently trying to get the show aired around the world a one hour broadcast makes sense. Television companies are more likely to take a chance on something that fits neatly into their schedules. They’re also more likely to grant it a better timeslot.

That said ROH are owned by their primary broadcaster. Surely SBG could arrange a two hour slot for its own stations, even if it were only for ROH’s most successful markets. That would allow for wrestlers lower down the card to show what they can do. Who knows, there may be somebody out there who doesn’t understand why Eddie Edwards is so popular but would love to see more of Grizzly Redwood. A second hour being added to the weekly show would allow for that, as well as extra time for setting up undercard feuds and matches for house shows and pay-per-views. The more names regularly featured on TV the more reasons fans have to tune in, attend shows and buy merchandise.

I understand that it would add time to ROH’s editing process and necessitate twice as many TV tapings. This would be particularly true if SBG extended the show to the longer running time in select markets as it would mean having two shows ready to air each week, one two hour version and one sixty minute version. I feel it would be worth the extra work though. Anything that allows more wrestlers to establish themselves can never be a wholly bad thing.

Dave Hatton

Dave is one of the columnists here at ROHWorld, with a brand new column being published regularly. Check back as Dave discusses a variety of ROH related topics.

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