O’Reilly vs. Ridge Announced for SOTF ’11‏‏

In professional wrestling, you have to take advantage of any opportunity given, and maximize how much it benefits your career. This, naturally, holds true in ROH. Kyle O’Reilly and Andy “Right Leg” Ridge, two ROH up and comers, would be wise to keep that in mind when they face off in the 4th-announced Survival Of The Fittest qualifier November 18th in Dayton, OH.

The parallels between the two are striking. O’Reilly, who primarily competes as one half of Future Shock alongside Adam Cole, and Ridge have both picked up impressive wins in their relatively short ROH careers. Both men are young, determined, and talented wrestlers looking to capitalize on their next big opportunity. A chance to advance in the 2011 SOTF and take a step closer to a World Title shot is a chance neither man is willing to pass up.

In years past, we’ve certainly seen underdogs compete in and break away from the pack at Survival Of The Fittest. It is truly a night that can springboard a competitor from relative obscurity to top tier talent in a span of two matches. Which one of these men wants this opportunity more? We’ll find out November 18th.

Landon Sands

Landon is the former news writer of ROHWorld.