Potential Matches After Best in the World

“Best In the World 2011” proved that Ring of Honor is home to the best wrestling product in the world today. There were great matches and moments through the entire show. We saw the debut of Rhino and the returns of both Jay Lethal and Kevin Steen. We also saw the crowning of two new champions. El Generico won the ROH World TV Title and Davey Richards was finally able to capture the ROH World Title.

Now that “Best In the World 2011” is over, what matches need to be made moving forward?

Colt Cabana vs Mike Bennett

Both men suffered disappointing losses at “Best In the World” to Tommaso Ciampa and Jay Lethal, respectfully. It only makes sense for them to face each other to try to get back to their winning ways. A win for Cabana will put him right back into contention for the TV Title, while Bennett could further prove himself as one of the best young wrestlers on the ROH roster.

Bravado Brothers vs Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly

The Bravado Brothers felt they were snubbed from being on “Best In the World” because they felt they deserved to wrestle Cole and O’Reilly. Cole and O’Reilly were given a DVD exclusive dark match against GenerationMe. GenerationMe won the match due to interference by the Bravado Brothers. Cole and O’Reilly have to want to get revenge on the brothers from North Carolina for costing them a chance to get the biggest win of their careers. The Bravado Brothers will try to prove that they belong in ROH. Either way, it’s a match that has to be made.

Eddie Edwards vs Roderick Strong

A battle between the last two ROH World champions seems like the best way to determine a number one contender for new champion Davey Richards. Edwards has won the previous two meetings, which were both World Title matches. How will Strong fare against Edwards when the title isn’t on the line? Will Edwards be able to put the disappointing loss behind him and get back into title contention? This match needs to be made in order to determine how the World Title Contendership picture shapes up for the coming months leading into the television deal.

Michael Elgin vs Jimmy Jacobs

Michael Elgin and Truth Martini were giving a beating to Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs. Martini even hit Jacobs with the Book of Truth before Kevin Steen ran in and momentarily saved them from a beat down. That is until he too gave Jacobs and Corino a beating and even hit Corino with a Package Piledriver before being crowd-surfed out of the Hammerstein Ballroom. Corino looks to be out of action for a while, while Steen is not allowed in ROH again. Jacobs has to be searching for revenge on somebody, and the only person he can actually get revenge on at this point is Elgin. Elgin is a powerhouse that will bring the fight to Jacobs and Jacobs will want to get revenge for his friend Corino and he never backs from a fight. This would be awesome to watch.

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team and the All Night Express
vs The Briscoes and the Kings of Wrestling

I was initially thinking about making this two separate matches pitting Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team and the Briscoes against each other and the Kings of Wrestling and the All Night Express against each other, but the actions of all four teams after their title match makes an eight-man tag make sense. The Briscoes entered the ring and beat Charlie Haas and Shelton Banjamin down with chairs just moments after they successfully retained their titles by eliminating the Kings of Wrestling. The Kings of Wrestling just sat in the corner and watched the Briscoes assault. The beat down continued until the All Night Express made their way back to the ring to break it up. It makes sense for the All Night Express and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team to team up to try and defeat the Briscoes and the Kings of Wrestling, while it will be interesting to see how the two latter teams coexist because of their history.

World TV Title Match
El Generico defends vs Tommaso Ciampa

Tommaso Cimapa is undefeated in ROH and continued his streak at “Best In the World,” the same day El Generico captured the World TV Title. It’s only a matter of time before Ciampa moves up the card into title contention, and I don’t see any better time for him to prove himself than at the next set of shows. He has proven he has what it takes to beat some of the best ROH has to offer, so Ciampa competing for the TV Title seems like the next logical step. Generico has been great so far in 2011 and Ciampa would be a tough challenge for him in his first title defense. Generico could prove himself as champion in his first title defense. Prince Nana will be hungry to finally capture gold with the newest line-up of the Embassy, so Generico will not only have to worry about Ciampa, but the Embassy as well. I think these two would be an intriguing match-up that could provide an exciting match.

ROH World Title
Davey Richards defends vs Jay Lethal

Jay Lethal made his return at “Best In the World” by defeating the impressive Mike Bennett. Davey Richards finally accomplished his goal of winning the ROH World Title in the main event by beating Eddie Edwards in one of the greatest matches in company history. What better way to get his title reign underway than with a match against Jay Lethal? Some people may say that Lethal doesn’t deserve a title shot for beating Bennett, but I’d argue he is more than worthy of getting a title opportunity. He was successful in his first run in Ring of Honor and held the Pure Championship during his original run. His success after leaving the company speaks for itself and proved he was one of the best wrestlers in the world. Now Lethal should get a shot at the wrestler who proved himself as the best in world, Davey Richards. This would be a great match between two fantastic wrestlers. Richards would be challenged right off the bat in his title run and it would allow him to showcase his skills against a fresh opponent has not been in the ring much with. Plus, this has to be a dream match to a lot of ROH fans, so that has to count for something.

Those are seven matches I think have to be made after everything that happened at “Best In the World 2011.” What do you think about the matches? What matches would you make going forward? Let us know by tweeting us @ROH_World. By posting on our Facebook wall:Facebook.com/ROHWorld or by e-mailing us at: contact@ROHWorld.com.

Steven Coney

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