Proving Ground Match Set for Southern Defiance‏

It’s 15 minutes for the rest of your career.  An opportunity to go down in the ROH record books.  In those 15 minutes, you have two options: win or survive.  On the Proving Ground, these are the only two ways you can prove yourself worthy of an ROH championship shot.

Since the inception of the Proving Ground concept in ROH, which consists of a 15 minute match against an ROH title holder, with a future title shot hanging in the balance, several have tried to conquer it.  Thus far, all have failed.  When ROH heads to Spartanburg, SC on December 3rd, the next challengers will step up and take their shot.  At Southern Defiance, House of Truth members “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong will take on the ROH World Tag Team Champions, whomever they may be.

Indeed, the champions in this match, as of now, remain unknown.  Until Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team defend against the All Night Express at Glory By Honor X on November 19th, their identity will remain that way.  To think that this will stop the House of Truth from being prepared December 3rd, however, would be incorrect.  With the experience of former ROH World Champion Strong, the raw power and ability of Elgin, and the managerial skills of Truth Martini, the HoT will no doubt be ready to take their first step towards an ROH World Tag Team Title shot.  Will the House of Truth step up and be the first ROH competitors to prove themselves?  We’ll find out December 3rd.

Landon Sands

Landon is the former news writer of ROHWorld.