Second Proving Ground Match Set For Southern Defiance

As the quest for championship glory intensifies in ROH, many competitors are lining up for the opportunity to prove themselves.  With one Proving Ground match already announced for Southern Defiance in Spartanburg, SC, a second has been added to the card.  On December 3rd, TJ Perkins will meet ROH Television Champion Jay Lethal for a chance to challenge for the title.

Perkins, a fresh face in ROH, has held gold worldwide.  However, he is yet to accomplish this feat in ROH.  A talented young wrestler, Perkins himself has stated that he has no problem proving himself worthy of a title shot.  To receive one, he must survive 15 minutes with a red-hot Jay Lethal. Lethal, who has already turned back a Proving Ground challenge from Mark Briscoe, understands that holding ROH’s most hotly contested title means having to constantly turn back challenges from ROH’s up and comers.

With two Proving Ground matches scheduled for Southern Defiance, the odds are better than ever that the first ROH wrestler to step up and earn their title shot will be revealed.  On that night in Spartanburg, will TJ Perkins take control of his ROH destiny?  We’ll find out December 3rd.

Landon Sands

Landon is the former news writer of ROHWorld.

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