Punishment Martinez Interview Discussing his 2018 Goals, ROH Title Match, and More

Punishment Martinez did an interview with WrestleZone.com. Here are some excerpts from it:

On his incredible ROH entrance surrounded by his “legion”:

PM: I’m very proud to say that is all me. The people with me, my “legion”, the idea around it and how to present it. Of course the pyro and lighting, I can’t control that. Everything else, all of the outfits and paint and props and gimmicks… that’s all me. That’s all my actual stuff. That coffin is mine. That coffin I walked out of is my actual coffin.

On his ROH World Championship match against Dalton Castle tomorrow night at Music City Excellence:

PM: We are 100% the furthest apart as human beings as you could be. Not just what you see on TV. We are the furthest from being alike than I think anybody that I have come across ever. We are complete opposites on camera, behind the scenes and we are just complete opposites. We are light and dark. He’s a very flashy, bright person. I am very dark, I like being alone and I don’t like the spotlight on me. I do my thing and go home.

Besides that there is a huge similarity between us. We are totally different than everybody on the Ring of Honor roster. We are not the typical Ring of Honor wrestlers. When you think of Ring of Honor you don’t think of characters or personalities, you think of wrestlers. You think of in-ring ability. I love the fact that we are main eventing in Nashville at the first television taping of the year. It is two guys that are not the norm for Ring of Honor.

On his goals for 2018:

PM: My goal is to not just get one-offs. For instance, I don’t want just one World Title shot. Even if I win I don’t want to hold it just to lose it. I want to maintain a top main event position. I want to be known as the guy you think of when you think Ring of Honor. I want to be the guy you think of when you think professional wrestling.

Some of the other topics that Punishment discusses include:

The latest addition to his collection of occult items
His paranormal experiences
His “legion” and powerful ring entrance
The symbolism and personal artifacts used during his entrance
How his ribs are doing following his TV Title match at Final Battle
His ROH World Title match with Dalton Castle at Music City Excellence
Why he and Dalton are the “light and darkness” of ROH
The Boys v Punishment’s Legion
If he takes Dalton seriously
Whether he was happy to see Cody kicked off the top of the mountain
His goals for 2018

Read more at http://www.mandatory.com/wrestlezone/news/916503-punishment-martinez-on-he-dalton-as-the-light-dark-of-roh-his-roh-world-title-shot-tomorrow-night-2018-goals-more#MfxVuPOKC7fxTKW8.99

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