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Once upon a time, I avoided the independent wrestling scene like the plague. I’d encountered several die hard fans who came across as condescending an arrogant; proclaiming that watching mainstream companies such as the WWE was for idiots that didn’t know any better. It was an ignorant thing for me to do, associate a product with the fans that represented it but it was something that kept me away from ROH for several years. Eventually, after much persuading from a friend of mine I ordered a couple of DVD’s (from one ROH’s several fantastic sales) and was blown away. I realised that in avoiding ROH, I’d missed out on experiencing several fantastic shows as they happened and regret it to this day. However, I was converted and I urge everybody to try and do the same with the upcoming Sinclair TV broadcast of ROH Wrestling.

Independent wrestling seems to get a mixed reaction from those that have never experienced it. Whether it’s passing comment on the crowd size of production value, or the general lack of interest in the competitors there always seems to be a barrier stopping people from delving into the product. However, with ROH once again airing on television (or online, for free) at the end of the month; now is a great time to finally convince a doubter to try it out. A friend of mine has often said he doesn’t watch Ring of Honor because it isn’t accessible, he doesn’t want to spend money on DVD’s without knowing if he’ll enjoy them. That problem seems to be eradicated thanks to Sinclair Broadcasting, who have swooped in and once again put ROH on a platform for all to enjoy.

That being said, exactly how do you convince a friend to give Ring of Honor a chance? It’s simple.

We’re all fundamentally wrestling fans and no company in America does wrestling better than ROH. Sure, the production could be better, sure the accessibility could be deemed an issue and sure it doesn’t have anywhere near the audience of World Wrestling Entertainment but none of that matters. What matters in Ring of Honor, is whether or not you’re up to a standard set by the likes of Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, Low Ki and others. I often hear people talk about ROH’s unique selling points and it baffles me because the obvious selling point is the product itself. The product which come September 24th will be readily available, is the reason current and I hope future fans will be watching.

So lets set ourselves a task, the so called ROH faithful. Let’s make sure that when ROH launches on television, we make an effort to introduce a friend. Lets take people, who may very well be like I used to and watch one company exclusively and give them, free of charge the opportunity to sample the finest professional wrestling in North America. Not for ourselves, but for the future of the industry itself. Bold words, perhaps; but a true statement nonetheless. Introduce a friend to ROH and show them exactly what they’ve been missing out on.

Ring of Honor debuts on Sinclair Broadcast stations on September 24th 2011. If you’d like more information regarding their return to television, check out

– Cannon House.

Steven Coney

"Stuff Pants" Steven is the co-owner and editor of He founded the website in February 2011 with Harry. Last spotted trying to take down ROHCast with his SCUM faction.

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