Recap of 4-Way Match for ROH World Title Shot

Ring of Honor aired a special online only match that began streaming Monday night to decide who will challenge Kevin Steen for the ROH World Title in Pittsburgh, Pa. June 30.

Four men were chosen from a random drawing out of eight possible wrestlers to compete in a Four Corner Survival Match to determine who will receive the title shot. The eight men in the field were Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Mike Bennett, Jay Lethal, Tommaso Ciampa and Michael Elgin.

Out of the eight, the four that were chosen were Mike Bennett, Roderick Strong, Adam Cole and Jay Lethal.

Let’s get to the match.

Mike Bennett vs Adam Cole vs Jay Lethal vs Roderick Strong

Bennett and Cole start the match off. A neckbreaker by Cole sends Bennett reeling, and Strong tags himself in. Strong is met by a couple of armdrags by Cole. Lethal tags himself in on Cole, and hits a DDT on Cole and a facebuster on Strong at the same time. Strong connects with a dropkick that gets on aone count. Bennett tags in and beats Lethal down in the corner. A suplex by Bennett gets a two count. Strong tags in and continues taking the fight to Lethal. Lethal connects with the Lethal Combination, but is unable to follow up and leaves both men down. Bennett and Cole tag in, and Cole is a house of fire and a pinfall attempt gets broken up by Strong. Strong and Cole got tied up, and Lethal hit a dropkick on Cole. On the outside, Bennett hit a sick spinebuster on the edge of the ring on Lethal. Maria got on the apron to distract the referee, and Bob tried to get involved. Cole knocked Bob off the apron while Strong tagged in. Strong hit his backbreaker from the suplex position, but Cole flipped all the way over and Strong connected with his stomach. That was insane. Strong follows it up with a pin and gets the victory to receive the title shot June 30.

Winner by Pinfall: Roderick Strong’s Thoughts: This whole thing was about 10 minutes including introductions, so it was very short. They packed a ton of action into the short match and made it a very fun match to watch. There were some really cool spots, and the ending has to be seen. There was very good action from bell to bell and all four wrestlers looked good despite the limited amount of time. This did a good job getting me excited for the Pittsburgh show as I think Kevin Steen and Roderick Strong will put on a very good match. This match is worth a watch.

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Jon Shumake

Jon has been with ROHWorld since March 2011. The American Bearded Nightmare is one half of 'Team America' on ROHCast, which is available every week on ROHWorld, iTunes and Stitcher.