The Resurrection

At the conclusion of ‘Glory By Honor XI’ Kevin Steen was presented with a box by Nigel McGuinness. Inside that box was El Generico’s mask. The message was, and is, clear: ‘The Generic Luchador’ has not forgotten about his former tag team partner.

Steen and Generico clashed numerous times throughout 2010, having ROH’s bloodiest feud that year. It ended at Final Battle when Generico defeated Steen in a mask versus ROH Career match. ‘Mr Wrestling’ returned to Ring of Honor six months later at Best in the World and officially regained his job with the organisation at Final Battle 2011 when he beat Steve Corino.

Five months later Steen and Corino embraced in the ring after Steen had defeated Davey Richards to become the ROH world champion at Border Wars. Corino’s logic was essentially “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

Unlike ‘The King of Old School’, El Generico remained staunchly opposed to Steen during the first half of 2012. While they have clashed in an ROH ring this year it was not the sort of memorable, explosive encounter they had during the height of their feud in 2010. Perhaps things would have escalated between them had Generico not left the promotion over the summer due to a contract dispute but we’ll never know.

That Generico was indirectly reintroduced to Ring of Honor at Glory By Honor indicates that ROH have reached an agreement with the masked man. They would not so clearly indicate his return if his contract issues remained unresolved.

The resurrection of this rivalry is good news for ROH and its fans. Steen versus Generico was a highlight of ROH in 2010, meaning that the two men are unlikely to enter a performance that doesn’t meet expectations when they clash again. They are also very different to the sort of wrestlers you’ll find pushed in WWE or even TNA. They are genuine alternatives to mainstream wrestlers, working a modern, alternative-to-the-mainstream style. They are the sort of guys who should be pushed as the leading men of ROH.

Obviously the most likely place for them to meet is Final Battle on December 16th. It is generally Ring of Honor’s largest show of the year and is used as a way of finishing old feuds and starting new ones. The history Steen and Generico have at the event would make it a very apt setting for another bloody showdown between the two very familiar foes.

Dave Hatton

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