Rhett Titus Comments On Kenny King Situation

On the second episode of Titus TV that was released earlier today, Rhett Titus has finally addressed the situation which saw Kenny King leave Ring of Honor and subsequently end the All Night Express’ brief run as ROH World Tag Team champions.

In the video, Titus says:

“Kenny King is a grown ass man and grown ass men do grown ass men things. He did one and honestly, I was pi**ed off about it. Not at Kenny personally but at the fact that we didn’t get to have that epic ROH Tag Team title run that we should have.

“But, you know, whenever I see Kenny King on TV, I’ll be watching and saying ‘that’s my dawg’ and whenever there’s a Ring of Honor show, you can expect to see Rhett Titus there.

“Every new beginning comes from another beginning’s end and with that being said, had the whole Kenny King thing happened, we might not have Titus TV. It drove me to become more creative, more hungry and do new things.”

You can watch the rest of the video below:

Steven Coney

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