What’s Next for Rhett Titus?

With Kenny King no longer affiliated with Ring of Honor the status of the promotion’s tag team championships is currently uncertain. King had captured the belts alongside his long-time tag team partner Rhett Titus at last month’s Best in the World event. His recent move to TNA has resulted in an announcement from ROH that they will not be dealing with King in the future and that the tag titles will be addressed in due course.

All of this has been stated elsewhere on this site. What people seem to be overlooking is that King’s departure has affected someone else who remains on the ROH roster: Rhett Titus.

As things stand at the moment Titus is still recognised as a tag team champion by the company. Going on similar instances from the company’s past it seems fair to assume that a new partner will be appointed or chosen by Titus himself and that the new pairing’s reign will count as a continuation of the one that was started by the All Night Express on June 24th.

I don’t think any fan of ANX or ROH would consider that an unfair or unsatisfactory move, considering the situation. I have an alternative suggestion though.

There is a show scheduled for this Saturday at the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is the logical place to make an announcement regarding the status of the tag team titles. How about having Jim Cornette go out to the ring to say that ROH management has talked (“at great length”) about the situation and have decided that the fair and just thing to do is to allow Titus to select a new partner to hold the belts with him.

The former ‘Addicted to Love’ could come out to the ring with his tag team belt but instead of picking himself a new partner he could cut a scathing worked shoot promo blasting King for leaving him in the lurch, TNA and Dixie Carter for facilitating the move, and ROH management for allowing it to happen by failing to re-sign King when they had the chance.

Titus could then throw down the title and leave.

From there an eight team title tournament could be set up, featuring current duos as well as pairings of underutilised singles stars. It could even be used to reintroduce some fresh talent to the roster. It would be an ideal way to kick off new feuds and elevate new or worn out acts.

The tourney could either play out on TV or at a live event sometime in the next month. Both options have their plus points. Putting it on TV would create a storyline and narrative for the show for a month or two, while doing it all in one night at a house show would set that show apart and perhaps lift its DVD sales above the average.

Meanwhile Titus could be directed to the top of the card. Saying whether he should work as a face or a heel is pointless, that’s a decision to be made after the shoot promo. Gauge the live crowd’s reaction to it. Put footage online and see what the wider fanbase thinks. Then decide the best direction for Titus. If allowed to play a character he believes in that has a viewpoint that resonates with fans Titus could be the company’s next breakout star.

Dave Hatton

Dave is one of the columnists here at ROHWorld, with a brand new column being published regularly. Check back as Dave discusses a variety of ROH related topics.

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