Richmond, VA : July 8th Results

The American Wolves defeated Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin

This was the Wolves’ first match as a team following their epic match for the ROH World Title at ‘Best In The World’. Any questions over how they would get on were thrown out of the window as they communicated brilliantly and ended up winning the contest. Richards got the pinfall after a big sick kick on Elgin who impressed once again with his amazing strength. The Wolves once again proved that nothing will break their bond.

Rhett Titus defeated Mike Bennett

This match came about following Bennett’s match with Kenny King earlier in the night. Titus was supposed to wrestle Chris Hero who was unable to make it. Bennett unfortunately made it 0-2 on the night and is beginning to lose all the momentum he had built up. Bennett – who was without Brutal Bob – tried to use a chain that he had hidden in his boot but Kenny King hit the ring and stopped him. Titus then followed up with a DDT for the victory. This was described as a ‘suprisingly great match’.

ROH Tag Lottery Final
Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly defeated The Bravado Brothers

These two teams have had some almighty beef with each other and it came down to a massive match in Richmond. Not only was $5,000 on the line, but also a Tag Team Title shot, something which neither of these teams has had previously.  One of the Bravados looked legitimately injured which led to Harlem tapping out after the suplex/guillotine combo from O’Reilly. The impressive Cole & O’Reilly walked away with $5k and a title shot.

ROH World Tag Team Championships
Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas (c) defeated Colt Cabana & El Generico

WGTT came through their toughest test yet when they defeated their three main rivals at ‘Best In The World’. ROH Officials said they would face a team they hadn’t yet faced and it was then announced they would defend against Colt & Generico. The Briscoes hit the ring before the match but there were subsequently banned from the building by Jim Cornette. WGTT eventually got the win after Benjamin pinned Colt. Shelton was obviously frustrated with the ending (he and Haas botched their tag team move) and cut a promo afterwards saying he sucked and stormed to the back.

Kenny King defeated Mike Bennett

Bennett was going it alone without Brutal Bob and initially won this match and was announced the winner. However, Rhett Titus hit the ring and convinced the referee that “The Prodigy” grabbed a hand-full of King’s tights to get the pinfall. The referee agreed and overturned the win and gave it to King instead. Bennett attacked Titus afterwards but Jim Cornette came out and told Bennett he had to face Titus later on in the evening or be suspended. He chose to face him.

ROH Tag Lottery Semi-Final
The Bravado Brothers defeated The Briscoe Brothers

The Briscoes were hoping to win the tournament and get another shot at the Tag Team Titles and make it seven times with the straps. Unfortunately for them, they were on the end of a huge upset when Lance and Harlem – the Bravados – beat them in the semi-finals. The Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device but then WGTT interfered. Shelton distracted Jay who had a chair and superkicked the chair into him. The Bravados took advantage to grab the win.

ROH Tag Lottery Semi-Final
Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly defeated Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

Cole & O’Reilly have been impressive since they came into ROH but have failed to get as many wins as they would like. They were given a tough semi-final match-up with the newly formed team of Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander. This was an important match for Cole & O’Reilly but fortunately for them, they managed to pull off the victory. O’Reilly pinned Cedric after Total Elimination.

Davey Richards came out to begin the show but was soon cut off by former ROH World Champion Roderick Strong and Truth Martini. Richards and Strong got into a war of words before Michael Elgin hit the ring closely followed by Eddie Edwards. They stared down but Truth told them to wait until later on.

Chris Hero was unable to make the event due to being stuck in an airport in Newark, NJ and missing his flight.


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