Ring of Heyman?

Last week I made the suggestion that Ring of Honor bosses should be thinking about getting a new booking team in place. The combination of Jim Cornette and Hunter Johnston have had two years to advance the company and create new stars. They’ve done some good work but not enough. Somebody new deserves a crack.

How about Paul Heyman?

While this may seem a farfetched suggestion at first it’s actually not unimaginable. Heyman has come close to agreeing to a deal with TNA in the past. He stated at the time that he would want shares in the company and sufficient creative freedom. TNA couldn’t or didn’t want to agree to those terms and so nothing happened. That he was willing to negotiate indicates that Heyman still has interest in booking under the right circumstances.

Until he returned to WWE a few months ago (in a strictly on-air role) there han’t been much talk about Heyman being involved in wrestling on a creative level since the failed TNA deal. That changed on Friday, August 17 when Heyman appeared on Mark Madden’s radio show. He stated that while he has no immediate plans to get back into wrestling he would consider running a wrestling company again if he had the financial backing and freedom to do as he liked content-wise.

The former ECW boss would bring a great deal to Ring of Honor. Not only does he have name value in his own right, he is an experienced booker who knows how to write for a company tight on cash. Anyone who has listened to or read any interviews with him in the last five years will also know that he is aware that the wrestling business needs to progress and change periodically if it is to remain relevant.

That’s something Jim Cornette seems to have difficulty grasping, or at least putting into action. Heyman is very much about building for the future and altering the presentation of wrestling in order to compete with new threats such as UFC.

Ring of Honor was on the right path for many years, but recently it has adopted an approach closer to the sports entertainment model: house shows becoming less important, title switches being saved for (internet) pay-per-view, increasingly focusing on TV storylines, and so on.

Heyman would provide a fresh perspective, which would bring with it new storylines, new characters and a new direction. He would be invaluable with regards to developing characters and has experience writing for wrestling television from his time running ECW and scripting SmackDown. A working agreement with him would also attract new and lapsed viewers keen to see what one of the most lauded wrestling writers in history would produce with the Ring of Honor roster at his disposal.

ROH should approach Heyman to gauge his interest in replacing old rival Jim Cornette. Even if he agreed to work in a part time consultancy role it would be of enormous benefit to the company. The prospect of Paul Heyman working alongside the likes of Kevin Steen and Davey Richards is immensely tantalising. ROH should actively pursue the guy before someone else gets there first.

Dave Hatton

Dave is one of the columnists here at ROHWorld, with a brand new column being published regularly. Check back as Dave discusses a variety of ROH related topics.