Ring of Honor on HDNet 1/31/2011

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Hello and welcome to the very first show report here on ROH World. We will have show reports of every ROH on HDNet until the last episode in April. We will also feature reports of all the iPPV events and in the coming weeks, we will also be showcasing reports from some of ROH’s best shows from 2010.

Anyway, enough of the talk, let the action begin!

We begin the broadcast with a video of tonight’s Main Event. It’ll be Christopher Daniels – hoping to secure his first ever ROH singles title – against Eddie Edwards for the ROH World Television Championship.

As we’re welcomed to the show by commentators Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak, we’re onto our first match of the evening:

Mike Mondo vs. Colt Cabana

As Mondo enters the ring, we cut to a promo from Mondo himself. He claims to be “The Giant Killer” something he’ll have to live up to if he wants success in ROH as he stands at just 5’7”. He then claims it’s Gut Check time as his opponent Colt Cabana enters the ring to his infamous entrance music.

The two men shake hands as the match begins. They start out with exchanges of wrist locks which leads to a roll up by Cabana for a near fall. The two then lock up and Cabana gets on top again with a fireman’s carry slam. Mondo fights back though and runs Cabana into the corner before going to work on the back of Cabana which included a diving headbutt from the top rope. Mondo then locks in the rear chin lock but Cabana breaks the hold only for Mondo to regain control. He attempts another move from the top rope but Cabana gets the boot up, Colt then hits Mondo with a series of chops followed by a few jabs and finishes off with an elbow to Mondo’s head for a near fall. Mondo reverses the Colt 45 but Cabana winds up a big right hand which is subsequently reversed by Mondo into a Russian leg sweep. He lifts Cabana to the top of the turnbuckle and attempts to go for a superplex, Cabana gets out of it and lifts Mondo up into a fireman’s carry position. He then proceeds to drop Mondo on the top turnbuckle before locking in the Billy Goat’s Curse as Mondo had no choice but to tap out.

Winner by submission at 5:12 – Colt Cabana

We then go to a video hyping up ROH’s 9th Anniversary Show which will air on gofightlive.tv on February 26th.

After that we see the confrontation between Homicide and Jim Cornette. The history of these two guys goes back to 2006. Homicide states he’s here in ROH for one reason and that’s to become ROH World Champion and nobody is going to stop him. Cornette tells him that he has earned his shot.

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Back to the ring now and we see the ROH World Champion Roderick Strong and his manager, Truth Martini. Martini says that he has found a man that has read The Book of Truth and understands that with the House of Truth, he will be celebrated, not tolerated. He’s put him through test after test and he’s passed them all with flying colours. He says he has one more final test and that is that he needs the approval of Roderick Strong. He then introduces the man – Michael Elgin.

Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin vs. Alex Silva & Chrisjen Hayme

Elgin and Hayme start the match and Elgin takes a bit of punishment before flooring Hayme with a big boot. The new House of Truth member is greeted with chants of “Husky Harris!” from the complimentary crowd. Elgin backs Hayme into the corner and hits him with a number of forearms and chops and then tags in Strong. Strong hits a couple of chops of his own before hitting a belly to back suplex. Elgin is tagged back in and Hayme is punished a bit more before he escapes a suplex and tags in Silva. Silva hits a missile dropkick followed by a flying knee but that only gets him a one count against Elgin. The two trade holds briefly before Elgin regains control and powerbombs Silva into the turnbuckle. Elgin then lifts him up and hits the spiral powerbomb for the victory.

Winners by pinfall at 2:52 – Michael Elgin & Roderick Strong

As Elgin celebrates, Strong looks on impressed as we look at the new House of Truth team.

We then take a look back at some more tag team action, this time from last week and the match between Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. The All Night Express. We see highlights of the very entertaining match that was spoilt by the ROH Tag Team Champions – The Kings of Wrestling. This led to Haas winning the match after a German suplex delivered to Rhett Titus. We’re then reminded of the big showdown between Haas & Benjamin and The Briscoes at the 9th Anniversary show in Chicago.

Just before the next bout, we hear a message from MsChif who tells Sara Del Ray that she’s next.

Sara Del Ray w/Shane Hagadorn vs. Taeler Hendrix

Del Ray charges from the opening bell and hits Taeler with a big boot. She charges back off the ropes and hits another one which visibly leaves Hendrix dazed and Del Ray follows up with yet another one. Taeler tries to escape by reversing an Irish whip but is greeted with yet another kick, but this time to the back of the head. Del Ray then hits a slam followed by a couple of boots. Hendrix is then whipped into the corner and hit with a spear like move, she’s then picked up and hit with a whirlwind backbreaker for a two count. Del Ray returns to the kicks and delivers three stiff ones to the mid section of Hendrix who tries to build up some offence but to no avail. Several more kicks follow but Hendrix kicks out again at two. Del Ray then lifts her up into the Gory Special. As Taeler refuses to tap out, Del Ray drives her down, face first into the mat and she picks up a very dominating victory.

Winner by pinfall at 3:19 – Sara Del Ray

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We then go to the first of four short interviews with the teams that will be in next week’s main event. We start off with the All Night Express who say that they’re a lot more focused now than they were last year. They also point out their dislike for the Briscoes. Next are the Kings of Wrestling, they say that Titus & King should be renamed the ‘Five Minute Express’ as that’s how long it will take to beat them.

The Briscoes then claim to be the the best team in ROH. They say that their goal is to get the Tag Team titles back. Benjamin and Haas say that they’ve never faced a team as good as them. The Kings of Wrestling say there isn’t a team in this lifetime you can compare them with and tell ANX to come back when they’ve grown up.

And now, tonight’s Main Event!

ROH World Television Championship – Christopher Daniels vs. Eddie Edwards (C)

As Bobby Cruise introduces both competitors, we’re informed that the match has a 15 minute time limit.

The two square off and exchange wristlocks; both men know they’re in for a battle. We’re again reminded that Daniels has yet to win a ROH singles title. Edwards tries to wear Daniels down early with a succession of submission manoeuvres. He focuses on the arm and shoulder to begin with but Daniels fights back. Edwards turns the tide and rains down several right hands on the prone Fallen Angel. Daniels gets back up but is met with a big chop followed by a suplex which leads into a rear chinlock. Edwards comes off the ropes and attempts a cross body but Daniels shows great strength to catch him and delivers a Death Valley Driver. Edwards rolls to the outside but is met by Daniels who gets him back in the ring only getting a two count. Daniels then locks in a chinlock of his own which Edwards fights out of with a knife edge chop. That’s short lived though as Daniels floors him with a Russian Leg Sweep which turns into a crossface. Edwards struggles but eventually gets to the bottom rope to break the hold.

Both men return to their feet but Daniels then drives Edwards down to the mat with a boot to the chest. The two men then fight in the corner, Edwards hits headbutt after headbutt and then hits a superplex from the top rope. Both men are left lying on the mat as chants of ‘ROH!’ echo throughout the arena. The men exchange forearms before Edwards gains the advantage with a hurricanrana. Daniels escapes to the outside but Edwards soon follows as he hits a great looking standing moonsault off the apron. Both men return to the ring but Daniels is caught on the top rope, Edwards takes advantage by hitting a perfect jumping hurricanrana. Edwards picks Daniels up but he hits a neckbreaker followed by a jumping knee to the back which sends him to the outside. Daniels quickly follows and levels Edwards with a flying cross body over the top rope.

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The action returns to the ring and Edwards hits the ropes only to be met with a spin-out powerbomb by Daniels that gets him a near fall. An on-screen graphic notifies us that there are just two minutes left of this match. Both men then battle it out on the ring apron until Edwards hits a double stomp onto the back of Daniels which leaves both men lying on the outside. Back in the ring and Edwards hits another stomp off the top rope and then locks in the achilles lock. Daniels reverses it into a Koji clutch as the seconds count down. It finally gets to 0 and Edwards has retained his ROH World Television Championship.

Edwards then grabs the mic amidst ‘Five more minutes!’ chants. He says he’s not keeping the belt this way and that he wants five more minutes, he claims he can beat Daniels. The match continues and we’re given five more minutes.

The match restarts with Daniels clotheslining Edwards out of the ring. Daniels picks Edwards up and whips him into the steel ring post, they then exchange forearm shots as the count out continues. Referee Todd Sinclair gets to 19 as both men get back into the ring. Daniels continues the assault with a running STO that leaves Edwards grounded. Daniels lifts Edwards up and hits a brainbuster that gets him a two count yet again. Edwards responds with a jumping knee to the face of Daniels as we hear chants of ‘This is awesome!’. Edwards gets up first and hits a double knee facebreaker from the top rope followed by a superkick and the Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Edwards lifts Daniels up to the top rope and hits him with a top rope hurricanrana and then attempts to lift Daniels up for a powerbomb but the Fallen Angel reverses it and hits the Angel’s Wings for the victory.

Winner by pinfall at 19:15 and NEW ROH World Television Champion – Christopher Daniels

Daniels celebrates with his new title, receiving chants of ‘That was awesome!’ from the crowd. We see highlights of this brilliant bout that led to Daniels’ first ever singles title in ROH. Edwards finally reaches his feet and shakes hands with Daniels before lifting his arm and pointing to the ROH logo.

We see another hype video for next week’s ROH on HDNet Main Event – World’s Greatest Tag Team & The Briscoes vs. Kings of Wrestling & All Night Express as the broadcast ends.


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