Ring of Honor on HDNet 2/07/2011

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[tab id=1]Welcome to our second show report here on ROHWorld.com, this is from this Monday’s ROH on HDNet featuring the massive eight-man tag team match in the Main Event. Let the action begin!

We kick off the broadcast with highlights of last week’s ROH World Television Title match between champion Eddie Edwards and Christopher Daniels. We’re reminded of how awesome the match was, including Edwards showcasing his fighting spirit by refusing to accept a draw; something that eventually led to his downfall.

We’re in the ring now with ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette. Cornette says that we witnessed one of the classic confrontations in ROH Television history. He then invites both the competitors from last week’s Main Event to the ring. Daniels enters the ring first and gives a huge ovation as Eddie Edwards joins him inside the squared circle. Daniels is the first to get on the mic and thanks the crowd for their backing. He puts Edwards over and says the TV title is relevant because he held it. He commends him on what he did last week, asking for five more minutes instead of walking to the back and keeping the title. He says he had a think about it in the back afterwards and decided that Edwards deserves a re-match but this time, they need more time. Edwards then speaks and says Daniels is one of the best wrestlers in the world today. He agrees with Daniels and says he was also thinking of a re-match. He then says that not many people beat him once but nobody can beat him twice, he then suggests a two out of three falls match. Cornette says that the ROH fans want to see another match between these guys and that he will announce the match in due course and that it will be a two out of three falls match with a 30 minute time limit.

Just as the men go to shake hands, “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett and his manager Bob Evans make their way into the ring. Cornette says that it’s not his time and that he has nothing to add to this situation. Bennett says this is the most boring piece of TV he’s ever seen and that both of these guys are ‘sissies’. Bennett is greeted with ‘you can’t wrestle!’ chants but says that they paid to see him so they should shut up. He adds that he doesn’t care about their match but whoever wins the re-match will have to deal with “The Prodigy”. Daniels replies to Bennett and says he doesn’t understand what ROH is all about, that people have to prove themselves. He then goes on to say that his ‘manager’ Bob Evans needs to teach him some respect for guys who have paved the way for him. He then offers to show Bennett the respect he so badly needs. Bennett then comes back with a simple message, “2011 is the year of The Prodigy”.

We take a break from the ring as a couple of video packages air, hyping tonight’s main event between the Briscoes & WGTT vs. ANX & KOW. The second of the videos promotes the upcoming ‘9th Anniversary Show’ in Chicago.

Backstage now with Kyle Durden and Steve Corino and we’re notified that next week, a ‘Top Prospects’ tournament will begin. Younger guys will battle it out for opportunities they’ve yet to receive. Corino then begins to talk, telling us that he’s an evil person and it takes a lot to admit that. He says the ‘Top Prospect’ tournament is very close to his heart. He looks back at 2010 and the rise of Kevin Steen, all down his tutorship according to Corino. He then says that he’ll be there next week to offer advice to the prospects.[/tab]
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Back to the ring now and we see Mike Bennett who looks to be taking on Grizzly Redwood.

“The Prodigy” Mike Bennett w/Bob Evans vs. Grizzly Redwood

Before the bout, Redwood offers a handshake to Bennett but he refuses as the match begins. The two lock up and Bennett uses his obvious power advantage to good use. Redwood decides to go the high-flying route and hits a flying hurricanrana, he then follows up with a spinning kick to the gut and an enziguri but only gets a one count on “The Prodigy”. Bennett gets to his feet and hits a big clothesline followed by a few tough looking stomps. Bennett starts to play with Redwood and hits a scoop slam which is followed quickly by a legdrop. Redwood decides to go after the knee of Bennett but just gets sent to the arena floor for his troubles. He then teases a suicide dive but stops just before the ropes which isn’t greeted well by the crowd. The two return to the ring and Redwood hits a sneaky back slide by Bennett kicks out easily again and returns to his feet quick enough to deliver a big boot right to Redwood’s face. Bennett gets a two count and then locks in a rear chinlock which Redwood fights out of until he then regains control and goes for a suplex. Redwood reverses the move and hits a high-flying move which floors Bennett, he then follows that up with a dropkick to the knee. His confidence growing, he goes for another move off the ropes but this time is met with a huge spinebuster by Bennett for a near fall. Redwood goes for a cross body but Bennett catches him and hits a running powerslam which gains him the victory.

Winner by pinfall at 4:34 – “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett

More hype now for the 9th Anniversary Show. We look at two of the matches featured on the iPPV from Chicago: Briscoe Brothers vs. Haas & Benjamin to determine the #1 contender for the ROH World Tag Team Titles and the title match itself, The All Night Express challenging The Kings of Wrestling. We then cut to the four interviews aired last week with the four tag teams that will feature in tonight’s Main Event.

Backstage again and we see The House of Truth (Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin) with Truth Martini. Strong speaks first and says everybody that enters the House of Truth must pass all of the tests necessary and they must know everything about The Book of Truth. He says that all of them though, have failed the last test, and that is to impress the ROH World Champion. However, he has now found that man in Michael Elgin, not only can he trust him but he can count on him to do anything he asks. He adds that he’s ready to take out everybody in ROH and with Elgin and Martini by his side, he can achieve that.

The All Night Express & The Kings of Wrestling vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team & The Briscoe Brothers

Even before their opponents entered, ANX and KOW argue about events two weeks ago. All four teams are now in the ring but they can’t decide who should start the match for both teams. The referees then rule that we will have a coin toss to determine who will start the match. The match finally starts with Rhett Titus of ANX against Jay Briscoe. The men exchange headlocks to begin with as neither can gain a real advantage. Jay then starts to mount some offense with a shoulder block but Titus quickly gets a kick in of his own and tags in partner Kenny King. They take advantage and hit a leg drop/splash double team move for a two count. King is sent into the ropes as Mark Briscoe tags himself in blindly, he then enters the ring and gives King a flying boot for a two count of their own. King gets his bearings and hits a couple of forearms followed by a scoop slam, he then drives Mark into his corner but both Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero – The Kings of Wrestling – drop to the arena floor to avoid the tag.

[tab id=3]Titus is tagged back in and goes to work on Mark with a series of forearms but Mark manages to wriggle free and tags in his brother Jay. Jay makes an instant impact with a big dropkick but he only gets a one count on Titus. Jay Briscoe tags his brother back in and they both hit splashes to Titus who is in the corner, they then both hit running dropkicks to the grounded Titus which forces King back into the ring. King manages to get out of a double hip toss but before he celebrates, he walks into a double clothesline from the Briscoes. Titus gets up and tags in Chris Hero, much to his distain. Mark and Jay Briscoe again hit a double team as Jay is tagged back into the ring much to the annoyance of Charlie Haas. Mark Briscoe is back into the action but Hero finally gets some offense in and gets Mark over to his corner.

Castagnoli grabs Mark as Hero punches him in the gut and then tags the European into the match. His first act sees him hit a big uppercut as he tags in Hero and then launch Mark into the air and he crashes down to the mat for a near fall. Another quick tag as Castagnoli is back into the match following yet another double team move by KOW. Castagnoli hits a big gorilla press drop followed by a deliberate elbow drop for yet another two count. Hero back in and he begins to work on the leg of Mark Briscoe as he tags Castagnoli back in again. Kicks to the gut of Mark who is in the corner, he momentarily escapes the punishment and is tagged on the back by Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin enters the ring and goes after Castagnoli, hitting a huge back body drop which is followed up by two big splashes and a T-Bone suplex.

After some help from Hero, Castagnoli gets Benjamin down and Hero re-enters the match. Benjamin gets Castagnoli out of the ring with a spinning kick to the head and reverses a running senton by Hero by getting his knees up. Benjamin hits a modified backbreaker for the two count and then tags in hid partner Charlie Haas. Haas comes off the ropes and hits a big knee drop on the prone Hero and then delivers a perfect belly-to-belly suplex. Hero manages to tag Castagnoli in and the strength in numbers proves pivotal as KOW whip Haas into the corner with some force. Castagnoli acknowledges what it took out of Haas and hits a few knees to the back followed by a reverse chinlock. Rhett Titus then slaps Castagnoli which makes him the legal man and he goes to work on Haas including a body scissors. Titus tries to tag Kenny King into the match but Hero sneaks his own tag in and gets into the ring to continue the assault on Haas. Castagnoli gets in the ring as both he and Hero hit big boots to Haas who is taking a lot of damage.

King and Titus then run over and knock the Briscoes and Benjamin to the floor. Haas barely kicks out as Castagnoli puts him in a bearhug. He escapes but then runs into a powerslam by Castagnoli and is only saved by Benjamin who breaks up the pinfall. King manages to tag himself in as he continues the assault on Haas’ back. Castagnoli slaps King which makes him the legal man and he puts Haas in a Boston Crab as Haas struggles to get to the bottom rope. Haas manages to struggle over to his corner and seems to tag both Benjamin and Jay Briscoe in. [/tab]
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They both clear the ring as Mark Briscoe hits a diving move on to both members of the All Night Express. Back in the ring, Chris Hero is floored after a double flapjack by Benjamin and Jay, Mark Briscoe hits a big elbow drop off the top rope as Castagnoli returns to save his partner. He turns Mark inside out with a clothesline but Jay comes back with a big boot to Claudio’s head. Titus is back in the ring now and delivers a dropkick to Jay and he rolls out to the arena floor.

Benjamin takes Titus up and slams him down with a Samoan drop and is then subsequently taken down by the knees of Kenny King. Charlie Haas struggles to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick to King, as the mayhem seems to have stopped, Hero slides back into the ring and drops Haas with the rolling elbow. The ring is full of bodies as nobody seems to know who the legal men are anymore, Hero and Castagnoli inadvertently take out both King and Titus and the ANX reply by hitting them both with back body drops.

ANX then take Hero and as King hits a swirling backbreaker, Titus dives from the top with a knee to Hero’s face. Both Titus and King leave the ring and walk to the back with leaves the Kings of Wrestling in a four-on-two situation. With Hero still lying on the floor, the Briscoes and Haas & Benjamin fight over who gets the pin. The two teams then start to push and shove each other as tempers flare. Todd Sinclair asks for back-up and eventually calls for the bell.

The All Night Express & The Kings of Wrestling and The World’s Greatest Tag Team & The Briscoe Brothers fought to a No Contest at 20:30

We take a quick look at next week’s ROH on HDNet where the Top Prospects tournament will start and we will meet the eight men who will compete. We’ll also see the #1 contender for the ROH World Title – Homicide – in action against Mark Briscoe. See you next time!


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