Ring of Honor on HDNet 2/14/2011

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Hello and welcome to this week’s ROH on HDNet! Tonight we will see the start of the Top Prospects Tournament as well as #1 contender for the ROH World Championship – Homicide – go up against Mark Briscoe. All that and more on the only hour of Professional Wrestling on Monday nights – ROH on HDNet!

We start off the broadcast with highlights of last week’s eight-man Main Event which saw The All Night Express and the Kings of Wrestling battle it out with The World’s Greatest Tag Team and The Briscoe Brothers. We see the mayhem which occurred during the match, including when Rhett Titus and Kenny King attacked and then walked out on the Kings. The Briscoes and WGTT then fought over who got the pin which led referee Todd Sinclair to call for the bell and rule the bout a no contest.

Now to tonight and we are notified that one of tonight’s Main Events will see Kenny King go one-on-one with Chris Hero. We then cut to the ring where ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette is standing alongside the contestants of the Top Prospects Tournament. Cornette says this is a very important tournament which will take place over the next six weeks. He says ROH are proud to show off the top young prospects in the industry and that the tournament will be a singles knockout competition. Cornette then introduces us to the eight men.

– Kyle O’Reilly
– Adam Cole
– Andy Ridge
– Grizzly Redwood
– Michael Elgin
– John Gresham
– Bobby Dempsey

This of course is only seven men. Apparently the eighth man didn’t get the memo about this meeting. We’re then cut off by the music of “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett alongside his trainer Bob Evans. Cornette introduces Bennett and then “The Prodigy” says he didn’t want to deprive the fans of his grand entrance. He says he knows his chances are good but he is cut off by chants of “Bobby!” from the crowd. Bennett adds that he isn’t sure why he’s even in this tournament as it’s obvious he’s the top prospect in ROH. Bennett says he will take part in the tournament just because he’s nice, he even goes as far to say that he’s a ‘big softie’. He says that he was like these prospects once but he didn’t have the embarrassment of facing someone like him. He again tells us that 2011 is the year of The Prodigy and he will definitely win the tournament, he will then go on to win the ROH World Championship.

An on-screen graphic notifies us that up next we will see Homicide go up against Mark Briscoe! Briscoe comes out first, Jay isn’t with his brother and Mark must feel like he’s missing one of his arms without his brother. Homicide quickly follows as the match-up begins.

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Homicide vs. Mark Briscoe

The men lock up a couple of times but neither man can get an advantage. They then both exchange forearms before Mark hits several uppercuts which send Homicide out of the ring. Mark then follows up with a diving somersault to Homicide on the outside. Both men return to the ring and Briscoe hits a suplex followed by an attempted monkey flip which is reversed by Homicide. Briscoe backs Homicide into the corner and hits several shoulder thrusts followed by a face wash but Homicide gets back into the contest with a drop toe hold followed by two suplexes. Homicide goes for the third but Mark rolls him into a small package for a two count. When the men get back to their feet, Homicide hits another suplex, his third one. Homicide then goes for a top rope move and hits a diving shoulder block followed by several knees to the back of the head of Mark.

Homicide continues to focus his attack on the neck of Briscoe and delivers a neckbreaker but Mark fights back with some chops. After receiving three earlier, Mark attempts to suplex Homicide out of the ring but it’s reversed and Mark eventually gets bumped out of the ring. Homicide then comes off the ropes and hits a perfect Topé con Hilo. Mark gets to his feet to break the count and goes for a sunset flip off the top rope which Homicide avoids by holding onto the referee. He eventually lets go and Mark gets a near fall. Briscoe then gets Homicide up and launches him into the corner and then delivers a fisherman buster for yet another near fall. Homicide gets to his feet and hits the Ace Crusher but Mark fights back again and gets another two count after an exploding suplex.

Getting frustrated, Mark launches Homicide over his head for a belly to back suplex. Briscoe climbs to the top rope and gives Homicide a big elbow drop. Both men then climb to the top rope and after a struggle, Homicide hits a jumping hurricanrana followed by a lariat but only gets two. Homicide drags Briscoe to his feet but gets a near fall with a bridging T-Bone suplex. Briscoe goes for another top rope move but is cut off by Homicide who then hits a jumping Ace Crusher and finally gets the victory to remain undefeated.

Winner by pinfall at 11:29 – Homicide

We’re notified that the Top Prospects Tournament starts next as we see a video package highlighting the Christopher Daniels vs. Eddie Edwards battle from a couple of weeks ago that saw “The Fallen Angel” win the ROH World Television Championship.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Jon Gresham

Gresham starts off quickly and gets the first near fall following an STO. O’Reilly walks into two arm drags and then the two men hit a stalemate as they both go for a dropkick. O’Reilly then hits a kick followed by a chop from Gresham and the men exchange their strikes for a good thirty seconds before O’Reilly floors Gresham for a one count. O’Reilly then delivers a butterfly suplex that follows into an armbreaker but Gresham gets to the ropes. Gresham then uses his speed to good effect and hits a couple of kicks of his own which leads to a senton for a two count. O’Reilly hits several forearms but Gresham again speeds his way out follwed by a big enziguri. O’Reilly fights back and hits a bridging suplex for a near fall but Gresham doesn’t let him breathe and gets two with a small package which then leads to both men getting two counts quick in succession. O’Reilly then targets the leg of Gresham with two corkscrew leg whips as he grounds Gresham and then locks in a triangle choke accompanied by several elbows to the head. Gresham holds on but eventually he has no choice but to tap out.

Winner by submission at 4:57 – Kyle O’Reilly

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Ringside we have Steve Corino who has watched the match. Corino praises O’Reilly and says it’s his time and that the best advice he can give him is that he has to take it to his opponents because he has the talent to win it.

We go to interviews now with The Kings of Wrestling and The All Night Express. King and Titus say they’re annoyed that they’re still considered ‘prospects’ and that they have nothing to prove but  something to take. Castagnoli and Hero agree that ANX are a good team and they will be ROH Tag Team Champions one day but their time isn’t now and that they will embarrass them in Chicago. It’s then announced that next week we’ll see Claudio Castagnoli up against Rhett Titus!

As we’re expecting our main event next, Homicide comes down to the ring. We’re then notified that the match between Kenny King and Chris Hero has been pushed back until next week. He’s already wrestled tonight but it would seem he is going to call out ROH World Champion Roderick Strong. Homicide gets a mic and says he has been in ROH since 2002 and has been ROH World Champion once. He says that Strong is dodging him and he’s never beaten anybody like Homicide. Strong then hits the ring alongside his manager, Truth Martini. Strong says he needs to shut his mouth and listen to him for a second. He says whilst Homicide was in TNA, he was here in ROH, kicking ass. He says ROH doesn’t owe Homicide anything and that he’s just a has been and claims that he runs this company as he’s champion. Strong adds that he’ll give Homicide the chance to apologise for what he did after his title win against Tyler Black. Homicide says he’s sorry. Sorry that he didn’t do this a long time ago as he then hits Strong with a big right hand. Truth Martini tries to stop Homicide but only serves as a distraction as Strong gets back up and pounds Homicide with his own shoe as referees come down to try and stop the two-on-one beating. Homicide fights back but more security come out and eventually, the brawl is ended.

Come back next week as we will see the two teams who will battle it out for the ROH Tag Team titles at the 9th Anniversary Show, in singles action.



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