Ring of Honor on HDNet 2/21/2011

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[tab id=1]Welcome to this week’s ROH on HDNet.  Tonight, we get a preview of sorts of the World Tag Team Title match at the 9th Anniversary as Kenny King battles Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli faces Rhett Titus.  “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels is also in action as he puts his World Television Title on the line.  It should be a good show, let’s get to it!

We open the show with a recap of the confrontation between Homicide and Roderick Strong from the previous week.  We see the chaos of the fight that took place between the two men that will face-off for the World Title at the 9th Anniversary Show, which included Homicide ripping off Strong’s pants.  Their match in Chicago has been made a Street Fight because of their actions.

Jim Cornette is in the ring and talks about Davey Richards’s injury at Final Battle 2010.  We see a video package detailing the feud between Richards and Strong with footage from their Final Battle match.  Back in the arena, Cornette introduces Richards and he makes his way to the ring.  Cornette asks Richards about the concussion and Richards says the only thing he can think about is how he failed at Final Battle.  Cornette says he has offered a rematch, but Richards has declined.  Richards says he doesn’t want to be handed anything, he wants to earn it.  He says he train harder than ever so that when he does get his title shot he will be ready.  Richards says if he doesn’t win the Ring of Honor World Title the next time he challenges for it, he will never fight for it again.  Richards says the journey begins now and it doesn’t end until he is the champion.

Christopher Daniels is up next!

We get a top five moments in Ring of Honor history.  It is Samoa Joe fighting Kenta Kobashi from “Joe vs Kobashi.”  We see several moments from the match, but if you haven’t seen this match yet, go watch it.  Now.

Kyle Durden is in the back with Jay and Mark Briscoe, who talk about Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.  They say Haas and Benjamin better be ready.  It leads to a video package that hypes up their match at the 9th Anniversary Show.

Back in the ring, both “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Devon Storm have already made their entrances and are ready for their match to start.[/tab]
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World Television Title Match – Devon Storm vs Christopher Daniels (c)

The bell rings and both men exchange head locks.  Storm gains the advantage with an over the head belly-to-belly suplex, which gets a two count.  He goes for another head lock, but Daniels is able to fight out and gets a two count of his own after a drop kick.  Daniels locks in a wrist lock, but Storm reaches the ropes and gets a cheap shot before Daniels breaks the hold.  He charges Daniels, who is against the ropes, and it sends both men to the floor.  Storm drops Daniels right across the barricades and rolls his back into the ring for a couple of two counts.
Storm keeps working over the neck of Daniels and is in firm control of the match.  That is until Daniels catches a kick and rolls him up for a pin attempt.  Daniels gains control of the match and gets a two count following an STO.  Daniels hits a diving knee from the corner for a near fall.  He goes for the Angel’s Wings, but Storm fights him off.  A springboard leg drop gets a two count for Storm.

Daniels is able to fight out of a power bomb attempt and hits the Best Moonsault Ever to retain the TV Title.

Winner by pinfall-Christopher Daniels

It’s time for another one of ROH’s top five moments.  This time it’s CM Punk’s farewell from “Punk: The Final Chapter.”  The visual of Punk on his knees as streamers rain down on him is an amazing sight.  Highlights of his final match with Colt Cabana are shown, as well as the locker room coming out to say farewell to Punk.

The 9th Anniversary Show is hyped some more.  We get a video showing the history between Homicide and Roderick Strong.

Claudio Castagnoli w/ Shane Hagadorn and Sara Del Rey vs Rhett Titus

The men exchange shoves as the bell rings.  Titus tries an arm drag, but Castagnoli uses his power to counter it.  Titus charges Castagnoli, but he sidesteps him and sends Titus to the floor.  Castagnoli slams Titus into the barricade.  He dropped Titus into the ring frame before entering the ring and posing as Titus is struggling to get back to his feet.  Titus rolls into the ring at the count of 19, only to be met by boots from Castagnoli.  Castagnoli tries to wear Titus down with a submission hold, but he is able to fight out of it.  Titus goes for a bull dog, but Castagnoli counters it into a UFO.

Castagnoli goes for the Ricola Bomb, but Titus flips out of it and nails him with a drop kick.  Titus is in control of the match and climbs to the top and lands a knee strike for a two count.  Hagadorn grabs Titus’s leg as he hits the ropes, which allows Castagnoli to hit a lariat for the victory!

Winner by pinfall- Claudio Castagnoli


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Kenny King runs down to defend his partner and point out what happened, but he is jumped by Castagnoli and Chris Hero.  King and Titus fight back and send the Kings of Wrestling to the outside.

Kenny King w/ Rhett Titus vs “That Young Knockout Kid” Chris Hero w/ Shane Hagadorn, Sara Del Rey and Claudio Castagnoli

It is main event time as officials try to regain order.  King takes the fight to Hero on the outside and throws him into the guard rail.  Hero fights him off, but King jumps off the barricade into Hero!  King finally rolls him into the ring and hits a suplex.  King tries for a kick, but Hero catches it and nails him with a big boot to the face.  A suplex gets a two count for Hero.  Hero is in full control of the match and is just beating on King with chops and knees.  King is able to fight back and gets a roll up for two.  Hero hits a big boot to King, who was on the apron, and it sends him to the floor.  Del Rey gets a cheap shot in before Hagadorn rolls King into the ring, where he is met by a huge kick for a two count.

Hero continues punishing King with a submission, but King reaches the ropes.  A back body drop gets a two count for “That Young Knockout Kid.”  Hero destroys King with a Rolling Elbow and he might be out.  King is able to reverse another Rolling Elbow with a nice spinning kick and both men are down.  King gains control with two clotheslines and a spinning boot.  A spine buster gets a two count for King as Hero got his shoulder up at the last possible second.  King climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Hero knocks him to the apron.  King snaps Hero’s neck across the top rope and hits what looked like a spring board flash back for another two count!  What a great match!  King is shocked that didn’t get the win.

King charges Hero but he answers with a knee and a rolling boot for a near fall.  Hero goes for the Liger Bomb, but King rolls him up for a two count.  A running Liger Bomb only gets a two for Hero!  Hagadorn gets involved and grabs King, but the plan backfires and he gets blasted by a shot from Hero.  King capitalizes on the situation and rolls Hero up for the pin fall!  The win gives the All Night Express a ton of momentum heading into the 9th Anniversary Show.

Winner by pinfall- Kenny King

Titus enters the ring to celebrate the win with his tag team partner, but Hero and Castagnoli beat them both down.  People from the locker room try to make the save, but Hagadorn and Del Rey fend them off as the Kings of Wrestling continue to beat the All Night Express down as the show goes off the air.

We now get one final hype video for the 9th Anniversary Show.
Come back next week to see the fallout from Saturday’s 9th Anniversary Show.




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