Ring of Honor on HDNet 2/28/11

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Welcome to this week’s ROH on HDNet! Tonight we will see the three remaining first round matches in the Top Prospects Tournament. We’ll see Grizzly Redwood take on Andy Ridge, Bobby Dempsey vs. Michael Elgin and Mike Bennett against Adam Cole. Christopher Daniels will be in action too as he takes on Kenny King for the ROH World Television Title.

We begin tonight’s broadcast with a recap of the eight men who are in the Top Prospects Tournament as well as the brackets. We then see highlights of the only match in the tournament so far; Kyle O’Reilly against Jon Gresham. O’Reilly won the match despite a good debut from Gresham and will meet either Bobby Dempsey or Michael Elgin in the second round.

We kick off the action with “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett coming to the ring with his trainer “Bullet” Bob Evans. Adam Cole quickly enters the ring as commentator Mike Hogewood informs us that Cole is his pick for the tournament.

Mike Bennett w/Bob Evans vs. Adam Cole

Bennett shows disrespect before the bell by refusing a handshake and then kicks off the match with a tough headlock. Cole wriggles free and locks in one of his own as we see Steve Corino watching from ringside. The two men get free but Cole comes back with two quick arm drags. Bennett slaps Cole but the receives one of his own as Cole follows that up with several knife edge chops to the chest but before he can do any more damage, Bennett rolls to the outside to talk to his trainer. Cole follows him outside and hits a jumping hurricanrana from the apron. Cole tries to push Bennett back into the ring but Bennett pushes him away with his feet and straight into the guardrail. Bennett then returns to the outside and scoops slams Cole onto the arena floor.

Both men get back inside the ring and Bennett gets a two count. He backs Cole into the corner and stomps away as Bob Evans shouts in his ear. Bennett attempts to wear Cole down with a submission but he breaks free. He is then pushed into the ropes and after he is lifted up by Bennett, he hits a brilliant DDT. Cole is up first and goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Cole climbs to the top again and goes for a cross body but is caught by Bennett. Cole breaks free and hits a hard kick to the head which allows him to hit the cross body he attempted a few moments earlier. Bennett kicks out just before the three and receives another kick to the head followed by a bridging German suplex for another near fall. Cole then hits several right hands before Bennett ducks and hits a big side slam and picks up the win.

Winner by pinfall at 7:42 – Mike Bennett

Bennett celebrates with his manager as Kyle Durden interviews Steve Corino on the ring apron. Corino says that Bennett could suffer from over-confidence and that it has happened to him in the past. He goes on to say that Bennett is awesome but this is Ring of Honor and anybody can beat anybody. Bennett replies and says that Corino should just sit down and leave the wrestling to the real athletes.

Quick on screen graphic telling us of our Main Event match tonight – Christopher Daniels vs. Kenny King. The next match in the Top Prospects Tournament is up next and Michael Elgin comes to the ring with his manager Truth Martini.


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Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini vs. Bobby Dempsey

Dempsey obviously has the crowd support in this one as the pair shake hands. The men tie up but neither of them can gain an advantage. They tie up again and Elgin gets a cheap shot in, they then exchange shoulder blocks until Elgin again gets the upper hand with a couple of elbows to the head. Dempsey fights back and hits a running block. Elgin somehow picks Dempsey up and drops him down for a Samoan drop. Elgin then looks like he’s going for a Powerbomb but Dempsey reverses and then hits two clotheslines. Elgin runs at Dempsey but just walks into a side walk slam. Dempsey climbs the turnbuckle ready for a moonsault but Elgin cuts him off and then picks him up and hits a sit out Powerbomb for the three count.

Winner by pinfall at 3:22 – Micahel Elgin

We go over to Durden and Corino again who says Elgin is a tank. He says he has what it takes and that he doesn’t need the House of Truth, all he needs is his natural ability.

Backstage now where Durden is interviewing Christopher Daniels’ opponent for tonight- Kenny King. King says that if he wins, it’ll make him the best wrestler on TV but he doesn’t need a title to prove that. He says he respects Christopher Daniels but ROH on HDNet is Kenny King’s kingdom. He adds that he’ll start with the ROH TV Title tonight and then he’ll go on to the ROH Tag Team Titles and then maybe even on to the ROH World Title.

Another interview now, this one with Andy “Right Leg” Ridge and Grizzly Redwood, opponents in the last of tonight’s Top Prospect Tournament matches. Ridge says it would mean a lot to win the tournament and that nobody should underestimate him. He says that tonight, he’ll prove that he is better than Grizzly and that he is the top prospect of 2011. Grizzly says he’s been here, taking ass whoopings for five years and that he has the most to prove in this tournament. He adds that he wants to prove he deserves a place in ROH. Before Grizzly can say anymore, Steve Corino interrupts them and tells the two men that this tournament is all about them. Tonight is their chance to seize their opportunity, Ring of Honor is all about young talent and that they need to go out there and show everyone what they’ve got.

Andy Ridge vs. Grizzly Redwood

The two friends shake hands as the bell rings to start the match. The pair exchange wrist locks before Ridge performs a small package for the two count. Grizzly Redwood gets straight back up and hits a backslide on Ridge for a two count of his own. Grizzly starts to work on the body of Ridge with two vicious chops to the sternum before evading a Ridge attack which sends “Right Leg” out of the ring. Grizzly goes to follow up on the attack but gets a stiff right foot to the head followed by one to the gut. The two men return to their feet and Ridge again connects with a right leg to Redwood who kicks out. Ridge locks in a chinlock but Grizzly fights out only to be on the receiving end of two kicks in the corner. Grizzly replies with some chops before a kick of his own and an enziguri, he continues the assault as he locks in the abdominal stretch.
Ridge is obviously in some pain but doesn’t give up and kicks out when Redwood rolls him up. He replies with two kicks to the head of Grizzly for a near fall. The pair then battle it out in the corner before Grizzly is stranded with his back to Ridge who then proceeds to hit a running dropkick but only gets two. Ridge is obviously getting frustrated and hits another three kicks to Grizzly who somehow gets back up and keeps fighting. He goes to the top rope and attempts a diving cross body but is cut off by Ridge who kicks him right in the face for the victory.

Winner by pinfall at 5:57 – Andy “Right Leg” Ridge


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Backstage we see Prince Nana and Ernesto Osiris, Nana says he’s glad The Embassy has finally secured the services of Princess Mia.

We cut away to another interview with Kyle Durden, this time his guests are ROH World Champion Roderick Strong and Truth Martini. Durden says that next week, Strong will face off against his three most recent opponents in a four way match. It’ll be Strong vs. Jay Briscoe vs. El Generico vs. Homicide in a non title match. Strong says that the three men all have something in common – he beat them. He tells Homicide that he beat him at his own game at the ROH 9th Anniversary Show and then tells Jay Briscoe that he had to make an example out of him. Strong says that the truth is he is the best wrestler in the World today and that is why he’s ROH World Champion. Durden says that before Final Battle 2010, Strong said if Truth Martini interfered in any matches, he’d hand his belt over. Before Strong can answer, Martini says that he needs to stop talking about the past.

ROH World Television title Match: Christopher Daniels vs. Kenny King

As both men are introduced, we’re notified that this match will be contested under usual TV Title rules – a 15 minute time limit.

After a brief tie up, King and Daniels exchange headlocks as the pair continue to reverse each other as neither man can gain an advantage until King hits an arm drag. He follows that up with a fireman’s carry but Daniels reverses it into a head scissors but King escapes and locks in another headlock. The two men get two counts before Daniels backs King into the corner and follows up a couple of shoulder thrusts with some chops. “The Fallen Angel” comes off the ropes but walks straight into an elbow by King who follows up with a clothesline for two. Daniels finally gets some momentum and delivers a running neckbreaker that leaves King dazed. Daniels hits a clothesline and gets a two count before hitting a belly-to-back suplex followed by another running neckbreaker for another two count.

King gets back into the match with a small package for two before Daniels again takes control and hits his third neckbreaker of the match. Daniels lifts King up and drops him down for a front suplex and he then follows up quickly to lock in the crossface but King gets to the ropes. King reverses an attempted STO and hits a spinning kick to the face which gives him some breathing space. The two men get to their feet and King hits two clotheslines before a big suplex for a near fall. Daniels fights back and drops King on his face before locking in the Koji clutch, King gets to the ropes again though to break the hold. Daniels lifts King onto the top turnbuckle but King lands on his feet as the two men exchange forearms. The pair then reverse each other’s moves before King hits a rolling kick to the head followed by a bridging T-Bone suplex for a very near fall. King misses with a diving move and then Daniels slams King down but misses an attempted Best Moonsault Ever. King tries to roll him up but Daniels wriggles out of it and picks King up for the Angel’s Wings which he hits for the win.

Winner by pinfall at 11:22 – Christopher Daniels

Daniels celebrated his victory and then asks King for a handshake which he duly accepts as Daniels raises his hand.

Come back next week as we see ROH World Champion Roderick Strong in action against Jay Briscoe, El Generico and Homicide in a four way match!




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