Ring of Honor on HDNet – 3/14/11

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Welcome to this week’s ROH on HDNet. Tonight we will see the final of the Top Prospects Tournament between Kyle O’Reilly & “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett. The winner of the match will be crowned the 2011 Top Prospect. We will also see Davey Richards go head-to-head with his training partner Tony Kozina in an exhibition match. The final match-up will see The Bravado Brothers in action against Grizzly Redwood & Bobby Dempsey. All that and more on the only hour of Professional Wrestling on Monday nights – ROH on HDNet!

We kick off this week’s broadcast with a video package featuring the Bravado Brothers. The pair are dressed in an interesting choice of clothing and say that wrestling against Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team was a great honour. They then add that they are better than The All Night Express, The Briscoes and Kyle O’Reilly & Adam Cole and that 2011 is the breakout year for the Bravados.

Before the first match, we see brief statements by both teams. The Bravados say that the wins will keep piling up, their confidence will keep piling up and the fan mail keeps piling up. They then ask us to hop on to the Bravado Bandwagon. Grizzly Redwood & Bobby Dempsey are interviewed backstage when Steve Corino interrupts and says that they’ll have to be careful tonight as there’s something not quite right about the Bravados.

The Bravado Brothers vs. Bobby Dempsey & Grizzly Redwood

Harlem Bravado and Dempsey begin the match and Dempsey is on top early on as he puts his strength advantage to good use before tagging in Grizzly. Grizzly hits a couple of arm drags on Harlem and then gets two with a roll up. Harlem gets a knee to the gut in on Grizzly and tags in his brother Lance. Lance makes an instant impact and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Grizzly tries to fight back with an enziguri but then gets hit with a big elevated neckbreaker double team move. Grizzly gets out at two but suffers more punishment when Harlem gets tagged back in. Redwood tried to fight back but walks straight into an elbow and Harlem tags back out to Lance. Redwood reverses an Irish Whip and hits a discus clothesline which gives him enough time to tag in Dempsey.

The big man immediately takes out both Bravado brothers, Harlem with an overhead suplex and Lance with a side walk slam.  With Grizzly still out of the ring, Dempsey gets Lance on his shoulders but he grabs the referee which allows Harlem to get behind Dempsey. He then trips the big man which leads to Lance falling on top of him. Grizzly tries to get back in the ring but is too late and The Bravados steal the win.

Winners by pinfall at 4:24 – The Bravado Brothers

Following the match, we see highlights of the two semi finals of the Top Prospects Tournament. Firstly we see Kyle O’Reilly beating House of Truth member Michael Elgin and then Mike Bennett defeating Andy “Right Leg” Ridge. We also see the building up of tension between Bennett and Steve Corino which occurred after Bennett’s victory.

We head backstage and see commentators Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak. They tell us we will now see a match not seen before and that it will be called by Jim Cornette and Kyle O’Reilly. The match will be competed under Pankration rules. This means that the only way to win is by Knock Out, Technical Knock Out, Submission or a standing ten count.


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Davey Richards vs. Tony Kozina

The training partners spend the early seconds of the match feeling each other out. Richards gets the first blow in with a standing head kick but Kozina gets up quickly. Richards floors Kozina and gets into side control but Kozina gets out of it and the referee breaks the hold. Richards keeps Kozina at a distance with leg kicks, Kozina tries to take him down but the pair struggle. He eventually floors Richards with a side suplex but Richards gets up at 5. Kozina hits Richards with a big knee as he keeps control. He gets Richards’ back and tries to get him in a rear naked choke. Richards escapes and goes for a submission of his own but Kozina gets free.

Richards floors Kozina and tries to lock in the cross armbreaker. Kozina has his hands clenched though and after a quick struggle, Richards locks it in . As soon as he locks it in though, Kozina gets his leg to the rope. With Kozina struggling to get back to his feet, Richards hits him with two more kicks but Kozina gets up at 6. Richards was waiting though and rushes him with a big knee to the face. He then jumps on Kozina and rains down a series of palm strikes to the face as the referee is forced to stop the contest.

Winner by TKO at 4:14 – Davey Richards

Back to Hogewood and Prazak who are both impressed by Richards’ performance. They then announce that we will find out who the Top Prospect is next!

Before that happens though, Prince Nana comes out to the ring with the members of The Embassy. Nana is accompanied by Ernesto Osiris, his barrister R.D Evans and Princess Mia. Nana says that the fans haven’t seen him for a while and that he hasn’t missed them. He goes on to say that everybody should get on there hands and knees for Princess Mia. He says that he and his lawyer Mr. Evans have been putting together a plan and he then announces the newest project for The Embassy – Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa slowly comes to the ring and it’s then announced he will be in action against Mike Sydal right now.

Mike Sydal vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa jumps Sydal with a dropkick before the bell and then launches him into the corner with a strong Irish Whip. He follows this up by tying Sydal up in the Tree of Woe before launching Sydal out of the ring. While Ciampa distracts referee Todd Sinclair, Princess Mia starts to beat down on Sydal on the outside. Sydal starts to get to his feet but is just met with a superkick by Mia. Ciampa closely follows and gives Sydal a big chop to the chest before he throws him back in the ring.

Sydal starts to mount some offense as he kicks Ciampa in the leg before hitting a jumping kick to the head. He comes off the ropes but Ciampa ducks and then hits him with a fierce looking clothesline. Ciampa then gets Sydal in the powerbomb position and instead of slamming him to the mat, Sydal falls straight onto the knees of Ciampa as he covers him for the three count.

Winner by pinfall at 2:22 – Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa celebrates as we look forward to the Top Prospects Tournament Final up next. Before that, we are notified that when ROH on HDNet returns on April 4th, the main event will be The Briscoe Brothers & Davey Richards vs. The Kings of Wrestling & Roderick Strong.


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Top Prospect Tournament Final 
“The Prodigy” Mike Bennett w/Brutal Bob vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Chants of “O’Reilly!” come from the crowd as Bennett refuses a handshake. Both men hit a side take down and O’Reilly almost hits a big right boot as the pair acknowledge each other’s abilities. Bennett locks in a headlock and then hits a shoulder block before O’Reilly comes back with an arm drag and attempts an armbreaker but Bennett gets to the ropes. O’Reilly nails “The Prodigy” with several forearms before Bennett fights back with a dropkick. O’Reilly reverses a clothesline on the apron and kicks Bennett to the outside. He goes for a slingshot crossbody but Bennett evades it. Bennett attempts an Irish Whip into the barricades but it’s reversed and he himself gets thrown into a chair at ringside. O’Reilly quickly follows that up with a dropkick to Bennett who was lying next to to the barricades.

O’Reilly is up first but gets distracted by Brutal Bob and Bennett attacks and then throws O’Reilly back first into the guardrail. The pair go towards the arena entrance and both men attempt suplexes onto the metal ramp. O’Reilly gets the upper hand with a knee to the face but when he goes for a a forearm, Bennett ducks and hits a DDT onto the ramp. Bennett quickly gets back into the ring and asks the ref to count O’Reilly out. O’Reilly just about beats the 20 count but Bennett quickly goes back to work on him with several kicks in the corner. This is followed by a snapmare and a submission hold as he tries to wear O’Reilly down even more. O’Reilly eventually gets out of the hold and hits a belly-to-back suplex which leaves both men on the canvas.

O’Reilly gets the upper hand with several kicks which floor Bennett and he then hits a standing senton for the two count. Bennett manages to get up and dodges another kick from O’Reilly,  who then turns around and walks into a big spinebuster but manages to kick out at two. Bennett is looking tired and O’Reilly takes advantage to hit a jumping kick to the head followed by a tornado DDT. He goes to the top rope and hits a perfect missile dropkick but somehow Bennett kicks out. O’Reilly then locks in the triangle choke but Bennett reverses superbly into a pin attempt but he gets a near fall. O’Reilly reverses a slam and gets Bennett in a front gullotine choke. Bennett tries to fight out of it but he can’t. The referee decides to lift his arm to see if he’s been chocked out, at the third attempt, Bennett manages to raise his arm and then somehow lifts O’Reilly and slams him down with a huge side slam for the victory.

Winner by pinfall at 10:02 and the 2011 Top Prospect –  “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett

Brutal Bob comes into the ring and celebrates with the Top Prospect of 2011 – Mike Bennett. Kyle Durden is now in the ring and grabs a few words with Bennett. Bennett asks if there was any ever doubt if he would win the tournament. He says the only person who didn’t know it and who doubted him was Steve Corino. He tells Corino to leave the wrestling to him and he won’t have to beat his ass. Bennett invites Corino into the ring and Steve obliges. Bennett asks if Corino just saw what he did to his pick Kyle O’Reilly. He says he needs to keep his nose out of his business because Ring of Honor is nothing without “The Prodigy”. Chants of “You suck!” come from the crowd as Bennett tells Corino to leave the ring before he’ll need a wheelchair.

Corino says he didn’t come here to fight him, he came here to watch. He says that he won’t tell him he’s awesome and feed his ego because over confidence is your biggest enemy. He says it’s cool though as he didn’t come here to pick a fight with him and that it’s his moment. Bennett agrees and says that 2011 is the year of “The Prodigy” and that he’ll be World Champion by the end of 2011. Corino says he’ll stay out of his way but tells him him 17 years ago, he was exactly like him. He  didn’t have the good looks or the muscle but he was an asshole just like Bennett is.

He says 17 years later, he doesn’t have the respect of the boys and the fans because he was over confident and egotistical. He then tells him that if he wants to be just like him then that’s fine, he then goes to walk out of the ring. Bennett stops him and tells him he doesn’t want to be like him, he wants to be “The Prodigy”. Brutal Bob tells Corino to listen to Bennett and stay out of their business. Corino has obviously heard too much by this point and hits both men with big right hands. Bennett gets straight back up and lays Corino out with a clothesline. Bennett and Brutal Bob then take in turns to lay into Corino before Bennett picks him up and hits him with his side slam. Bennett and Brutal Bob leave the ring with Corino lying on the canvas as the show comes to an end.




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