Ring of Honor on HDNet 3/7/11

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Hello and welcome to this week’s ROH on HDNet! Tonight we will see the semi finals of the Top Prospects Tournament where “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett takes on Andy “Right Leg” Ridge as well as House of Truth member Michael Elgin going one-on-one against Kyle O’Reilly. ROH World Champion Roderick Strong goes up against three men he’s already defeated in a four way match. El Generico, Jay Briscoe and Homicide will all be going after the champ. All that and more on the only hour of Professional Wrestling on Monday night’s – ROH on HDNet!

We kick off the broadcast with both Kyle O’Reilly and Michael Elgin already in the ring, the two men shake hands and the match commences.

Top Prospects Tournament Semi Final – Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini vs. Kyle O’Reilly

O’Reilly goes for kicks straight away and Elgin looks frustrated. They lock up and Elgin uses his strength advantage to throw O’Reilly into the corner. We cut to a shot of Steve Corino who is sitting at ringside. Elgin continues the assault with shoulder thrusts in the corner and after O’Reilly evades a Truth Martini attack, Elgin hits a big shoulder block that floors the Davey Richards protégée. Elgin goes for a powerbomb but O’Reilly reverses it and locks in the cross armbar. Elgin shows his strength again and picks O’Reilly up and hits a fallaway slam for a two count. O’Reilly gets to his feet and the pair exchange forearms before O’Reilly gains the advantage with a dropkick and then a running forearm. He then follows up with several kicks to the chest and then one to the legs which floors the House of Truth member.

Elgin and O’Reilly then battle it out on the apron but O’Reilly gets the advantage and manages to get to the top rope and hits a jumping hurricanrana on to the arena floor. Elgin gets to a chair by the guardrails but is met buy a running dropkick by O’Reilly. O’Reilly then throws Elgin back into the ring and waits for him to get up before hitting him with a missile dropkick but Elgin shows his resilience by kicking out at two. O’Reilly continues with the kicks which are taking their toll on Elgin before hitting an exploding overhead suplex. However, Elgin gets straight back up and chokeslams O’Reilly down to the mat. He then goes for a clothesline but O’Reilly kicks his arm before he can connect. On the third attempt, Elgin hits a devastating clothesline but O’Reilly somehow kicks out at two. Elgin tries to overpower O’Reilly but his slam attempt is reversed into a DDT by O’Reilly who, after getting a near fall, locks in the cross armbreaker again. Elgin manages to get to the rope to break the hold as both men trade blows before a bridging T-Bone suplex from Elgin gets him a near fall. The two men fight for the advantage and O’Reilly manages to lock in the triangle choke. Elgin shows his amazing strength once more as he picks him up but O’Reilly manages to escape and gets Elgin into a sunset flip for the victory.

Winner by pinfall at 8:05 – Kyle O’Reilly

After seeing highlights of the match, Steve Corino gets the mic and tells O’Reilly that he’s awesome. He says it doesn’t matter who wins out of Mike Bennett and Andy Ridge, he thinks O’Reilly will be the top prospect of 2011.

We’re back in the ring again after seeing one of the five greatest moments in ROH history.


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Top Prospects Tournament Semi Final – Mike Bennett w/Bob Evans vs. Andy Ridge

The pair lock up and Bennett backs Ridge into the corner before locking in a headlock. He comes off the ropes and floors Ridge with a big shoulder block as it’s obvious who has the power advantage in this match. Bennett attempts an arm drag but Ridge reverses and hits three big kicks to the chest. Bennett tries to come back by coming off the ropes but gets hit with another right leg and he rolls out of the ring to regroup. After a lengthy chat with his manager “Brutal” Bob Evans, Bennett returns to the ring and gets on top with a kick to the gut. Ridge reverses an Irish Whip and Bennett gets caught in the corner. Ridge takes advantage and hits Bennett with several kicks before backing up and hitting a running dropkick to the back of “The Prodigy”. Ridge goes for yet another kick but Bennett catches his leg and drops him on his head before flooring him again with a clothesline. Bennett gets Ridge up and delivers a textbook suplex which quickly stops the “You can’t wrestle” chants from the crowd.

Ridge fights back though and Bennett gets caught in the jaw with a superkick as both men try to get to their feet. The pair get up and exchange right hands before Ridge takes control with several kicks but Bennett kicks out at two. Ridge goes for another superkick but Bennett catches his leg and gets him in the powerbomb position. He takes too long though and Ridge rolls him up but Bennett is just able to kick out before three. Bennett manages to read Ridge and ducks from a kick and as Ridge turns around, he hits him with a standing side slam for the three count.

Winner by pinfall at 6:56 – Mike Bennett

Bennett and his trainer Bob Evans celebrate in the ring as Steve Corino once again gives his views on Bennett. He says that even after watching that, he still thinks Kyle O’Reilly will be the Top Prospect. Bennett asks Corino if he forgot about him and then says he’s beyond over-confident. He adds that Corino should stick to sitting down on the outside and let him get on with winning the Top Prospects Tournament.

We’re backstage now with an interview between Jim Cornette, Davey Richards and his training partner Tony Kozina. Cornette tells us that Richards has started incorporating lots of wrestling styles into his repertoire along with MMA and jujitsu. He also says that the two men are going to put on an exhibition match for the fans. Richards says that it’ll be a fight even though they’re friends. Cornette adds that Richards said he wouldn’t challenge for the ROH Championship again until he was ready and he’s willing to go to any lengths to do that. Kozina says that Richards trains harder than anybody he has ever seen. He says that it’s amazing to see how much Richards is progressing and that he’s unbelievably driven. Cornette says that ROH has seen different styles from Mexico, the UK and Japan but this will be something completely different. Richards says this new style will be very hard to defend against and that nobody will know what to expect. It’s then announced that the match will take place next week.

An on-screen graphic notifies us that the four way match is up next!

Roderick Strong vs. El Generico vs. Jay Briscoe vs. Homicide

Homicide and Briscoe start the match with Generico and Strong standing on the apron. Only two men will be in the ring at any one time and the first fall wins. Strong tells Briscoe he wants Homicide and gets the tag. Strong teases Homicide but then tags Briscoe back in as he does some stretches on the outside. Homicide and Briscoe exchange wrist locks as neither man can get a clear advantage. Homicide twists the arm of Briscoe and then bites the arm before Generico slaps him to tag himself in. Generico and Briscoe grapple into the corner and Strong tags Briscoe to enter the match. Generico dodges a chop from Strong and then hits one of his own which leads to Strong leaving the ring again. He slowly gets back in as Generico tags out to Briscoe. Strong gets Briscoe in a wrist lock and doesn’t let go until an arm drag by Briscoe forces Strong away. Briscoe then comes off the ropes and hits a hurricanrana on the World Champion before forcing him into the corner and hitting several chops. Generico tags Briscoe and comes back in with an axe handle off the top rope. Strong scrambles over to Homicide and tags him in.


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Homicide and Generico both hit an arm drag before a shoulder block by Homicide floors the “Generic Luchadore”. Generico gets back up and delivers a standing head scissors before flooring Homicide with another arm drag. Homicide goes to the outside and Strong attacks him before the pair start brawling. They eventually get back in the ring and Strong goes to work on Homicide in the corner before delivering a suplex for a two count. Homicide battles back and Strong tags back out to Briscoe. Homicide also tags out and Generico goes after Briscoe and hits a jumping kick to the face. They then end up in the corner and Strong slaps Generico which makes him the legal man with Briscoe. Strong beats down on Briscoe in the corner with right hands before throwing him head first into Homicide on the apron. He follows this up with chops and a running forearm before he is cut off by Briscoe who tags in Homicide. “The Notorious 187” launches a barrage of right hands at the champion before backing him into the corner and hitting him with the classic 10 punches. Strong gets out of the corner but walks into a suplex by Homicide. Homicide holds on and hits a second but Strong blocks the third and drops Homicide with an inverted suplex. He then comes off the ropes but runs straight into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Strong scrambles over to Generico as Homicide tags out to Briscoe.

Briscoe gets the upper hand with a clothesline and then a running kick to the head of Generico. Generico fights back with a kick before suplexing Briscoe right into the turnbuckle. Briscoe gets up groggily but tags Homicide back into the match as he walks straight into two clotheslines from Generico. Homicide goes for the Ace Crusher but Generico blocks it and then hits a DDT but before he can cover him, Homicide tags out to Strong. The ROH Champion walks straight into a scoop slam piledriver but manages to kick out just before three. Generico clotheslines Strong out of the ring and comes off the ropes to attempt a diving move. He is cut off with an elbow from Homicide but reverses the Cop Killa and sends Homicide out of the ring. Generico again signals for a diving move but is this time cut off by Briscoe who hits him with a superkick to the face. Generico again fights back and sends Briscoe out of the ring. He has a free run this time and hits a running diving somersault on the three men as they lie down on the floor. Homicide is first up and attempts a powerbomb but Generico reverses and sends him to the arena floor with a backdrop.

Generico drags Strong back into the ring and comes off the top rope to hit a big crossbody for the two count. Homicide cuts him off and comes in to carry the beat down on Strong. He sets him up on the top rope but gets just a two count with a jumping hurricanrana. Strong then gets a two count of his own with a superkick after reversing the Cop Killa. Briscoe gets back in the ring and takes out Strong as Generico hits the Ole Kick on Briscoe. Homicide is up and hits Generico with a big lariat as all four men are down on the canvas. Generico and Briscoe are the legal men and start brawling but Briscoe gets the advantage with a suplex piledriver for two. Briscoe then reverses an attempted top rope Ace Crusher and hits a butterfly piledriver but before he can cover Homicide, Generico rushes in and hits him with an Ole Kick before delivering a brainbuster. Just before hitting the second move, Strong tagged himself in and he rushes into the ring and knees Generico in the face before covering Briscoe for the three count.

Winner by pinfall at 17:58 – Roderick Strong

Strong celebrates with his manager Truth Martini as the broadcast goes off air.




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