Ring of Honor on HDNet (4/4/11)

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Ring of Honor aired their final ROH on HDNet episode Monday night. This was the final broadcast of the two year relationship between Ring of Honor and HDNet, as well as the conclusion of the ONLY professional wrestling show on Monday nights. Fans have been treated to many great matches over the past two years on this show, and we should get one more incredible match on the last ever airing of ROH on HDNet. Let’s get to the recap.

The show opens with a clip of Eddie Edwards winning the ROH World Title from Roderick Strong at “Manhattan Mayhem IV” last month.

Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak welcome us to the show and talk about all the great wrestlers that have been on the program over the past two years. We get a “Best of Ring of Honor on HDNet” that includes some of the most memorable moments and matches in the show’s history. They highlight some of the great wrestlers that have appeared on ROH on HDNet.

Tonight, we get The Briscoes and Davey Richards taking on the Kings of Wrestling and Roderick Strong.

We get a video package on each participant in the main event after each entrance that detailed their history on ROH on HDNet. The packages were really well put together.

Kings of Wrestling w/ Sara Del Rey and Shane Hagadorn and Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini vs Briscoes and Davey Richards

Here we go with the final match ever on ROH on HDNet. Claudio Castagnoli and Mark Briscoe start the match off for their respective teams. Neither man is able to gain an advantage and Hero and Richards are tagged in. They are going through the feeling out process with each other as Strong is tagged in, which leads to Richards tagging Jay Briscoe in. The Kings and Strong had a momentary advantage, but Jay is able to fight them off and get the tag into his brother. Strong and Jay Briscoe exchange chops until Strong goes to the eyes to give his team control of the match. A suplex gets a two count for Strong. Jay Briscoe is able to fight off Strong long enough to tag in Mark Briscoe, who comes in and shows Strong what Redneck Kung Fu is all about. We are about 10 minutes into the match and neither team has been in control for longer than two or three minutes.

The Briscoes connected with a double suplex on Castagnoli and Richards follows it up with a headbutt from the top for a two count. Richards goes for the handspring enziguri, but Castagnoli catches him on his shoulders and turns it into the UFO! That was pretty cool. This gives him the time he needs to tag in Hero. The Kings of Wrestling and Strong have been in control of the match since then, even though Richards is doing his best to fight them off. A chokeslam from Castagnoli gets a two count. Richards is thrown to the outside and is met by a few boots by Sara Del Rey. Richards appeared to be mounting his comeback, but Castagnoli planted him with a clothesline for another near fall.

Richards lands the handspring enziguri on Strong and tags in Jay Briscoe. Both Briscoe Brothers storm the ring to take on the Kings and they start to dominate. Jay drills Castagnoli with a Death Valley Driver and mark follows it up with a flying elbow. Castagnoli is able to kick out at the last possible moment.

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Castagnoli regains control with a back breaker on Mark Briscoe. Hero goes for a moonsault, but Mark Briscoe moves and tags in Richards, who connects with a drop kick. Richards lands a superplex on Hero for a two count. Richards goes for his patented suicide dive, but is met with an elbow from Hero and is then hit by the pop-up European uppercut from Castagnoli. Castagnoli gets met by a big diving boot from Jay Briscoe, who in turn eats a big kick from Strong. Mark gets hit by a rolling elbow by Hero, who gets hit by a back body drop by Richards for a two count.

The Kings are sent to the floor and Jay Briscoe dives over the top onto them! The crowd is going crazy! Mark Briscoes climbs to the top, but Del Rey pushes him off. She tries to push him into Castagnoli’s bicycle kick, but Mark Briscoe reverses it and she eats the boot! The brawl spills out into the crowd and Mark Briscoe returns to the top and flips onto everyone fighting in the crowd!

Richards and Strong are doing battle in the ring and Richards lands an alarm clock. Gibson Driver gets two for Strong, who rolls the pin over for the Strong Hold! Richards turns it over for the ankle lock! Hagadorn gets in the ring and hits Richards to break the hold! Richards isn’t having any of it and turns his attention to Hagadorn. Martini tries to interfere from behind, but Richards is able to move and Hagadorn gets crushed in the head by the “Book of Truth.” Richards throws Martini out of the ring. Strong uses the opportunity to roll Richards up for a two count! Richards locks on a modified ankle lock and Strong taps! It is over!

Winners via submission – Davey Richards and The Briscoes

That was an incredible way to end the two year run of ROH on HDNet. It was perhaps the best match in the show’s history and it was a fantastic choice as the final match. I would definitely say go out of your way to see this match. It was a great performance by everyone involved. It exemplified everything fans have come to love about Ring of Honor.

There you go, the final broadcast of Ring of Honor on HDNet. I know it was the reason I got into the promotion, and I know I cannot be alone. I am sad to see it go, but I am hopeful Ring of Honor will land another television deal in the future.



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