Ring of Honor in talks with Free Agent

Those of you who read the Newswires on ROHWrestling.com will know that Ring of Honor are currently in talks with a former ROH wrestler.

No names were mentioned but it was teased that we’d soon know who it is: “ROH Officials recently had talks with a former ROH wrestler and current free agent. More on this soon…” There are plenty of potential guys out there but the three we think are most likely are Low Ki, Jay Lethal and Kevin Steen.

Low Ki played a huge role in building up ROH and was in the main event of the first ever show – ‘The Era of Honor Begins’ back in 2002. He also became the first ever ROH World Champion and was one of ROH’s most prized assets. Low Ki alongside Homicide formed one of the most feared tag teams in ROH history – The Rottweilers. Low Ki left ROH in 2006 after an incident with Jim Cornette but it would make sense for him to return. He was recently released from the WWE and has been taking independent bookings. Homicide returned to Ring of Honor last year but hasn’t been very impressive and the return of Low Ki – and the potential reunion of The Rottweilers – could give Homicide the shot in the arm he needs. We’ve also been told that news about Low Ki’s possible return has been spreading for the last couple of weeks. Our source tells us that one of Low Ki’s security guards recently told him: Yeah, he’s gonna be going there (to Ring of Honor). I love ROH” While it’s not confirmed that the mystery man is Low Ki, it would seem that it might well be.

Another former ROH wrestler has just been released, this time from TNA. Jay Lethal is also a former champion, having briefly held the ROH Pure Championship back in 2005. Lethal had some brilliant matches in ROH with the likes of Nigel McGuinness, Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson and would no doubt love to showcase his talents once again in the best Wrestling company on the planet. A lot of ROH fans would love to see him back and it would definitely be a great signing for the company.

The third possibility is “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen. Steen was involved in one of the most bitter feuds in ROH history as he battled his former best friend and tag team partner El Generico. Steen challenged Generico to a ‘mask vs. career’ match at Final Battle 2010 which “The Generic Luchadore” agreed to. Steen lost the match and due to the stipulations, left ROH. We recently got to talk to Steen and he told us that he’d love to return to ROH , you can read his exclusive interview here: http://www.rohworld.com/news/046.html. As long as ROH keeps Steen and Generico out of each other’s way, a return for Steen could well be on the cards.

There are plenty of other former ROH wrestlers who could potentially be returning but these three are the pick of the bunch. It looks as if Low Ki will be on his way back to Ring of Honor but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if either Lethal or Steen followed suit.

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Steven Coney

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