ROH 02/11/17 *TV Spoilers*

ROH 02/11/17 Steel City Excellence Results
Stage AE
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Credit: DB Sommer

Cheeseburger, Will Ferrara and Joey Daddiego defeated Matt Sells, Brian Johnson and Plunkett The Ogre

Women of Honor Match: Hendrix over Rose.

Episode 1

Daniels on the mic talking about his upcoming title shot. Adam Cole comes out and distracts Daniels so Page can attack. Kaz comes out and we have an impromptu tag match

Hanging Bay-Bays d. The Addiction. Cole gets a clean pinfall on Daniels, leaving him flummoxed.

TPT Round 1: John Skyler d. Sean Carr. First time seeing Carr. Both guys looked good and wouldn’t mind seeing them again.

Tempura Boyz vs. MCMG never occurs as the MCMG are ‘attacked’ backstage.

TV Title Match: Marty Scrull d. Donovon Dijak Awesome match. Probably the best of the evening. Dijak can be hit or miss for me. He was definitely hitting everything perfectly tonight.

Episode 2

Six Man Tag Title Match: Kingdom d. Rebellion. Titus ‘injures’ his knee, so Rush, whom the Rebellion had been trying to recruit, takes his place only to turn on them. Later in the night he explains they had been playing mindgames with him of late, so he returned the favor

TPT Round 1: Brian Milonas d. Rapheal King. Sadly, one of them had to advance as this match was as ‘meh’ as it gets. But I’m sure Milonas will get the ax.

Cody Rhodes gets a huge pop for his interview. Announces he will challenge Lethal to a Rhodes tradition, a Bullrope match, at the next big card.

Jay Briscoe d. Jay White. A bit surprised Briscoe won, but the streak for White is ended. He looks like he’s bulked up a bit as well, which gives him a better look overall.

Episode 3

Young Bucks d. Coast to Coast. LSG and Ali impressed me again. YB taunt the Hardys by hitting Hardy moves post match on their foes.

Dalton Castle d. Jon Gresham. This was pretty much a Gresham showcase. The man is incredible, but not sure if his style connects with the crowd. And his size does make it appear, as someone near me said, “It looks like Castle is wrestling a small child’.

TPT Round 1: Curt Stallion d. Preston Quinn. Quinn has even less talent than QT. That is saying something.

Anything Goes No DQ match: Punishment Martinez and BJ Whitmer d. War Machine. Martinez with the win via vicious chokeslam on Hanson off the top rope and through a table. Punishment then does the same to Whitmer post match and leaves him lying. Hopefully the angle is dead and BJ becomes the regular partner to Ian.

Episode 4

Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser d. Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara. And they teased an impending break up in the underdog team.

TPT First Round: Josh Woods d. Chris Larusso. Larusso is super over since it’s his hometown. Woods seems to be an MMA guy giving pro wrestling a go. He looked good. Definitely has the Matt Riddle vibe. Won via TKO. Am expecting the finals to be him and Skyler.

Kenny King d. Lio Rush. Hey, the Rebellion got a win in something. Post match Shane Taylor comes out to help Lio, but turns on him. Now the Rebellion has some muscle and they found something for the Jannetty of the Lee/Taylor team.

Bullet Club (Cody Rhodes, Adam Cole, Young Bucks) d. Briscoes and Jay Lethal and Bobby Fish. Lethal accidentily hits Fish on a suicide dive and the two argue, then attack one another, leaving the Briscoes to fend for themselves.

Post match Cole is alone in the ring and Daniels comes out. Daniels quickly puts Cole down with a pair of Angels Wings and threatens to take his hair along with the belt when Kaz reveals a Bullet Club shirt and turns on Daniels. Yay! The US BC branch now has a Yujiro of their very own. I’m assuming it’s Daniels vs. Kaz in NY to build for the Cole Daniels showdown.