ROH 05/13/2017 TV Review

ROH 05/13/2017 TV Review
Baltimore, Maryland
William J Meyers Pavilion

The show this week was the fourth episode taped in Baltimore, Maryland. Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana were on commentary to start the show.

First Match: Search & Destroy (Chris Sabin & Jonathan Gresham) w/ Alex Shelley vs. Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara w/ Joey Daddiego
Shelley got on the mic and shared that the Rebellion gave him a concussion so that he wouldn’t be able to compete. He turned his attention to Jonathan Gresham, citing him as one of the best in the world before congratulating him on signing a contract. Dissension early as as the fans chanted for Cheeseburger to be tagged in, only for Ferrara to fake a tag before saying he would handle it himself. Burger tagged in anyhow, much to the chagrin of Ferrara. Sabin sold being afraid of the Shotei twice, which is just a bit ridiculous honestly. Burger then hit what Riccaboni coined the Burgercanrana from and Cabana didn’t miss a beat, asking than Ian never say that again. Burger missed Gresham with a Shotei, accidentally hitting Ferrara and knocking him off the apron. Gresham locked on the Octopus stretch and Ferrara walked off to the back alone, visibly upset. The match was good, but not great. For Gresham’s debut match I would have liked to see a clean win for him and Sabin, not win partially due to the issues between Cheeseburger and Ferrara, but aside from that this was solid.

Winners: Search and Destroy

Second Match: Silas Young w/ Beer City Bruiser vs. Bobby Fish

Clips of the scuffle between Fish and Young at Supercard of Honor aired pre-match. As  Young made his way to the ring pointed out that Fish seemed to be training for this match and that there will be no excuses after Fish loses tonight, as he is a dime store chump. The two work really well together and it makes me wish that Fish will be staying around longer. His ability to ramp up the intensity while working with someone like Young elevates both men. In the end Young won via pinfall after he used his knee brace to bash Fish in the head while Bruiser distracted Todd Sinclair. The finish makes sense, but with Fish only working dates here and there, it is unclear if the issues with Young will continue. If this is their last match, the end does little to make Young look stronger in the end.

Winner: Silas Young

A Dalton Castle promo aired next during which he spoke about losing the title match against Daniels at Supercard of Honor and then he oddly related it to a bad blind date in Dubai

Main Event: ROH 6-Man Tag Team Championship
Bully Ray & The Briscoes vs. The Rebellion (Caprice Coleman, Shane Taylor Rhett Titus)
Shelley joined commentary before the match. The Rebellion with Shane Taylor is a much more imposing force and the group feels so much stronger than it did as the Cabinet. It feels that the stink of the Cabinet has washed off at this point. As much as Kenny King is excellent in this group, seeing Coleman in there is a treat. With Taylor joining the group he has been the odd man out when the full squad is together, but his work in the ring and his obnoxiousness outside of the ring are outstanding. The match, filmed just outside of Briscoes brothers country was a brawl that saw the champions retain in front of as close to a hometown as the Briscoes are going to compete in. The match ended via pinfall after a   3D to Rhett Titus. After the match the champ set up a table and put Coleman through it, despite his best efforts to talk his way out of it. His reaction to feeling the table behind him was priceless and just goes to show why he deserves more matches going forward.

Winners: Bully Ray and the Briscoes

Final Reaction: C+/B-
The final show from the Baltimore tapings was a solid episode of programming. The last show often overlaps with the PPV as it airs Saturday nights and with the PPV airing Friday the shows tends to be “safer” as they need to dance around results from the PPV. The 6-man champions continue to have fun brawls, but I wouldn’t mind them seeing them in non title action so that teams like the Rebellion can gain some steam, even if the titles aren’t going to them soon. Gresham looked solid in his debut and the only qualm I had was his first match not being more of a clean win and the same goes for Silas Young’s victory.

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