ROH 07/29/17 TV Review

ROH 07/29/17 TV Review
Women of Honor Special

The show this week opened with Ian Riccaboni and Joe Koff were on commentary to start the show and during the opener of the show Koff mentioned that in the future Women of Honor matches that take place during PPVs will be part of the on air product.

First Match: Sumie Sakai vs. Kris Wolf
Wolf ducked a clotheslined to start the match and the two began to trade forearm shots before Wolf dropped Sakai, only to be slowed by a jawbreaker while she showboated a bit. The action spilled outside after Wolf sent Sakai to the floor with a headscissor from the apron. After the return from the break Wolf mis-timed a leap from the second rope, becoming trapped in an armbar that Sakai transitioned into a crossface and later a crucifix-type submission that forced Wolf to reach for the ropes. Sakai then pulled Wolf toward the outside and placed the actual apron over Wolf, pulling on Wolf’s tail and spanking her as the fans clapped along, eventually dropkicking her from the top rope for a near fall. The two then traded a series of near falls. Sakai missed a moonsault and Wolf followed with a shining wizard, but quickly lost control once again. The end came after a series of jacknife pin attempts by Wolf, culminating in a bombs away/jacknife pin comb that went for a three count. The final pin combo was a bit sloppy, but the rest of the match was well executed, and the fans were generally involved here, which is a credit to both women, as Wolf is new to the division.

Winner: Kris Wolf

Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser made their way to out onto the ramp, called Neanderthals by Koff. Young said that he realized that this was a Women of Honor special, but he felt the show needed some testosterone. Young continued and corrected his workplace safety sign, change the number of days that Lethal has been absent from ROH TV is now up to 36 days. He then went on to say that Lethal is sitting at home and is too scared to return, going so far as to say that Lethal will never return.

Second Match: Mandy Leon vs. Jenny Rose
A video package aired next, highlighting the friendship between Rose and Leon. Leon narrated the video that showed their misunderstanding recently, when Leon went to save Rose from a chair shot, accidentally hitting her longtime friend, ultimately stating that they would settle their differences in the ring. The two traded arm drags and then roll ups to start. Rose then hit two kitchen sink knees, before roughing Leon up a bit, only to have Leon do the same, opting to pose while she had Rose set up for a camel clutch. Rose retreated to the outside, with Leon flying off the apron with a cannonball, but in her posturing with the fans, allowed Rose to recover and hit a DDT. After the break, Rose had Leon in a half crab, eventually releasing the hold as she lost her grip. In the end, Rose was able to stymie Leon climbing the turnbuckles and dropped her with an electric chair drop to pick up the victory. Despite their issues, the two embraced after the match.

Winner: Jenny Rose

A recap of Purrazzo’s match with Klein, during which Klein tapped. However, Paul Turner did not see it and Klein was able to hit a Northern lights suplex for the win. Then a clip of Karen Q’s countout victory over Klein was shown, during which Purrazzo distracted Klein, causing the loss.

A video package then aired of the Bully/Briscoes losses to Dalton Castle and the Boys as well as the Bullet Club. A backstage clip aired of Mark trying to calm Jay down, only for Bully to say that he liked seeing Jay with that fire and they are going to need it to take out the Bullet Club. Then the video transitioned to the breakup of the Rebellion and Shane Taylor’s actions since, specifically his attack of Josh Woods and Mikey Webb.

Main Event: Kelly Klein vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Karen Q
A recap of Purrazzo and Q immediately began to double team Klein from the onset of the match, clearing the ring of Klein before engaging in a test of strength. Purrazzo got the better of Q before focusing her attention on Klein, tossing her into the barricade before Q flew of the top to the outside, taking out Klein and Purrazzo. Q tossed Klein inside and hit a standing moonsault that went for a two count. Klein was able to use her strength to powerbomb Q, slowing the action down. Purrazzo came back into the ring and broke up a pin attempt, but her double team attempt with Q ended poorly, as they both ate Klein-lines and later simultaneous suplexes. Klein sent Q to the outside with a codebreaker, giving Purrazzo a chance to take control. Klein’s Northern Lights suplex/pin combo was broken up by Q. As Klein and Purrazzo traded forearms, Q took advantage, dropkicking Klein to the outside and rolling up Purrazzo with a schoolboy, stealing the win. The match continued to the story of Klein’s undefeated streak being ended and her issues with both women, positioning her as the one to beat in the division.

Winner: Karen Q

Final Reaction: C
What a difference a year makes. The Women of Honor roster has lost a number of familiar faces while gaining new ones along the way. One of the issues with these specials is the lack of consistent time that the division receives. The crowds are a bit dead during the matches, despite the women’s best efforts to stop and involve the crowd. Koff on commentary was interesting, as I have no recollection of him ever joining the team. He was pretty well versed in the issues between the women and his comment that Women’s matches will begin to be featured on PPVs is positive news for the division. Ultimately, without that exposure, the matches come off as flat as the crowd has little rooting interest. The post production that featured highlights of the men’s division was a great departure from past specials as it made the show feel current, instead of a filler between television tapings. Overall, the division will remain stagnant until more women are signed to consistently appear on the product and develop feuds and storylines moving forward.

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